Financial Printing and Mailing Services

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FSSI is a full-service financial printing and mailing company, processing millions of statements, invoices, checks, regulatory documents and marketing mailers for consumer finance companies. Our customizable solutions help you streamline the complexities of sending transactional documents and direct mail campaigns.

With a commitment to precision, confidentiality, and efficiency, FSSI specializes in delivering all your financial document needs, ensuring that regular and time-critical financial documents not only meet strict quality and delivery mandates but also make information and payment instructions more intelligible and easier to read.

Print and Mail Services Include:

  • Statement processing
  • eStatements and online banking portals
  • Direct mail and other mail marketing services
  • Statement redesign
  • SMS text messages
  • Data processing
  • In-house development team
  • eDelivery and eNotifications
  • End-of-year tax forms

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Take a deeper look at our statement processing and mailing solutions.

What Types of Financial Documents Are Processed at FSSI?

Your institution requires accurate and compliant consumer finance communications. Realize the benefits of outsourcing loan documents, financial statements, invoices, and regulatory letters to an experienced print-mail service provider. You’ll experience the ROI of partnering with FSSI for these and other financial documentation:

  • Credit card statements, invoices and coupons
  • Annual reports and compliance documents
  • Registration statements
  • Collection letters
  • Adverse action letters
  • Direct mail postcards and marketing letters
  • Privacy notices
  • Credit risk disclosure notices
  • Customer welcome packets

Trusted Financial Statement Processing

With more than four decades of dedicated service to leading financial institutions and renowned brands, FSSI has an unparalleled depth of expertise in addressing the demanding requirements surrounding the secure printing and mailing of bank and credit card statements, loan documents and other business-critical documents containing PII within today’s fiercely competitive and heavily regulated landscape.

While many other financial printing companies merely offer generic, one-size-fits-all statement printing and mailing solutions, FSSI takes a different approach. We understand that each client has unique goals and budget considerations. Our statement printing and mailing solutions are fully customizable to align seamlessly with your distinctive goals and financial parameters.

Partner with FSSI to improve the way you communicate with your customers and manage financial document delivery.

Scalable Communication Plan:

  • Specialized in the highly regulated consumer lending industry
  • Compliance-ready and secure
  • Personalized to offer value-added solutions tailored to your firm’s unique communications and marketing goals

Benefits of Outsourcing for the Financial Services Industry

  • Lower processing costs compared to producing financial documents in-house
  • No need for capital investments in new equipment or technology
  • Free up company resources for core business activities
  • Individual mailpiece tracking capabilities
  • We provide full transparency over your document processing, allowing you to outsource without giving up control.

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Value-Added Financial Printing Solutions

The reality is that most consumer finance companies need more than just simple financial printing and mailing services. For that reason, FSSI offers a full suite of exclusive, integrated multichannel delivery and marketing solutions, including:

  • Real-time document tracking & reporting —Seamlessly view date and time stamps for each unique consumer document you send – from file receipt at FSSI, through carrier delivery to the intended recipient. You’ll have an accurate, verifiable record of the disposition and location of every unique mailpiece. Flexible delivery options include USPS First Class, Express and Certified Mail and commercial delivery from FedEx and UPS.
  • Compliance letter & notice management —Securely create, revise, approve and store document templates online, anytime using Microsoft Word®. FSSI’s compliance and tracking tools work together to do more. Your high-volume correspondence efforts become easier with less redundancy and greater control.
  • Statement redesign & targeted messaging – With FSSI, consumer finance companies enjoy a virtually unlimited combination of choices for engaging design. We offer targeted messaging, whitespace management and other response-generating enhancements – even if you send print-ready data, such as PDFs or PostScript.
  • Direct mail services for the financial industry – Regulatory compliance is important for financial services companies, and we have over 40 years of experience in handling sensitive financial information. We apply that same data-handling expertise to the direct mail industry. Whether you are sending out postcards, letters, or any other type of direct mailers, you can expect the same level of data privacy and security.

eStatement Services

Interested in improving your eStatement and electronic bill services? Switching or improving eStatements can save your financial institution money compared to traditional paper statements.

FSSI’s eStatement solutions enhance the format and clarity of electronic documents, attracting more customers and improving the user experience for current users. Our services include:

  1. Simplified management through API integration and online portals.
  2. Convenient eNotifications and secure payment options.
  3. Real-time analytics for your customers.
  4. Personalized support from our consultants.
  5. Versatile communication options through SMS, email, and alerts.

Take advantage of FSSI’s complete electronic bill solutions, including eStatements, SMS notifications, and mobile payments. Our in-house team ensures quick and efficient electronic communication deployment, offering customized content for both transactional and promotional documents.

data security and privacy practices at fssi

Ironclad Data Security and Privacy

Government regulations from agencies like the FDIC, CFPB, and other local and federal financial regulation oversight bodies are in a constant state of evolution. Ensuring the utmost security and data privacy is paramount in our commitment to safeguarding personally identifiable information and sensitive member data for both our clients and their customers.

At FSSI, our core values revolve around data security, privacy, business continuity, and disaster recovery. We adhere to stringent standards, successfully passing annual SOC 2 audits and achieving HIPAA compliance in our Santa Ana, California, and Coppell, Texas print and mail facilities. Our robust security practices encompass:

  • Comprehensive building security: We employ rigorous measures to protect physical access to our facilities.
  • User/server level security: Our systems are fortified to safeguard against unauthorized access at every level.
  • Adherence to secure data standards: We maintain strict adherence to industry-leading secure data standards.
  • Secure data archival options: Data archiving is handled with the utmost care to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.
  • Document security: Our protocols guarantee the secure handling and processing of all documents.
  • Employee training: Keeping staff well-versed and vigilant in security best practices is a priority at FSSI, from properly handling emails to staying safe online. Regular training via KnowBe4® encompasses relevant security awareness and online cybersecurity topics.

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Financial Direct Mail Services

Unlock the power of data-driven, end-to-end multichannel direct marketing with our financial direct mail services. We understand the unique needs of the financial industry, and our comprehensive solution is designed to elevate your marketing campaigns to new heights.

  • Postcards: Grab your audience’s attention with eye-catching visuals and compelling messaging on high-impact postcards.
  • Letters: Craft personalized and persuasive messages that resonate with your target audience.
  • Variable data printing: Tailor your marketing materials to each recipient for a truly personalized experience.
  • Mailing lists: Access targeted, up-to-date mailing lists to reach the right prospects.
  • Online retargeting and digital marketing automation: Seamlessly integrate direct mail with digital marketing to maximize your campaign’s reach and effectiveness.
  • Online dashboard for campaign tracking: Gain real-time visibility into your campaign’s performance with our user-friendly online dashboard.

Our direct mail marketing solutions offer an automated process that takes care of every detail, ensuring your campaigns are executed flawlessly. We deploy the right promotional strategies to extend your marketing reach and engage your audience effectively.

Track the success of your campaigns with full attribution through our online dashboard, providing you with the insights you need to make informed marketing decisions.

If you’re ready to explore the potential of advanced direct mail marketing campaigns tailored to the financial industry, visit our direct mail and marketing services division, Splash to learn more. Elevate your marketing efforts and achieve higher ROI than using the power of marketing automation.

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No-Obligation Consumer Financial Document Consultation

Our cutting-edge processes and technology empower us to maintain 100% data-to-document integrity and precision throughout the entire process.

We specialize in assisting financial services organizations, including consumer finance firms, in securely processing essential documents that not only maintain compliance but also drive member engagement and ROI. Allow us to assist your financial services institution in securely managing:

  • Customer statements
  • Targeted marketing communications
  • Tax-related documents
  • Electronic statements (eStatements)
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Multichannel direct mail campaigns

Whether you’re interested in exploring our financial printing services or seeking to enhance your existing customer statements, we invite you to get in touch. Contact us online or reach us at 714.436.3300 today for a no-obligation consultation, to schedule a product demonstration, or to review your current member document strategies. Your success in the financial services industry is our priority.