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Technology is our passion. We’ve developed proprietary print and mail solutions to streamline processes and make your job easier while making you more competitive and compliant.

Whether you need electronic presentment, letter management or a full set of document outsourcing services, we’ll work with you to match your specific requirements to the right, cutting-edge solutions.

You’ll improve response rates, customer engagement and your own ROI with a full suite of innovative solutions that take command of the document outsourcing process – for optimal and measurable results.

Explore tech-savvy print, mail and electronic solutions that will help enhance customer relationships:

Efficient Letter Template Management

At a Glance

Easily consolidate and manage multiple letter types with an online letter template tool. Access, update, proof and approve a template the same day, on your own and with no technical expertise required. Send your template directly into the mailstream or have it electronically delivered.

  • Easily add and edit letter types
  • Consolidate redundant documents
  • Maintain shareable letter repository
  • Reduce production lead time
  • Stay compliant and risk free

The Details

FSSI’s letterStreamOne is a fully scalable, time-saving solution that gives you an efficient, more secure and nearly instantaneous way to compose and manage hundreds of individual letter types – welcome, declination and collection letters, past-due and compliance notices, and marketing letters – using a familiar Microsoft Word®-based interface.

Simple, Flexible Letter Management – Add a new letter type to your repository, proof it against a sample data file, and then approve it for use that day. Corresponding variable data files are sent to a secure FTP site, so your data and letter templates can be merged and formatted for FSSI’s high-volume print and mail fulfillment process.

Unlimited, No-Cost Revisions – Imagine a repository where you can securely access, update and proof countless versions of compliance letters and other correspondence – and, when they’re ready, send them on for high-speed print-mail fulfillment. Now imagine making as many revisions as you want online without paying extra programming or development costs.

Complete Approval, Audit and Revision Control – You’ll have complete, trackable control over approvals, audits, archiving and delivery to your customers. When combined with FSSI’s high-speed digital print and mail services, the solution assures fast, accurate processing and delivery of every printed mailpiece – with robust reporting to ensure pinpoint accuracy.

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Highly-Flexible ePresentment Platform

At a Glance

Provide a user-friendly way for customers to access their documents utilizing a highly-customized electronic presentment solution. From standard ePresentment services to the most robust and advanced, FSSI offers integration options and functionality to fit any resource and budget.

  • Gain full control over ePresentment and functionality
  • Provide easy access to stored print and electronic documents
  • Meet business requirements with a fully-customized user interface
  • Send real-time alerts via preferred notification method
  • Receive fewer customer service inquiries

The Details

FSSI’s eStreamOne is a scalable electronic bill presentment and payment solution that includes feature-rich elements that make accessing statements, invoices and important documents a seamless online experience. With a flexible infrastructure, you have full control over the presentation and functionality of your integration, with options to meet every electronic delivery need.

Flexible Integration Options – Whether you choose the API option, Single Sign On (SSO), or Fully-Hosted versions, you can tailor a solution to deliver the desired functionalities and results, based on your available unique business requirements. FSSI’s creative services team designs the entire user experience from initial sign-on to the viewing of documents and optional bill payment features.

Easy Document Access and Archival – PDF or HTML ePresentment options ensure statements and important documents can be readily available in a format that’s easy to view or download. Customers can review documents 24/7, with access to current statements and historical information via an extensive archiving system. Offer printer-friendly statements, add custom functionality and provide convenient online payment options by integrating your ePresentment solution with our preferred payment partner, PayNearMe, or your own payment provider – all within a single portal.

Real-time Text and Email Notifications – Inform recipients when a statement is ready to view, or a payment is due, with real-time alerts via email and SMS text messages – quickly communicating with customers and providing access to valuable statements, bills, invoices and other important documents. You can also strengthen your overall marketing strategy by offering marketing messages through the same digital channels.

Streamlined Customer Service Support – With a highly-effective CRM interface, customer service representatives have quick and easy access to documents and data, making customer inquiries easier to handle in a timely manner and increasing customer satisfaction. These services are not limited to those only enrolled in electronic presentment. The same customer service representatives can also view copies of printed statements, accessing all archived information so they can effectively assist all customers.

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Complete Production Transparency

At a Glance

Gain the highest level of job monitoring with a secure, web-based tracking tool. Immediately access real-time information of the entire document workflow. Dive into inventory, file transfers, postage and sample approvals, with detailed management reports for further drill-down of data.

  • Retrieve real-time analytics in one convenient location
  • Experience full production transparency
  • Quickly locate important, decision-based data
  • Access a summary overview or drill down into job-pertinent information
  • Have greater accountability and control

The Details

FSSI’s workStreamOne is a secure, web-based tracking solution that monitors job statuses and delves into production analytics through an all-inclusive, widget-based dashboard. The real-time document workflow and automation encompass the entire production process, from the activity in each department and file receipt history to PDF approvals and in-depth reports.

Highest Level of Production Detail – Get an all-inclusive, inside look into all elements of production, including file transfers, applications, inventory, work order status, postage and management reports. You’ll have a full, comprehensive view of production jobs, eliminating any unknowns and increasing accountability and control with real-time metrics and reporting.

User-Friendly Dashboard Features – Access a comprehensive overview of the live status of every element within the document workflow and management tool. The dashboard is the main screen, providing an “at a glance” view of production statuses. The widget panes and navigation buttons are collapsible and expandable to adjust the view, with additional buttons to guide users to dedicated sections that have more extensive information.

In-Depth Measurement and Reporting – Gain immediate access to standard management and custom product and service-related reports, each diving into a specific area with detailed information that can be expanded upon and exported for easy reference. The multi-layered reports provide data to analyze activity, in addition to valuable insights for important decision-making.

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Data-Driven, Relevant Messaging

At a Glance

Manage the text and graphics within electronic and printed documents based on pre-defined variable data. Set rules, make edits and preview sample documents via a user-friendly portal. Target your audiences with strategic on-page messaging that delivers impactful results.

  • Access real-time document messaging
  • Serve relevant, targeted messages
  • Easily control the audience and message delivery
  • Incorporate consistent multichannel marketing
  • Boost engagement and response rates

The Details

FSSI’s messageStreamOne is “message management made easy,” where you use a self-managed portal to take real-time control over your documents with personalized on-page messaging. Add strategically-placed promotional, account and educational content and graphics based on data-driven variables that you pre-define, according to campaign goals.

Streamlined Document Messaging – With an easy, step-by-step interface, document-based messaging campaigns may be set up and accessed by one or more users. Digital assets, such as logos, images and graphics, can be conveniently organized and managed through an intuitive system that efficiently handles campaigns of any size or complexity.

Self-Managed, User-Friendly Portal – Create, manage and approve campaigns, with the ability to determine rules, make edits and preview sample document – all through a robust, all-inclusive portal. The easy-to-use message campaign editor allows you to insert data-driven messages that have fully-formatted color text and graphics, with navigation and functionality that provides step-by-step guidance.

Insightful Campaign Metrics – From sampling a specific data set to accessing the detailed activity history or reporting screen, the messaging portal provides full campaign management capabilities. Preview message counts and other production reports to see how many messages of each type were used. Use this information as a baseline for refining your marketing or document message management strategy.

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Strategically-Designed Documents

At a Glance

Improve the design, readability and response of transactional documents with secure customizable data formatting. From any data stream, FSSI maps the data and adds design elements to compose precise, visually-appealing printed and electronic customer documents.

  • Create precisely-composed print and electronic documents
  • Access industry-leading tools and know-how
  • Get expertise in prime data layouts
  • Benefit from secure data handling and processing
  • Improve brand recognition and engagement with easy-to-understand documents

The Details

FSSI’s dataStreamOne creates a custom application program based on your business rules and input file format. We work with you to design your unique format and compose your data to match your requirements. Easy-to-understand, trackable statements, bills, invoices and marketing communications are uniquely formatted through secure data processing and industry-leading composition tools for an optimal customer experience.

Secure Data Onboarding – Bringing your data online into FSSI’s secure environment is a seamless process. From uploading encrypted data from any source – from raw data files to PDF print-ready data – to working with an expert development team, you experience industry-leading data processing services that ensure quality and accuracy from the get-go.

Proven Development Process – With each process unique, FSSI ensures data accuracy and compliance, employing streamlined procedures that include professional graphic design, data mapping, establishing output standards, quality testing and approvals. Development is carefully managed by a dedicated team, with conversion lasting anywhere from a few weeks to months, depending on complexity and level of customization.

Creative Statement Design – You’ll elevate your communication efforts and deliver highly-targeted messages by creating personalized documents with custom data formatting, post-composition enhancements and variable data printing. A thoughtful, targeted design approach makes statements and other documents more effective, eliciting increased readership and engagement.

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