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Image: examples of certified mail.

The Benefits of Certified Mail: An Ultimate Guide

FSSI logo FSSI on February 21, 2024

In today's fast-paced digital era, where communication is predominantly conducted through emails, messaging apps, and online platforms, the value of physical mail may sometimes be overlooked. However, there are situations where the importance of reliable, trackable, and secure delivery cannot be understated....

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Image: piggy bank with postage stamps with money bags.

Postal Optimization Guide: How to Reduce Postage Costs

FSSI logo FSSI on January 10, 2024

How to Optimize Your Mailing Practices and Lower Your Postal Rates Your ultimate goal as a mailing service provider is to get the lowest possible postage rates for your customers. There are many readily available ways to save on your postage and mailing costs without sacrificing the design of your mailpiece...

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Image: postal terms glossary header.

Postal Terms Glossary and USPS Acronyms

FSSI logo FSSI on March 7, 2019

123 | A | B | C | D |E | F | G | H | I |J | | K | L| M | | N | O | P | Q |R | S | T | U |V | W | X | Y | Z As a trusted expert in high-volume print and mail outsourcing, FSSI has developed a deep understanding of the complex USPS and mailing terminology over our nearly 45 years of industry experience. We...

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