Personalized Marketing and Direct Mail

Quick Facts

Amplify the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with targeted, data-driven communications that speak directly to the recipient. Say goodbye to generic mass mailings - you’ll deliver a fully custom, personalized experience that extends beyond the printed mailpiece. An end-to-end multichannel campaign reinforces your message with the power of digital integration. Streamline repetitive tasks and increase your reach with innovative marketing automation.

Expected Results

Your creative direct mail campaign will generate even higher response rates, engagement and ROI by personalizing your communications and expanding your printed mailing with digital marketing on the web. Savvy marketing and digital technology will enhance any campaign, no matter how complex – with high-performance solutions that keep your brand top of mind from print to web. Track and attribute results, with real-time data and analytics for full transparency and precision.

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Direct Mail Print and Digital Campaigns

Personalized, Data-Driven Direct Marketing

A 1:1 personalized, data-driven direct mail campaign creates a more tailored customer experience with a clear-cut offer and measurable ROI.  Increase engagement and interactions when people see their name, relatable images and applicable messaging in their communications.

Using specialized software, you can print simple dynamic variables, like names or addresses, or more complex variables that include the addition of custom messages, images, offers or layouts by individual customer. Variable information, including images, printed on each individual document and streamlined in a single job, allows for seamless personalization in the printing process without interruption. You’ll deliver a targeted mailpiece that’s relevant, timely and eye-catching.

Integrated Digital Marketing

The journey of personalized direct mail doesn’t have to end with the printed mailpiece. Extend your reach with multiple touchpoints that utilize social media and Google Network ads, re-targeting with cookies and phone tracking to further hone and target potential customers. You can even attribute hard-to-decipher results for full transparency.

With integrated marketing, a personalized mailpiece is sent to the right recipient at exactly the right time, complemented with online ads and tracked in real-time – a fully automated approach that ties in print and digital media to deliver and reinforce your message.

  • Multiple touchpoints to amplify your reach
  • Strategic retargeting with online ads
  • Real-time mail, phone and web tracking
  • Comprehensive marketing attribution


Cutting-Edge Marketing Communications Team

With FSSI’s marketing services, you get a dedicated, in-house team – marketing experts, data analysts, software developers, graphic designers, professional copywriters, color specialists and project managers – working together to generate the highest returns on your campaigns.

Increasing postage costs, shifting compliance regulations, escalating equipment costs and data-handling considerations are handled with ease while you benefit from cross-industry expertise, secure practices and marketing know-how of a strategic outsource marketing partner.

Full-Service Direct Mail Marketing

We take your marketing plan and create an effective, results-oriented strategy that’s precise, targeted and fully attributable. The experience is enhanced with an array of types, formats, colors, and variable data and graphics. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

Each campaign is tailor-made for maximum effectiveness, utilizing the offerings that best fit your own unique marketing needs:

  • 1:1 marketing
  • Highly-customized communications
  • Data-driven content and visuals
  • Personalized messaging
  • Eye-catching and meaningful design
  • Targeted list purchasing
  • Comprehensive multichannel campaigns
  • Advanced data micro-modeling and analytics
  • In-depth campaign results and attribution

Innovative Print Technology

We’ve invested in leading-edge equipment to maximize the value of your marketing communications, eliminating the printing limitations of traditional cut-sheet print methods. Our roll-fed inkjet equipment features high-quality printing that increases artwork flexibility and variable data capabilities. Together with roll-fed finishing gear, we can take on virtually any finishing size.

You get all of the benefits of inkjet technology – a variety of stocks and weights, increased color quality and optimum resolution – for a truly innovative direct mail experience.

  • State-of-the-art, high-quality inkjet print technology
  • Variable artwork and data printed inline at high speeds
  • Any type of paper stock and weight
  • Sharp, eye-catching finishes
  • Concentrated color for brilliant output
  • High resolution for crisp images and graphics
  • Engaging formats that delight

Types of Direct Mailpieces

Target your customers and potential customers with a fully-customized solution that delivers on results. Coupled with print and mail expertise, you can deliver any type of direct mail format, with no project out of scope.

  • Loyalty and fundraiser mailers
  • Direct response letters
  • Specialty and direct mailers
  • Convenience checks
  • Postcards and self-mailers
  • Card affixing, UV coating, slit-and-nesting capabilities


Splash, FSSI’s Direct Mail and Marketing Services Division, serves as an extension of your own marketing efforts, opening the door to new, cutting-edge direct response and marketing capabilities.

Increase your marketing impact with a strategic approach that includes data analysis, list processing, creative design, personalized messaging and in-depth measurement – plus industry-leading print and mail services. You’ll simplify your complex marketing strategies and increase your control and campaign continuity with an all-inclusive direct mail partner.

Make an impact with communications that include innovative, response-driven campaigns designed to elevate your brand and increase response rates. Learn more about Splash today.

Amplify – Expand Your Direct Mail Influence Online

With Amplify, Splash’s end-to-end multichannel marketing solution, your direct mail campaign works in tandem with robust digital marketing for stellar results. It includes an automated process that’s 100% done for you, with the right promotional activities in place to extend your marketing reach – including full attribution in an online dashboard for visibility and tracking.

It’s one-to-one, tailored communications that incorporate next-level capabilities from the print file to delivery, and all the way online, utilizing savvy tools like social match, call and mail tracking, Informed Delivery, online follow-up and lead match.

With data-driven expertise, precise timing and strategic marketing capabilities, you’ll experience innovative campaigns that offer a full array of services for sophisticated direct response marketing. Learn more about Amplify today.

Velocity - Complex Letter Management Made Easy

Do you have too many letters with too many variables that are hard to update and manage? Are you spending your days managing Excel files to track your letter content, campaign and customer data fields?  Need to bring order to complex direct mail campaigns? It can be overwhelming when your data is in different locations or inaccessible to an entire team.

With Velocity, Splash’s advanced marketing letter management solution, you’ll be able to manage all campaign-related data in a single location for maximum order and efficiency. In a customized database, you’ll have full control of complex campaigns, easily viewing, entering and updating information on demand and without developer assistance.

Handle more volume and move at a quicker pace with real-time, 24/7 access, knowing that your letter campaigns are accurate, even across many organizations and brands. Learn more about Velocity today.

What is variable data print (VDP)?

Variable data print (VDP) is a data-driven way to improve customer communications, with an automated process that allows you to personalize messaging for each individual customer.

Direct mail letters, notices, postcards and even transactional documents are tailored in the printing process, using software to print each piece with unique information from a spreadsheet or database. Variable information is printed on each individual document and streamlined in a single print job.

You can print simple dynamic variables, like names or addresses, or add custom messages, images, coupons or layouts for specific customers for a custom-tailored approach.

What is direct response marketing?

Direct response marketing optimizes the effect of your direct mail marketing, creating a strategic campaign that’s targeted, compelling and specifically designed to elicit an immediate response. It utilizes relevant offers, discounts and specifically-constructed language to turn curious visitors into new or repeat customers.

Can your direct mail services accommodate confidential data?

Yes. We’re experienced at working with organizations in industries that require secure data handling. The good news is we’ve been there, with tried-and-true practices to keep your data safe – including successful annual SOC and HIPAA audits.

FSSI’s buildings, departments and network are purpose-built for ironclad security while we employ the latest, most advanced technology and practices to safeguard your data.

Choose one (1) minimum. Free cost and shipping on orders.

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