Insurance Outsourcing FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions About Outsourcing Print and Mail for Insurance Companies.

What are the benefits of outsourcing print and mail services for insurance companies?

Outsourcing your printing and mailing needs allows you to eliminate the stress and costs associated with in-house document production, freeing up resources for core business activities. This streamlining of efforts maximizes operational efficiency, optimizing workflows and achieving greater productivity. Additionally, our strategic document composition ensures your documents are clear, concise, and effective, maximizing their value and impact.

You benefit from the industry’s best design techniques for layout, branding, messaging, and marketing, guaranteeing visually appealing and impactful documents. Finally, outsourcing provides full transparency through in-depth workflow tracking and real-time reporting, granting complete visibility into the entire process and enabling informed decision-making.

By choosing our compliant print, mail, and electronic services, you can reduce risk, avoid penalties, and increase production efficiency with accurate and timely delivery, minimizing the risk of errors and penalties. Your insurance companies can also benefit from access to the latest print and mail technology and the expertise of experienced mailing service providers like FSSI (with nearly 45 years of industry experience and long-standing vendor relationships).

How can outsourcing print and mail help insurance companies streamline their operations?

It’s all about streamlining efforts and maximizing efficiency. Outsourcing print and mail services can help insurance companies streamline their operations by taking over the time-consuming and complex tasks involved in producing and mailing crucial insurance documents. This can free up your staff time to focus on other, more critical tasks, and improve overall workflow efficiency.

The reallocation of resources helps employees focus on more core competencies, such as customer acquisition and retention – increasing revenue and benefitting your bottom line – while you have the peace of mind that your documents are produced accurately, delivered on time and tracked with proven, audit-ready processes.  

Insurance companies often outsource a variety of types of insurance documents in order to streamline their operations, reduce administrative costs, and improve the speed and accuracy of their communications with policyholders. Some of the most common types of insurance documents that are outsourced include:

  • Monthly policy billing statements
  • Insurance claim forms
  • policy cancellation notices
  • renewal declaration and ID cards
  • Policy reinstatement notices
  • Explanation of Benefit (EOB) statements
  • Marketing messaging or inserts
  • eDocuments and eNotifications

Customer correspondence – such as letters, statements, and other communications – is the most important aspect of an insurance company’s operations. Outsourcing providers, such as FSSI, can print and mail these documents (and deliver them electronically), which can help your insurance company improve the speed and accuracy of your customer communications and reduce administrative costs – while helping you stay 100% compliant.

How do you ensure the confidentiality and security of sensitive insurance information during the print and mail process?

Confidentiality and security are a top priority when it comes to handling sensitive insurance information. Insurance companies look to outsourcing partners like FSSI, because we have robust security protocols in place, including secure data storage, encrypted communications, and strict access controls. Your insurance company should also verify that the outsourcing partner is fully compliant with industry regulations regarding the handling of sensitive information.

At FSSI, secure data handling and privacy, building security and business continuity are at the core of our business operations – from secure data transmission protocols and archival to key cards, security cameras and restricted access as well as in-depth employee security training and practices.

How can insurance companies monitor and track their print and mail projects while outsourcing?

Insurance companies can monitor and track their print and mail projects while outsourcing by establishing clear communication and reporting protocols with their outsourcing partner. This may include regular status updates, performance metrics such as SLAs, and 24/7 access to workflow tracking.

Additionally, insurance companies can perform regular audits and assessments of the outsourcing relationship to ensure that their print and mail operations are being handled effectively and efficiently. It’s important for insurance companies to have a clear understanding of the outsourcing process and be able to monitor progress in real-time to ensure that their print and mail projects are on track and meeting their expectations.

FSSI provides an inside look into the entire document workflow process with the highest level of job-monitoring, web-based tracking and reporting capabilities in one convenient and intuitive portal. Your insurance company will have complete transparency across all stages of production, with immediate access to real-time data and in-depth reporting. Plus, you have a dedicated Client Services Account Representative (AR) as your main point of contact, so you’ll have regular updates and communication every step of the way.

How can the quality of print and mail output be ensured when outsourcing?

Ensuring quality in outsourced print and mail services requires careful selection and management. Thorough research and choosing a reputable provider with a proven track record are crucial. Clearly communicating project requirements and expectations upfront, along with reviewing their work samples and references, sets the stage for success. Maintaining open communication and providing regular feedback throughout the project ensures your standards are met. Understanding the provider’s quality control processes offers additional peace of mind. By actively managing these aspects, you can guarantee a successful outcome when outsourcing print and mail services.

When you choose FSSI, you gain a dedicated team, including a Client Services Account Representative as your main point of contact, project coordinators, developers, and production managers, all working together to support your success from onboarding and conversion to production and delivery.

How does outsourced print and mail impact lead times and delivery?

Outsourcing print and mail services can positively impact lead times and delivery in several ways. Outsourcing to a specialized provider can help to streamline the printing and mailing process, reduce errors, and improve efficiency, which can lead to faster lead times and more accurate deliveries.

Additionally, outsourcing providers often have access to the latest technologies and equipment, which can speed up the production process and reduce the time required for printing and mailing. Efficiency is key. When you step into FSSI’s facility, you’ll find a strategically-designed production environment, with the set-up, processes and procedures to facilitate quick and accurate job completion. From cutting-edge digital inkjet printers to streamlined inserting and finishing capabilities, the production pieces are aligned for the on-time processing and delivery of your critical documents.

Can FSSI handle variable data printing and personalized direct mail marketing campaigns?

Yes, FSSI has the capabilities to handle high-volume variable data printing and personalized marketing campaigns. Variable data printing involves printing customized content, graphics and imagery on each piece of mail based on the recipient’s information, such as name, address or other demographic data as well as purchase history, personal events, appointment reminders, etc. Personalized marketing campaigns use this same concept to target specific customers with relevant, personalized marketing messages and offers.

These techniques can significantly improve the effectiveness of a marketing campaign and increase response rates. If you’re looking to outsource print and mail services, learn how FSSI’s marketing personalization can help you elevate your communication efforts – with a data-driven strategy that speaks to your customers on a one-to-one basis.

Need savvy direct mail services? Splash, FSSI’s Direct Mail and Marketing Services Division, serves as an extension of your own marketing efforts and opens the door to cutting-edge direct response and marketing capabilities. You’ll find all-inclusive services that include data analysis, list processing, creative design, personalized messaging and in-depth measurement – in addition to advanced marketing technologies and strategies.

What is the onboarding process like for insurance companies looking to outsource print and mail?

For insurance companies considering the transition to print and mail outsourcing, FSSI offers a seamless onboarding process tailored to their unique needs. The initial consultation delves into specific requirements, ensuring a smooth integration into FSSI’s established processes. A dedicated team then guides the insurance company through every step, from receiving test data and defining technical needs to creating sample outputs and setting up portal accounts. This comprehensive approach, with clear communication and ongoing support at every stage, minimizes disruptions and guarantees a successful transition.

Whether you’re new to outsourcing or seeking a better solution, FSSI leverages over 40 years of experience to provide 100% customized print and mail services for the insurance industry. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation or a personalized demo showcasing how FSSI’s solutions can streamline your policyholder communications.

New to print and mail outsourcing or need a better outsourcing solution? FSSI brings nearly 45 years of document outsourcing experience, combining best-in-class technology with 100% customized print and mail services – including long-standing expertise in the insurance industry.  Call 714-436-3300 for a no-obligation consultation, or contact an insurance specialist today. We can even provide a customized demo that shows FSSI’s proprietary solutions in action and the benefits for your policyholder communications.  

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