Auto Finance Print and Mail Services

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Let FSSI help you craft communications that resonate with both your clients and regulatory authorities. Our comprehensive print and mail solution is specifically tailored for auto finance companies, offering a seamless approach to document creation and distribution. Mitigate risks, enhance compliance, and drive collection efforts effectively.

In the auto finance industry, customers demand billing statements that are clear, concise, and user-friendly. Simultaneously, legislators aim to ensure adherence to the latest consumer protection regulations. With our secure printing and mailing services, coupled with electronic delivery and payment processing, you can meet the requirements and expectations of both customer groups. Streamline your operations and elevate your communication strategy with our specialized solutions.

Print and Mail Services Include:

  • Statement processing and mailing
  • eStatement processing, eDelivery, online banking portals
  • Direct mail marketing and variable data printing
  • Letter printing and mailing
  • In-house graphic design and development team
  • 24/7 online client-facing job tracking and mailpiece reporting

Financial Statement Sample PDFs

Take a deeper look at our turnkey print and mail solutions for auto finance.

Types of Financial Documents: Printed, eStatements, Email, SMS

We specialize in producing a wide array of crucial documents tailored to the specific needs of auto finance companies. From clear and concise loan bills and statements to comprehensive welcome packages, annual privacy letters, and AA letters (TD and Conditional), we cover every facet of your communication requirements.

Our expertise extends to crafting effective collection and NSF letters, RTC and NOI notices, as well as cancellation and past-due notices. Navigate the complexities of deficiency balances, repo and reinstatement letters with ease, and trust us for one-time drafts or mailers that make a lasting impact.

  • Loan bills and statements
  • Welcome packages
  • Annual privacy letters
  • AA letters – TD and conditional
  • Collection and NSF letters
  • RTC and NOI notices
  • Cancellation and past-due notices
  • Deficiency balances
  • Repo and reinstatement letters
  • One-time drafts or mailers
  • Adverse action notices
  • Certified mail
  • Direct mail postcards and marketing letters

Trusted Print and Mail Solutions for the Auto Finance Industry

With over 40 years of expertise catering to auto finance companies, FSSI provides a comprehensive suite of print and mail services. Covering everything from transactional to marketing communications, our services encompass design, formatting, data processing, production, and delivery. Elevate the impact of your statements by turning them into influential promotional tools with our integrated marketing solutions.

Built on years of experience in the auto finance industry, our solution gives you greater control over the look, content and production of printed and electronic documents. It includes custom statement design with payment drivers; electronic presentment and delivery; payment processing; document archival; online job tracking and compliance reporting; and online print-mail letter fulfillment tools.

Satisfy customers’ multichannel delivery preferences and have seamless compatibility with major data platforms, including Shaw Systems. This flexibility helps to ensure a more satisfying customer experience, regardless of your data provider. 

Examples of auto finance documents processed at FSSI

Car Related Gauges and Speedometer.

Your Full-Service Auto Finance Mail Outsourcing Solution

Outsourcing the production of printed and electronic customer communications to FSSI can help you stay focused on building your business. We have over 40 years of financial printing experience, offering a bundled, highly scalable solution that’s tailor-made for both fast-growing and well-established lenders.

When business strategies call for an added measure of marketing or compliance tracking, take advantage of FSSI’s powerful integrated service options:

  • Document Message Management: A self-managed portal that supports data-driven personalization; intuitive message campaign editor inserts targeted marketing or educational messages using fully formatted color text and graphics
  • Piece Level Reporting: Displays the real-time status of each piece in the mailstream, from file receipt at FSSI through delivery to the USPS; provides 100% data-to-mail integrity with online, real-time reporting
  • USPS Optimization: IMb (intelligent mail barcode): The USPS® mailpiece barcode technology can help you track incoming remittance payments, monitor cash flow, and save money on collection calls. USPS First-Class Mail, Priority mail and Certified mail delivery. FedEx and UPS delivery options
  • Wide Variety of Print Outputs: Full-color, black and white, Inkjet, Screen, Xerox, Canon, MICR and variable data printing
  • Online Letter Template Management Tools: Approve and revise letter and notice content as often as you want – without incurring extra development costs. Use in conjunction with your statement production to ensure compliant processing and delivery of standard and mandated financial documents
  • Online Job Tracking and Compliance Reporting: Access a wealth of live production intelligence right at your fingertips. View top-line data at a glance or drill down deeper for a more comprehensive analysis. You may also approve files, view job status or monitor inventory and postage, in real-time, anytime
  • Multichannel Direct Mail Marketing: Services include an in-house design team as well as experienced developers
  • Custom Document Design with Payment Drivers: Strategic document composition and design make it simple for borrowers to remit payments with an easy-to-navigate layout and highlighted payment features, such as PayNearMe’s cash payment barcode, QR codes and multiple payment coupons

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eStatement Processing and Payment Processing and Presentment

Satisfy customers’ multichannel preferences with multiple electronic bill presentment and payment options. Your email and text alerts are sent via FSSI’s convenient eNotify platform, which delivers critical communications on time, every time – diverting spam filters and abiding by security protocols. Components of FSSI’s eStatement delivery solution include:

  • Text and Email Notifications: When eDocuments are ready for viewing or a payment is due, the application automatically alerts enrolled customers via attractive, templated emails you can customize with your logo and branding or text messages that are sent utilizing an integrated text messaging service
  • Payment Processing: We can act as your eBill and invoice repository, securely serving PDF and HTML documents that link to your favorite payment module; or we can provide a complete EBPP solution through FSSI’s preferred payment partner, PayNearMe, a leading payment processor as well as through your payment provider
  • Document Archival and CRM: Enjoy unlimited archival capacity and online CRM hosted by FSSI, and custom-indexed files for use on your internal reporting system

data security and privacy practices at fssi

Remain Compliant With Changing Government Regulations

Navigating the ever-evolving regulatory landscape within the auto finance industry is a dynamic challenge. Government regulations from entities such as the FDIC, the CFPB, and various regulatory bodies demand constant vigilance and adaptability.

At FSSI, we recognize the paramount importance of maintaining and consistently updating our technological and physical security, as well as data privacy practices. Safeguarding personally identifiable information and sensitive data is crucial to us and vital for the financial institutions we serve.

At the core of our operations lie unwavering commitments to data security, privacy, business continuity, and disaster recovery. FSSI undergoes annual SOC 2 audits and upholds HIPAA compliance in both our Santa Ana, California, and Coppell, Texas print and mail facilities. Our stringent security practices are designed not only to meet but exceed industry standards. Some of these practices include:

  • Building security
  • User/server-level security
  • Secure data standards
  • Secure data archival options
  • Document security
  • Employee training

Targeted Direct Mail for Auto Finance and Car Dealerships

Elevate your auto finance marketing strategy with our targeted direct mail services designed to capture the attention of potential customers and showcase new services to your existing borrower base. When it comes to vehicle financing, our direct mailers are tailored to communicate lease terms, exclusive offers, and finance programs, directly addressing individuals in search of special deals for their next vehicle.

Auto Finance Direct Mail Service Offerings:

  • Engaging postcards
  • Persuasive marketing letters
  • Dynamic variable data printing services
  • Targeted mailing lists
  • Strategic online retargeting and digital marketing automation
  • User-friendly online dashboard for campaign tracking

Our data-driven, end-to-end multichannel direct marketing solution seamlessly integrates with robust digital marketing efforts, ensuring exceptional results. Experience a 100% automated process with precisely curated promotional activities to expand your marketing reach, complemented by comprehensive attribution in an online dashboard for enhanced visibility and tracking.

Explore the possibilities of our advanced direct mail and auto finance marketing campaigns by visiting our dedicated marketing services division, Splash.

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example of an auto finance statement mailed at FSSI

Speak with an Auto Finance Industry Specialist

Our cutting-edge processes and technology empower us to ensure 100% data-to-document integrity and precision at every stage. Whether you’re reaching out to specific clients or enhancing your overall communication strategy, we can assist your auto finance company in generating impactful documents that drive action and deliver a strong return on investment. Let us support your auto finance business in securely processing:

  • Auto finance statements
  • Strategic marketing communications
  • Tax-related documents
  • Electronic statements (eStatements)
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Multichannel direct mail campaigns and more!

The auto finance industry is more competitive than ever. Give your company an advantage today with a full-service print and mail solution from FSSI designed for auto lenders. Contact us online or call us at 714.436.3300 for a no-obligation consultation.