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Direct Mail Marketing Is Still Relevant in the Digital Age

FSSI logo FSSI on March 16, 2023

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Direct Mail Marketing Deserves a Second Look

By disregarding direct mail, you may be neglecting a lucrative revenue stream for your company. According to a Winterberry Group forecast, direct mail spending is projected to increase from 1.6% to 4% of advertising dollars in 2023, while spending in many other digital channels is expected to decrease. Direct mail remains one of the most profitable ways to engage new and existing clients.

Despite beliefs that traditional print and mail are obsolete, direct mailers—printed marketing offers, promotions, and branded materials—continue to be highly effective. They offer complete customization, enabling companies to reach individual customers within their target audience cost-effectively. Direct mail, with its data-driven approach, enhances your current marketing strategy seamlessly.

What Makes Direct Mail Marketing So Effective?

Direct mail marketing leverages data integration to connect with consumers in a highly personalized way. Data analysis and market research pinpoint a company’s target audience, enabling the personalization of direct mailers and resulting in higher response rates.

Unlike mass marketing, targeting an audience with direct mail ensures marketing budgets are not wasted on uninterested consumers. A real-life example is Lands’ End, which experienced a $15-million loss in sales after discontinuing its famous catalog. Reintroducing the catalog option led to a 78% consumer opt-in, highlighting the connection direct mail builds with consumers.

Effective Reach Across Demographics

Direct mail resonates with all generations, particularly older and middle-aged consumers who may be less tech-savvy and value the security of traditional print. Surprisingly, Millennials respond positively to direct mail, finding it less intrusive amidst digital noise. The tactile experience of physical mail, eye-catching designs, and personalized messages make direct mail appealing to Millennials.

Cost Comparison: Direct Mail Vs. Email Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, the cost per lead for direct mail is comparable to email marketing, with direct mail boasting a higher response rate. The scarcity of physical mail pieces has revitalized the excitement around traditional mail, making eye-popping designs and personalized messages more impactful, especially for Millennials.

Tips to Enhance Your Direct Mailers


Implementing multichannel communications is essential, especially for younger customers. Contrary to misconceptions, younger customers appreciate traditional printed communication. Utilize QR codes with links to social media platforms, promotional codes redeemable online, and cross-channel strategies for an effective approach.


Differentiate your direct mailers by including unique offers available exclusively through this channel. Segment consumer groups and personalize offers based on their interests to build customer loyalty. Follow-up is crucial; keep your mailing list updated and actively acquire new leads.

FSSI – Your Direct Mail Partner

Venturing into direct mail marketing for the first time? FSSI can help. With thirty years of expertise in outsourcing print and mail, FSSI offers a turnkey solution. Enjoy personalized content, versatile formatting, integrated marketing communications, and response measurement with FSSI’s direct mail campaigns. Call (714) 436-3300 to schedule a free consultation.

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