Government Document Mailing

Government building.

FSSI’s comprehensive print and mail services are designed to assist government agencies in optimizing efficiency and enhancing communication with constituents. Our end-to-end solutions aim to elevate the impact and return on investment (ROI) for government initiatives while fostering public engagement.

Whether your agency operates at the local, regional, or national level, FSSI can customize a printing and mailing strategy to meet the specific requirements of government communications. Utilizing attention-grabbing visuals, impactful graphics, and targeted messaging, we craft visually appealing, easily digestible printed or digital content that addresses the diverse informational needs and interests of your audience, fostering trust and engagement.

Partner with FSSI to streamline your government agency’s print and mail processes, ensuring effective communication and maintaining a strong connection with your constituents.

Print and Mail Services Include:

  • Print and Mail Document Processing
  • Government Communications
  • Direct Mail
  • eStatements and Electronic Document Presentment
  • Variable Data Printing
  • In-House Design and Development Team
  • 24/7 Reporting and Workflow Management

What Types of Government Agencies Do We Serve?

  • Federal, state, county and city governments
  • Municipal governments
  • Churches, non-profits and religious organizations
  • Judicial and legal service agencies
  • Utility companies
  • School districts and universities

What Types of Government Documents Are Produced at FSSI?

  • Property and unsecured tax bills
  • Lien and delinquency notices
  • Defaulted property tax sale notifications
  • Fundraising appeal letters
  • Postcards and direct mailers
  • Newsletters
  • Jury summons notices and court forms
  • Parking and tolling statements and invoices
  • Parking and tolling violation notices

Government Print and Mail Solutions

Government entities across states, cities, and counties trust FSSI for specialized document production and records management outsourcing. Elevate the efficiency of your operations by outsourcing the processing, printing, and delivery of crucial documents essential for community service. Our services cover a spectrum of documents, such as property tax statements, jury summons, city citations, newsletters, non-profit mailers, postcards, and more.

Enjoy complete transparency with FSSI. Our platform allows government managers to track the production and disposition of every mailpiece. Additionally, we maintain secure records through our archival services.

Leverage our cutting-edge print and mail equipment, capable of producing a diverse range of transactional and marketing-related documents. Whether it’s letters, postcards, or billing statements, our equipment supports variable content, graphics, and marketing messages in both black and white or vibrant digital color.

We cater to a broad spectrum of clients, including local and state governments, the court system, churches, non-profits, utility companies, public universities, and more.

Discover the advantages of outsourcing your print and mail services for streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency. Learn more about the benefits FSSI brings to government agencies.

FSSI HIPAA Compliant and SOC 2 Seals

Full-Service Print and Mail for State, City and County Government Agencies

Discover the full spectrum of services FSSI provides to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure regulatory compliance for government agencies at the state, city, and county levels. Our offerings go beyond print and mail, incorporating exclusive online content management, eDelivery, and job tracking tools.

Key Features:

  1. Online job tracking and reporting: Gain real-time access to job status, monitor inventory, generate detailed production reports, and engage in PDF proofing through our user-friendly online platform.
  2. Letter template management: Streamline your communication by consolidating letter templates into a manageable few. Benefit from a secure, audit-friendly system for composing and managing individual letter types.
  3. Electronic presentment and payment: Improve public access to statements, invoices, and essential electronic documents through our user-friendly platform. Customize email and text notifications, and offer convenient bill pay options to enhance the user experience.
  4. Customizable data formatting: Facilitate data mapping by adding design elements, ensuring precisely composed printed and electronic customer documents from virtually any data input, using industry-standard software.

Mailing and Address Quality Controls

Ensure the timely processing and mailing of critical government communications with FSSI’s advanced monitoring and control features.

  1. Unique piece tracking (UPT): Track each mailpiece through every stage of FSSI’s production process and into the USPS mailstream, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and integrity.
  2. Intelligent mail barcode (IMb®): Facilitate mail tracking through the postal system, providing valuable insights into the status of mail even beyond FSSI’s facilities.
  3. Return mail solutions: Integrate eReturn Mail™ from FSSI to electronically manage undeliverable-as-addressed mail and update your customer address database. Eliminate trays of undeliverable mail in your mailroom, reducing manual entry tasks for your staff. Say goodbye to undeliverable mail challenges and enhance your overall mailroom efficiency.

We Have the Data Security Practices and Certifications Agencies Require

In a landscape where government agencies face ever-evolving challenges, FSSI recognizes the paramount importance of addressing security concerns unique to the public sector. Local and federal government entities demand an unwavering commitment to security and privacy, especially when dealing with personally identifiable information and sensitive data.

At FSSI, we proactively adapt to the dynamic nature of these challenges, acknowledging the gravity of safeguarding crucial information. Trust FSSI as your partner in navigating the complexities of government security concerns, offering a steadfast commitment to the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information.

  • Building security
  • User/Server Level Security
  • Secure Data Standards
  • Secure Data Archival Options
  • Document Security
  • Employee Training

Stack of Tax Forms.

Secure Tax Form Processing: Safeguarding Your Confidential Information

In today’s landscape, few documents contain as much personally identifiable information as tax forms. Recognizing the critical nature of safeguarding this sensitive data, we understand that a single breach can result in costly fines, penalties, or even litigation, jeopardizing the trust you’ve established with customers, the public, or the community at large. At FSSI, we are here to assist you in managing and mitigating that risk.

FSSI’s Commitment to Security:

Security is our paramount concern. At FSSI, we have made substantial investments in the latest secure print technology, cutting-edge data security software, and stringent facility practices to ensure the protection, management, and secure delivery of confidential information. Our dedication is further validated by the successful completion of annual SOC audits, where we have implemented rigorous procedures and controls, guaranteeing accurate, timely, and secure processing of tax forms, from the first 1099 form to the last.

Tax Form Printing Solutions

  • Secure handling and processing of tax forms: Our processes include the masking of Social Security Numbers (SSN) and a full-sheet format designed to prevent envelope-window exposure of recipient information.
  • Secure online approvals: Facilitate quick review and approval of PDFs online at any time, ensuring convenience for our clients. Additionally, electronic production reports are available for count verification.
  • Householding for postage savings: Tax documents with the same address are strategically programmed for insertion into the same envelope, optimizing postage efficiency.
  • Quality controls and processes: SOC compliance guarantees the accuracy and security of all form-related information throughout the processing of your tax forms.

Choose FSSI for comprehensive tax form processing solutions that prioritize security, accuracy, and efficiency. Safeguard your confidential information and ensure compliance with our advanced technologies and rigorous practices.

Improve Your Government Communications with FSSI

FSSI stands as your dedicated partner in enhancing government communications through comprehensive print and mail services. Our tailored solutions are crafted to optimize efficiency, elevate the impact, and enhance the return on investment (ROI) for government initiatives. Whether your agency operates locally, regionally, or nationally, we specialize in customizing printing and mailing strategies to precisely meet the unique requirements of government communications.

Our commitment to visual appeal, impactful graphics, and targeted messaging ensures that your printed or digital content is not only easily digestible but also resonates with the diverse informational needs and interests of your audience. At FSSI, we understand the significance of fostering trust and engagement within your community.

Why Choose FSSI for Your Government Agency’s Print and Mail Needs?

  • Document processing: Streamline the processing of essential documents with our efficient solutions.
  • Government communications and direct mail: Enhance direct communication with your constituents through effective government messaging.
  • eStatements and electronic document presentment: Embrace digital channels for efficient document presentation and accessibility.
  • Variable data printing: Personalize your communications with variable data printing for a targeted impact.
  • In-house design and development team: Leverage our skilled team to enhance the visual appeal and effectiveness of your communications.
  • 24/7 reporting and workflow management: Stay in control with our comprehensive reporting and workflow management, available around the clock.

Partner with FSSI to not only streamline your government agency’s print and mail processes but also to ensure effective communication, fostering a robust connection with your constituents. Elevate your outreach efforts and communicate with impact – choose FSSI today.

Contact us online or call us at 714.436.3300 today for a no-obligation consultation. Let’s explore how FSSI can transform your government communications.