When it comes to print and mail outsourcing, you may have questions or want to learn more. We understand. Below are valuable resources and information to help guide you in your outsourcing journey. On this page, you’ll find:

FSSI “About Us” Video – See Us in Action! 

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the FSSI print production and mailing facility. See all the passionate people and cutting-edge technology that goes into every print and mail project that enters our facility. 

Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Whitepaper Icon

The Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Print-Mail Production

Whether you’re new to outsourcing or just need more data to help finalize your decision, our special report will weigh in on the operational and technical considerations of this widely used cost-saving strategy (and present some benefits you may not have thought of!).

Truth About Conversions Whitepaper Icon

The Truth About Conversions 

Get an inside look into what happens once you partner with a print-mail provider (it isn’t as intimidating as it seems!). We’ll provide behind-the-scenes conversion tips to accomplish a painless data conversion process and ensure a smooth journey from beginning to end. 

Moving to Color Whitepaper Icon

Moving to Color 

When it comes to your customer communications, should you move to full color? Color can increase response rates, customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand awareness. Learn how this change can make your documents more aesthetically pleasing while you become more competitive (and how easy it is to do!). 

Client Case Studies


Exeter Finance Corporation optimized operations by partnering with FSSI for outsourced print and mail solutions. Redirecting resources from non-core functions to core competencies, Exeter leveraged FSSI’s expertise, scalability, and technology to streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance customer service offerings. This strategic move fostered innovation, solidified Exeter’s customer-centric approach, and drove sustainable growth in the competitive auto finance industry.

Union Bank and Trust (UBT)

UBT sought solutions to educate families about the need to increase their Bright Directions investment, and ensure they were saving enough to pay for the student’s education. Looking for a creative solution to persuade plan holders to recognize the shortfall and increase their contributions, UBT turned to FSSI.

The ePresentment Power of eStreamone and Solimar’s SOLsearcher Enterprise

Today’s consumers expect an omnichannel approach to their bills and statements. Studies continue to show that a significant percentage of consumers want to receive paper documents and want to access that same information through a mobile app or online through a secure portal. The change in customer behaviors and technological improvements led FSSI to develop those solutions for their customers, resulting in eStreamOne for ePresentment.

To meet customer demand for increased ePresentment capabilities and services, FSSI developed its eStreamOne platform powered by Solimar’s SOLsearcher Enterprise (SSE). With eStreamOne, they can deliver millions of statements electronically from an archive now reaching more than 1 billion images.

United WestLabs Case Study

Rising costs and operational challenges to meet deadlines, United WestLabs wanted to focus on their area of expertise, healthcare services and partner with an expert to outsource print and mail production.

Trane Showcases FSSI Energy Initiative in Global Success Story

In support of FSSI’s ongoing sustainability commitment, FSSI partnered with Trane to implement energy upgrades that resulted in a safer, more comfortable, more energy-efficient workplace. Read about the measures and ROI that led Trane to feature FSSI in its global marketing materials (and on its Commercial Innovation web page).

FSSI Featured in Pitney Bowes Partner Case Study

We enlisted a longstanding partner, Pitney Bowes, to assist in an internal efficiency initiative, resulting in a customized deployment of the company’s industry-leading Presort Services. The program’s success led to FSSI being featured in a Pitney Bowes Partner Success Story.

FSSI’s High-Volume Letter Automation Restores Accuracy, Efficiency for National Student Loan Provider 

Read how letterStreamOne™, FSSI’s dynamic letter correspondence solution, saved time, reduced labor costs and improved document security for a leading student-loan servicing company.

Application Briefs

Auto Finance

In today’s booming auto market, focus on what truly drives growth: exceptional customer service. We streamline your print and mail operations, saving you time and money while ensuring on-time deliveries and regulatory compliance, so you can focus on what matters most – happy customers.

Personalized Maps

Businesses understand the impact of crafting unique, personalized interactions that resonate with individual consumer needs. Enter FSSI’s revolutionary Personalized Map Technology, a game-changer in capturing attention and delivering a memorable brand experience.

Pest Control

Pest control companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of reallocating resources from non-core functions, such as print and mail, to their core strengths – serving their customers and growing their business. See how we’ve helped pest control companies improve monthly mailings.

Print-Mail Guides

Getting Started Outsourcing Guide

Spiral Notebook with a commercial printing facility breakdown.

The Ultimate Guide to the USPS

USPS Ultimate Guide Header.

How to Choose the Best Print and Mail Vendor

Person crossing of checklist that says ten tips.

The Types of Documents we Process at FSSI

Examples of statements bills direct mail pieces.

Communications Grow Guide

Grow Guide Thumbnail.


Glossary of Printing and Design Terminology 

print terms glossary header image

Glossary of Mailing Terminology 

postal terms glossary header


FSSI knowledgestream Icon

knowledgeStream, FSSI’s integrated learning portal, is an exclusive educational resource for FSSI clients and staff to attain knowledge, skills and technical certifications (LSO, MSO and WSO) that enable them to grow and excel today, and throughout their professional careers.

Through a structured curriculum of certifications, educational webinars, videos, presentations, live demos and other content:

  • Clients learn to create, manage and optimize workflow processes with little or no support 
  • FSSI staff can perfect their technical skills to continue providing an exceptional level of service and support 

(Note: You will need login credentials to access the certification exams and other content. Contact your Client Services rep for assistance.)