Print-Mail for Investment Management

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FSSI offers meticulously auditable and confidential financial printing and mailing solutions crafted specifically for investment management companies. Our goal is to help your firm streamline production costs, mitigate compliance risks, and enhance client satisfaction, ultimately retaining more high-net-worth clients.

Boasting nearly 45 years of financial printing experience, FSSI stands as a trusted partner to the nation’s leading investment institutions.

Print-Mail Services Include:

  • Statement printing and mailing, including monthly, quarterly and annual statements
  • Full electronic presentment including eDelivery and payment processing integrations
  • Tax document processing
  • Multichannel direct mail marketing campaigns with automation
  • Letter template management tools
  • 24/7 client-facing online dashboard to track jobs and mailpieces

Investor Document Samples

Take a deeper look at our statement processing, printing and mailing services.

What Types of Investor Documents Are Produced at FSSI?

Tailored to meet the unique needs of investment management companies, FSSI provides customized, regulatory-compliant print-mail solutions for all confidential investor communications, including:

  • Monthly, quarterly and annual statements
  • Trade confirmations
  • Annual reports and quarterly portfolio reports (QPRs) and disclosures
  • Proxy statements
  • Dividend checks and other MICR printed documents
  • Government reporting documents – IRA reporting (5498, 8606), tax forms (portrait, landscape) or mutual funds-formatted output
  • Investor prospectus printing and mailing

Financial Printing Outsourcing for Regulatory Documents

Improve Investor Relations Through Outsourcing

By utilizing FSSI’s print-mail services for shareholder communications, investment management companies gain strategic, economic, and operational advantages:

  • Increase asset and investor retention with highly-targeted, customized statements featuring personalized messaging.
  • Mitigate compliance risk through accurate, timely deliveries, 100% data-to-mail integrity, and accessible online reporting.
  • Strengthen multichannel strategy with FSSI’s robust combination of electronic and printed shareholder communications.

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A Customized Investment Communications Solution

Flexibility and customization are key considerations in choosing a financial printing solution. With FSSI, investment management companies can combine various document printing and mailing services to reduce compliance risk, boost investor retention, and enhance broker-dealer-investor relations:

  • Exclusive online production reporting tool – For real-time job status, inventory monitoring, and detailed forensic analysis.
  • Secure compliance with job tracking and reporting – Ensuring an auditable record of shareholder communications production and delivery.
  • Customizable data formatting – Enhance document design and composition of investor statements and quarterly performance reports.
  • Electronic document presentment – Offering formatting options and eNotify service for accelerated eStatement adoption.
  • Letter template management – for creating and updating investment documents with 100% data-to-delivery control.
  • Variable messaging – Provides real-time design control over on-page message text and graphics to educate, inform and engage customers through cross-sell and upsell capabilities.

data security and privacy practices at fssi

Remain Compliant with Ever-Changing Financial Regulations

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory directives from entities like the FDIC, CFPB, and other overseeing agencies is a dynamic challenge within the AI investment management sector. We consistently refine and upgrade our digital and physical safeguards, along with stringent data privacy measures. The protection of personal identification details and crucial member information is paramount to us, aligning seamlessly with the priorities of the financial organizations we serve.

At FSSI, we prioritize data protection, privacy, and maintain a deep commitment to business continuity and disaster recuperation. FSSI’s dedication is reflected in the successful completion of yearly SOC 2 evaluations and the stringent enforcement of HIPAA compliance at both our Santa Ana, California, and Coppell, Texas printing and mailing centers. Our comprehensive data security measures encompass:

  • Building security
  • User/server-level security
  • Secure data standards
  • Secure data archival options
  • Document security
  • Ongoing employee training

This robust approach ensures the security and integrity of data, providing a foundation of trust for both our company and the financial institutions we partner with.

Additional Compliance Document Services

  • IRS tax-form processing – Secure, timely processing and delivery of critical tax forms, such as 1099s, 1098s, 5498s, and 1042-S; FSSI accepts IRS-format and custom data files, then composes your forms in the format and detail you believe best reflects your investment company.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning – Includes multiple production facilities to safeguard against data loss from unexpected or catastrophic events.

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Direct Mail for Investment Management Companies

We create financial direct mail campaigns from start to finish. Whether you are sending postcards, letters, or other financial mailers, we create scalable tracking campaigns that make an impact. Advanced retargeting and mailing list optimizations help you reach potential customers who are ready to convert.

Regulatory compliance is important in the financial industry, and we have over 40 years of experience in handling sensitive financial information. We apply that same data handling expertise to the direct mail industry. Whether you are sending out postcards, letters, or any other type of direct mailers, you can expect the same level of data privacy and security.

Financial direct mail can be used for a variety of products or services:

  • Annuities
  • Accounting/CPA
  • Tax advice
  • Financial planning
  • Investments
  • Wealth management

Direct Mail Service Offerings:

  • Postcards
  • Letters
  • Variable data printing
  • Mailing lists
  • Online retargeting and digital marketing automation
  • Online dashboard for campaign tracking and analytics

We offer a data-driven, end-to-end multichannel direct marketing solution. Your direct mail campaign works in tandem with robust digital marketing for stellar results. It includes an automated process that is 100% done for you, with the right promotional activities in place to extend the reach of your financial advisor marketing efforts – including full attribution in an online dashboard for visibility and tracking.

If you are looking to learn more about our advanced direct mail marketing campaigns, visit our marketing services division, Splash.

Get a No-Obligation Investor Communications Consultation Today

Our state-of-the-art processes and technology empower us to ensure 100% data-to-document integrity and precision at every stage. Whether you’re targeting specific clients or enhancing your overall communication strategy, we can assist your investment management company in creating impactful documents that drive action and provide a robust return on investment. Let us support your investment management business with a financial printing and mailing solution that help in securely processing:

  • Investment statements
  • Strategic marketing communications
  • Financial reports
  • Electronic statements (eStatements)
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Multichannel direct mail campaigns

Investors, especially high net-worth individuals, have certain expectations about the quality, accuracy, and appearance of their investment statements. Connect with us online or call us at 714.436.3300 today for a no-obligation consultation. We offer product demos and reviews of your existing documents to ensure your communication strategy aligns seamlessly with your investment management objectives.