Government Document Mailing

Government building.

Outsourcing tax documents or other highly-regulated government communications can mean increased savings and security – a big plus if you don’t have the right infrastructure in place.

We’ve invested in the latest print technology and data security, so we have the know-how to help guarantee accurate and timely processing of critical communications – including property tax statements, compliance and regulatory documents, and tax forms – for any city, county, state or federal government agencies, or organizations requiring government-related documents.

Government Print and Mail

Government agencies in states, cities, and counties turn to FSSI for specialized document production and records management. We process, print and deliver the critical documents needed to serve your communities, including property tax statements, jury summons, city citations, newsletters, non-profit mailers, postcards and more.

We also provide 100% transparency and let government managers track the production and disposition of every mailpiece we produce as well as keep secure records of our archival services.

Our leading-edge print and mail equipment can produce a wide range of both transactional and marketing-related documents, including letters, postcards and billing statements with variable content, graphics and marketing messages in both black and white or digital color.

We service local and state governments, the court system, churches, non-profits, utility companies, public universities and more.

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Types of Government Documents We Process and Mail

  • Property and unsecured tax bills
  • Lien and delinquency notices
  • Defaulted property tax sale notifications
  • Fundraising appeal letters
  • Postcards and direct mailers
  • Newsletters
  • Jury summons notices and court forms
  • Parking and tolling statements and invoices
  • Parking and tolling violation notices

What Types of Government Agencies Do We Serve?

  • Federal, State, County and City Governments
  • Municipal Governments
  • Churches, Non-Profits and Religious Organizations
  • Judicial and Legal Service Agencies
  • Utility Companies
  • School Districts and Universities

Full-Service Print and Mail for State, City and County Government Agencies

In addition to print and mail services, FSSI offers exclusive, online content management, eDelivery and job tracking tools designed to maximize efficiency, cost savings and regulatory compliance:

  • Online job tracking and reporting – Provides online access to job status, inventory monitoring, detailed production reporting and PDF proofing.
  • Letter template management – Consolidates the number of letter templates into a manageable few, with a secure, audit-friendly way to compose and manage individual letter types.
  • Electronic presentment and payment – Provides a user-friendly way for the public to access statements, invoices and important electronic documents – with custom email and text notifications and bill pay options.   
  • Customizable data formatting – Facilitates data mapping by adding design elements to create precisely-composed printed and electronic customer documents – from virtually any data input and utilizing industry-standard software.

Mailing and Address Quality Controls

You can monitor your individual mailpieces to ensure timely processing and mailing of your critical government communications:

  • Unique Piece Tracking (UPT) – Lets you track each individual mailpiece through each stage of FSSI’s production process and into the USPS mailstream, ensuring your mail is processed, printed and mailed with the highest level of accuracy and integrity.
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb®) – Facilitates tracking of mail through the postal system – all the way to the last post office of record – for valuable insights into the status of mail once it leaves FSSI.
  • Return Mail Solutions – With eReturn Mail™, a return mail solution from FSSI, you can electronically manage all undeliverable-as-addressed mail and update your customer address database. As a result, you’ll get rid of the trays of undeliverable mail taking up space in your mailroom. Eliminate or drastically reduce all your undeliverable mail and say goodbye to staff having to manually enter it all into your system.

We Have the Data Security Practices and Certifications Agencies Require

Government regulations and other regulatory bodies are always changing and evolving. We maintain and constantly update our technological and physical security and data privacy practices. Protecting sensitive data is critical to us and our clients.

At FSSI, data security and privacy as well as business continuity and disaster recovery are at the core of what we do. We pass annual SOC2 audits and are HIPAA compliant in both our Santa Ana and Coppell Texas print and mail facilities. Some of our security practices include:

  • Building security: Includes key cards, door alarms, security cameras, and gated entryways.
  • User/Server Level Security: All data files are secured by user permissions that are enforced by centralized domain policies.
  • Secure Data Standards: FSSI utilizes secure transmission protocols (SFTP) and PGP encryption for files at rest, along with an additional firewall network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) – in addition to a multi-tiered architecture that separates the web layer from the data layer for added security.
  • Secure Data Archival Options: Several web-based storage and archival options are available. Access to client input is limited to authorized personnel.
  • Document Security: Documents containing personalized or sensitive customer data are deleted or shredded using FSSI’s commercial shredder or stored in a secure location if they are needed for a longer period.
  • Employee Training: Keeping staff well-versed and vigilant in data security best practices is a priority at FSSI, from properly handling emails to staying safe online. Regular training via KnowBe4® encompasses relevant security awareness and online cybersecurity topics.
Secure Print and Mail Services Certifications Seals.

Stack of Tax Forms.

Secure Tax Forms Processing

Today, few documents contain more personally-identifiable information than tax forms. A single breach of personal or financial data can result in costly fines, penalties or litigation, and can also damage the trust that you’ve built with customers, the public or the overall community. We’ll help manage that risk.

Security is our top priority. We protect, manage and deliver confidential information.  At FSSI, we’ve invested heavily in the latest secure print technology and data security software and facility practices. We also pass annual SOC audits, with procedures and controls in place to help guarantee accurate, timely and secure tax form processing from the first 1099 form to the last.

Tax Form Printing Solutions

  • Secure Handling and Processing of Tax Forms— Includes the masking of SSN and full-sheet format designed to prevent envelope-window exposure of recipient information.
  • Secure Online Approvals — Facilitates quick review and approval of PDFs online anytime, at your convenience; view electronic production reports for count verification.
  • Householding for Postage Savings — Tax documents identified with the same address are programmed for insertion into the same envelope.
  • Quality Controls and Processes — SOC compliance ensures the accuracy and security of all form-related information during the processing of your tax forms.

No-Obligation Government Document Consultation

Would a full-service print, mail, or electronic solution benefit your government agency or organization? Contact us online or call us at (714) 436-3300 today for a no-obligation consultation. Whether you want to provide statements and notices for city or county services or send tax documents, we can help you design and deliver critical government documents for maximum results.