Credit Union Printing and Mailing Services

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FSSI’s full-service statement printing and mailing solutions can help your credit union increase effectiveness and ROI while improving member retention.

Whether you serve a local, regional or national member base, FSSI can tailor a statement processing solution to fit the needs of your credit union. Through attention-getting color, eye-catching graphics and targeted messaging, we create inviting, easy-to-read printed or digital content that builds member trust by speaking to their unique informational needs and interests.

Print and Mail Services Include:

  • Statement processing
  • Marketing letters and direct mail
  • eStatements and electronic bill presentment
  • Variable data printing
  • In-house design and development team
  • 24/7 reporting and workflow management

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Take a deeper look at our credit union statement processing and mailing solutions.

What Types of Member Documents Are Mailed at FSSI?

Our credit union mailing solutions were designed with the needs of credit unions and their members in mind. Statement processing solutions include the design, production and delivery of both transactional and marketing-related member documents, including:

  • Deposit, draft, savings or combined bank statements
  • Compliance letters and notices
  • Credit card statements
  • Auto loan, line of credit and mortgage statements
  • Annual tax forms
  • Privacy mailings
  • Loan offer letters
  • Welcome letters or packages
  • Special fulfillment packages
  • Direct mail with fully automated digital integration
  • Loan documentation mailings

Credit Union member statements and letters

Statement Outsourcing for Credit Unions

With nearly 45 years of experience serving financial institutions, FSSI offers a comprehensive suite of print and mail services. From transactional to marketing communications, our services include design, formatting, data processing, production and delivery. Transform ordinary statements into powerful promotional tools with our integrated marketing solutions.

Full-Service Outsourced Document Printing for Credit Unions

FSSI combines proven mail-and-marketing know-how with customized application programming to deliver cost-effective document mailing service options that can stimulate your financial institution’s growth and strengthen relationships and improve member engagement and retention. Examples include:

Document Design and Production

  • Document redesign and layout composition
  • Full-color digital inkjet printing
  • Inline check images with statements
  • Online links to check-image repositories

Mail Handling and Inserting

  • Optimized postage and envelope costs
  • Co-mingling and inline postal sorting
  • Selective insertions based on data-driven variables
  • Return Mail solutions to help manage undeliverable mail.

Value-Added Features and Services

  • Personalized, targeted messages and imagery
  • eNotifications (email and text messages)
  • Personalized URLS (PURLs)
  • In-line envelope printing
  • Multichannel direct mail marketing campaigns
  • 24/7 online workflow and job approval dashboard

Integration with Existing Credit Union Data Providers

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FSSI’s comprehensive and advanced solutions for seamlessly blend with all leading credit union data providers and platforms, including Jack Henry & Associates. These integrations help streamline and optimize the process of delivering critical communications and ensuring the efficient and accurate dissemination of information.

a list of electronic bill presentment solutions at FSSI

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eStatement Services

Are you looking to increase eStatement adoption? When customers opt-in for eStatements, your financial institution saves money on printing and mailing paper statements.

FSSI’s eStatement processing services help you improve the layout, design and readability of your eStatements and electronic documents. Drive more customers with electronic delivery and improve the customer experience for your existing eStatement customers.

Our robust electronic statement services offer a variety of enhancements and add-ons to your eStatement program. Some of our enhancements include:

  • API, single sign-on and fully-hosted online portals
  • Electronic notifications and payment integrations
  • Client-facing online reporting dashboard
  • Dedicated account representative and project manager
  • Savvy preference management for SMS, text and email notifications

Utilize custom electronic presentment services, including eStatements, SMS text messages, and mobile payment integration. We have in-house graphic designers and developers to help optimize and get your communications to the market fast. You can also leverage the power of personalization on both transactional and marketing-related documents.

Regulatory Compliant Data Security and Privacy Practices

Government regulations from the FDIC, the CFPB, and other regulatory bodies governing local and federal credit unions are always changing. We maintain and constantly update our technological and physical security and data privacy practices. Protecting personally identifiable information and sensitive member data is critical to us and the financial institutions we serve.

At FSSI, data security and privacy as well as business continuity and disaster recovery are at the core of what we do. We pass annual SOC 2 audits and are HIPAA compliant in both our Santa Ana, California and Coppell, Texas print and mail facilities. Some of our security practices include:

  • Building security
  • User/server-level security
  • Secure data standards
  • Secure data archival options
  • Document security
  • Employee training

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Credit Union Direct Mail Marketing: Connect with Members, Drive Growth

Direct mail marketing remains a powerful tool for credit unions, offering a personal touch that resonates with members. In today’s digital age, where inboxes overflow with emails and ads bombard screens, direct mail cuts through the clutter, delivering your message directly to your target audience.

Effective Direct Mail Solutions for Financial Institutions

We specialize in direct mail marketing services tailored for credit unions. With extensive experience handling sensitive financial data, we prioritize security and privacy throughout the entire process. From postcards to letters and beyond, your financial mailings are in safe hands.

Our Comprehensive Credit Union Direct Mail Services:

  • Letters: Personalized communication that builds trust and loyalty.
  • Postcards: Eye-catching and cost-effective for targeted campaigns.
  • Variable Data Printing: Tailor each piece for maximum engagement.
  • Mailing Lists: Reach the right audience with precision targeting.
  • Online Retargeting: Extend your campaign’s reach online.
  • Marketing Automation: Streamline your multi-channel efforts.
  • Online Dashboard: Track results and optimize for success.

Data-Driven Direct Mail That Delivers

Our approach goes beyond traditional mailings. We integrate your direct mail campaign with digital marketing strategies, creating a multi-channel powerhouse that maximizes results. Our automated processes take the burden off your team, allowing you to focus on what matters most – serving your members.

Our online dashboard provides complete visibility into campaign performance, so you can track results and make data-driven decisions.

Grow Your Member Acquisition and Growth with Direct Mail

Ready to harness the power of direct mail marketing for your credit union? Contact our team today to learn how we can help you connect with members, promote your services, and achieve your growth goals.

We understand the unique needs of credit unions and are committed to helping you succeed.

If you are looking to learn more about our advanced direct mail marketing campaigns, visit our Direct Mail and Marketing Services Division, Splash.

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No-Obligation Credit Union Statement Printing and Mailing Consultation

Our secure processes and technology enable us to provide 100% data-to-document integrity and output accuracy at every step. We can even help you reach specific members with impactful member documents that generate action and ROI. Let us help your credit union securely process:

  • Member statements
  • Marketing communications
  • Tax forms
  • eStatements
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Multichannel direct mail campaigns
  • And more!

Contact us online or call us at (714) 436-3300 today for a no-obligation consultation, to schedule a product demo or a review of your existing member documents.