The Importance of Data Processing Security

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The Importance of Data Security

Importance of Data Processing Security

Is your company doing enough to safeguard your all-important consumer data? Cybersecurity is vital if you want to protect your customers’ privacy and your company’s reputation. Don’t be fooled into thinking that big companies with big budgets are safe. Between 2013 and 2014 J.P. Morgan Chase, Home Depot, and Target all fell victim to cybersecurity breaches. J.P. Morgan Chase’s data theft resulted in compromising the sensitive consumer information of an estimated 76 million households. Home Depot’s cyber attackers stole up to 60 million credit card numbers. Target suffered the largest security breach when hackers accessed the personal information of 110 million customers. All three companies are considered powerhouses in their industries and they were still susceptible to information hacking.

How to Handle a Security Breach?

Don’t let data security breaches happen to your company. You need to arm yourself with cybersecurity expertise and gain a better understanding of the perils of unsecured data. But don’t panic, data security doesn’t have to be your company’s specialty. You can align yourself with a company like FSSI that specializes in processing and storing data to minimize your risks.

What is Data Security?

In order to properly explain the importance of data security, we must first define data. Data is the information you collect to make decisions and stay in touch with your customer. Names, addresses, birthdates, past purchases, credit card information, social security numbers, and driver’s license information are just a few examples of sensitive information collected by businesses. Possibilities for companies to apply data may include reaching out with personalized marketing, building consumer loyalty with rewards systems, or even reminding patients of their next doctor visit. There are many choices when utilizing data to grow your business and increase consumer response rates. Unfortunately, companies are not the only entities interested in collecting that valuable information. Hackers are constantly trying to break through data security to steal consumer data. The repercussions can be devastating for both individuals and companies. 

Stolen data can ruin a person’s life. Identity theft and credit card fraud are among the largest issues companies have to combat while handling important consumer information. You have a system and procedure in place to protect your customer and business data. Everything seems to be working just fine – but are you doing enough? There are numerous horror stories of businesses being hacked for years without even knowing. Many institutions have lost loyal customers and tarnished their brand’s reputation by losing sensitive customer data. Do you think J.P. Morgan Chase, Home Depot and Target knew that millions of their records were being compromised and did nothing?

FSSI’s Certified Secure Data Processing Facility

In addition to protecting sensitive data from misuse, companies must also meet an array of federal, state, and local standards and regulations when it comes to data processing security measures. If companies are not compliant, they expose themselves to expensive fines and penalties. It’s best to align yourself with a company who understands the data security environment. FSSI is certified secure printing company and has highly-regulated security procedures in place for processing your important data.

FSSI is a technology company that specializes in outsourcing print and mail services for clients nationwide. Data is processed and stored in our certified secure facility in Santa Ana, CA. FSSI’s print-mail industry certification for security and process controls provides clients in highly regulated industries, such as finance, with documented assurances that their confidential customer data is being handled in accordance with the strictest industry standards. Processing and storing secure data is not only one of our specialties, but their main priority. We've built our facility in Santa Ana to meet and exceed client requirements for securing their data. Compliance with local, state and national information security and privacy regulations are verified every year to ensure we continue to maintain the highest standards. SSAE18 Type 2 audits have been conducted and passed successfully each year.

SSAE18 Type 2 Audits

Working with financial institutions (banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, etc.,) requires strict compliance with regulations regarding the handling of financial data. SSA18 Type 2 audits are performed to measure how financial information is being controlled by an institution.

“We have an SSAE18 Type 2 audit performed by a third party each year but we are constantly auditing ourselves throughout the year to make sure our facility is secure and compliant,” explains Andrew Rachal, Security and Compliance Manager at FSSI.

We've passed several other security tests in conjunction with the SSAE-18 Type 2 audit include network vulnerability, social media, and a risk assessment review. These results affirm FSSI’s commitment to providing clients with best-in-class services, satisfying their mandated security requirements, and vigilantly safeguarding consumer data.

Additional Cybersecurity Features

More goes into data security than providing a secure network. The facility that stores your company’s data should also be certified secure in order for you to be in compliance with regulations. FSSI’s Santa Ana facility has multiple levels of security to ensure a secure environment for your company’s data. Only certified team members have access to the parts of the building where sensitive information is stored. All employees must sign a confidentiality agreement to safeguard data and pass a third-party background check and drug test in order to work inside the facility. FSSI team members must carry key-card badges around the building to allow FSSI to control and track access to the facility and secure areas. Access to the building from the reception area is only permitted by the receptionist and all guests must sign in with a valid ID. Guests must be escorted by an FSSI team member at all times. Motion-activated video cameras are positioned in critical areas of the building to record activity and are monitored 24 hours a day.

Data security should never be taken lightly. Applying data correctly to your company’s interactions with clients promises great results but can also leave you vulnerable to data theft if proper security measures are not followed. Remember to always safeguard your company’s data and work with companies that meet or exceed your company’s data security standards. For more information on FSSI’s secure data processing and security features please visit data processing outsourcing, secure printing facility or call (714) 436-3300 to speak with an account representative.