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Image: person holding their phone and credit card.

Pay Via Text: The Future of Mobile Payments

FSSI logo Kelly McConville on June 8, 2018

How Do Text Message Payments Work? Text message payments are a straightforward process. Customers can pay by text message by sending a text message from their mobile phone to a number, known as a short code, assigned to your business. The payment is then added to the customer’s monthly phone bill or charged...

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Image: wallet crossed out with a phone replacing it.

Mobile Wallets Leave Traditional Wallets in the Past

FSSI logo Kelly McConville on January 20, 2017

How Mobile Wallets are Changing the Way We Handle Payments? In a story published in May 2014, the Washington Post reported that eight in ten people carried less than $50 in their wallets. In the months since then, there’s a good chance that statistic has increased to nine in ten. Most people carry wallets...

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