HIPAA Compliant Printing and Mailing

We offer HIPAA compliant document processing and mailing to help you securely communicate with patients. We print and mail patient statements, bills, and other notices.

Healthcare Printing Services

HIPAA Compliant Statement Printing and Mailing Services

In the age of the Affordable Care Act (ACE), both healthcare providers, and health insurance companies are under tremendous pressure to do more with less. The medical industry faces initiatives to cut per-capita costs while at the same time improving the quality of care and improving the patient billing experience. This is extremely difficult to make happen. To help address some of these challenges both care providers and health insurance firms are outsourcing the production of their sensitive patient documents to outsourcing vendors like FSSI.

We offer end-to-end printing and mailing solutions starting from the raw data all the way to electronic delivery if required, the status of each individual document can be tracked in real-time online 24/7. All backed by HIPAA certified privacy and data security practices.

FSSI’s secure print and mail solution for healthcare providers can help your hospital, clinic, medical practice, health insurance, or government agency accelerate the revenue cycle and reduce the cost of printing and mailing time-sensitive patient statements and other healthcare documents. This includes those related to patient billing statements, payment and patient education.

With nearly 40 years of healthcare printing expertise, FSSI is a trusted outsource provider whose solutions can reduce production costs, stimulate collections, and comply with emerging regulations. Contact FSSI today and request a no-obligation HIPAA compliant patient communications solution demo.

Types of Healthcare Documents We Process and Deliver

  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • Explanation of Coverage (EOC)
  • Patient billing & statements
  • Patient letters & notices
  • Medical bill statement inserts
  • Patient or physician mailers

Compliant Patient Communications for the Medical Industry

FSSI offers more than just medical statement printing services, we offer a complete HIPAA compliant patient communications platform. We offer patient statement printing, mailing, data processing, and document management. What makes us different from other print vendors in the healthcare industry is that we offer in-house graphic design and development, full electronic presentment including mobile, email, and SMS, and a variety of personalized integrated marketing features. Some features include:

Patient statement printing and mailing: Includes processing, custom document design, and formatting and accurate, production output from our HIPAA certified facility.

letterStreamOne™: Our exclusive, web-based letter template management solution that enables healthcare teams to create and update time-sensitive patient documents in MS-Word®, and link to FSSI’s digital printing-and-fulfillment center for high-quality production. Experience 100% data-to-delivery, with complete hierarchical control over approvals, revisions and version tracking. Ideal for creating collections letters that stimulate remittance and enhance your revenue cycle.

workStreamOne™: An industry-leading online print-job monitoring and workflow reporting tool that lets healthcare teams approve files, view real-time job status, and monitor inventory/postage levels, 24/7; export matrix for ad-hoc reporting, data mining or analysis.

Secure Compliance: Our online, real-time document tracking and reporting solution that provides a record of healthcare billing production and delivery, while reporting the disposition and location of every mailpiece produced by FSSI.

eStreamOne™: A flexible, best-in-class electronic bill presentment and payment solution offering an impressive choice of format and remittance options, including: PDF presentment with optional HTML summary; highly personalized messages and dynamic graphics; from their electronic bill, patients may choose to pay online, with a credit card, debit card, or ACH.

Multichannel Medical Bill Printing (Print, Email, SMS)

Text messages can be the quickest and most effective way to reach your customers. One of the biggest benefits of text messages is that they have the highest engagement rates of any channel. Staying compliant with text message regulations and maintaining patient confidentiality is important in any industry but is even more important in the healthcare industry.

We comply with the latest text message regulations for every SMS we send. We are proud to be a HIPAA compliant medical statement printing provider. Learn more about our secure SMS text message services designed for the healthcare industry. If HIPAA compliance is important to your communication strategy, contact us to schedule a demo to see how easy SMS text messages can be implemented into your communication strategies.

See how United West Labs used FSSI’s healthcare print-mail services to lower its mailing, postage, leasing and labor costs. Read the case study.

Medical Statement Printing Outsourcing Consultation

Stay competitive in an industry that’s getting tougher to manage compliance every day. Learn more about our healthcare printing solutions, HIPAA compliant mailing services, and personalized marketing for healthcare providers and insurance agencies. Speak with a healthcare printing specialist for a no-obligation consultation or review of your outgoing patient communications strategies.