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Image: Examples of different types of statement enhancements

3 Design Tips for Enhancing Financial Statements for Increased Engagement

FSSI logo FSSI Marketing on May 24, 2021

Improve Customer Relationships with Well-Designed Documents Many companies still haven't realized just how valuable well-designed transactional documents are to their business strategy. Creating engaging financial statements and invoices expands brand awareness, nurtures customer relationships and increases...

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Image: Animated person paying bills on their phone

Want to Streamline Bill Payments? Add These Three Things to Your Statements.

FSSI logo FSSI Marketing on January 26, 2021

Billing statements have come a long way. Upgrades to design, such as the inclusion of color and graphics, have made statements much easier to consume. Digital printing took these changes to another level, enabling techniques such as personalization and data-driven graphics enhancements that allow billers to...

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Image: Animated house diagram with each part of the house representing a different utility type

Improve Customer Engagement with Strategically-Designed Utility Bills

FSSI logo FSSI Marketing on December 10, 2020

Gas, electric, water, cable, waste management and more – almost every resident uses these utilities and subsequently needs to pay their bills. These utility bills or statements provide a unique opportunity to communicate with this dedicated audience, from providing payment due and account information to...

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Image: person holding a smartphone

5 Ways Text Messaging Improves Your Customer Service Strategy

FSSI logo FSSI Marketing on March 20, 2020

SMS Text Messages Text messaging is one of the most innovative forms of communication developed in the Digital Age – instantly putting information into people’s hands. And It’s quickly becoming a valuable tool for businesses, with 78% of consumers saying that text messages are the fastest way to reach...

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Image: person paying bills on multiple channels

Improve Payment Remittance and Collections with Multichannel Payments

FSSI logo Kelly McConville on October 30, 2018

Tips to Improve Payment Remittance for Customers In business, getting paid on time is very important to the success and health of a company. Most businesses provide a service, bill their customers, and await a remittance payment. When payments are delayed, the problem may be out of your control. According to...

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Image: person holding their phone and credit card

Pay Via Text: The Future of Mobile Payments for the Finance Industry

FSSI logo Kelly McConville on June 8, 2018

How Do Text Message Payments Work? Text message payments are a straightforward process. The customer can pay by text message by sending a text message from their mobile phone to a number, known as a short code, assigned to your business. The payment is then added to the customer’s monthly phone bill or...

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Image: wallet crossed out with a phone replacing it

Mobile Wallets Leave Traditional Wallets in the Past

FSSI logo Kelly McConville on January 20, 2017

How Mobile Wallets are Changing the Way We Handle Payments? In a story published in May 2014, the Washington Post reported that eight in ten people carried less than $50 in their wallets. In the months since then, there’s a good chance that statistic has increased to nine in ten. Most people carry wallets...

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