Marketing Automation: Increase Your Lead Generation

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Marketing Automation for Businesses

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a fully integrated software technology that marketers use to streamline and systemize complex marketing systems. Marketing automation software helps by automating repetitive tasks and opens up multiple communication channels. As a result, optimized marketing processes increase efficiency, lead generation, and therefore revenues. The level at which your company automates marketing tasks will depend on your company’s individual needs. Save hundreds of hours by automating simple marketing tasks.

Utilizing marketing automation tools and software is a must to help your company’s marketing strategy remain competitive. Companies, especially those in the financial industry who aren't using marketing automation are getting left behind. Some financial institutions and other financial services companies have used automation to free up company resources. This has allowed them to focus on their messaging and branding instead of technical details. Don't let repetitive marketing tasks slow down your marketing objectives. We will be discussing marketing automation software and best practices. See how marketing automation can give your company a competitive advantage. Increase lead generation, add greater levels of personalization and increase overall efficiency.

Some examples of fully integrated marketing automation software are:


Hubspot is a web-based all-in-one marketing software platform that offers marketing automation as well as additional website management and blogs services that promote your company’s marketing strategy. Along with reasonable prices, Hubspot offers a free trial that allows you to get a feel for their software without having to put forth an initial investment.


Marketo is a web-based all-in-one marketing software platform. Users can utilize marketing automation software along with additional services including email and mobile marketing to support their marketing campaign. Marketo promotes itself as being user-friendly, customizable, and well suited for companies that are midsize to enterprise level.


Silverpop is a marketing automation software that is linked to the IBM Marketing Cloud. The software itself is a cloud-based digital marketing provider. The IBM Marketing cloud offers additional services including email marketing and mobile engagement solutions. Silverpop lends itself well to businesses of all sizes including freelancers. It is also used globally, which is especially useful if your business is international.


Pardot is a business to business (B2B) automation software by Salesforce. It is a better fit for enterprise-level companies that do business with other companies and not for individual consumers. Pardot gives users access to Salesforce’s CRM and promotes a shorter sales cycle and enlarged market share.

Choosing the Right Marketing Automation Software

Choosing the best suited fully integrated marketing automation software for your company will require in-depth research. But the investment of time and money will be well worth the return. Marketing automation software really offers users the luxury of utilizing data to its fullest potential. The software analyzes and stores consumer data you need to respond appropriately and in real time. Let marketing automation assist in dealing with every prospect and consumer individually.  Consequently, you'll achieve overall increased lead generation, greater levels of customization and improved efficiency within your company.

What are the Advantages of Marketing Automation?

Increased Lead Generation

Marketing automation is a great way to save time on tasks that require constant communication for leads. This includes promoting new deals on your website, sharing newly posted blogs, or simply tracking the interests of your target audience. Marketing Automation Engagement technology can increase lead generation for your company by tracking and connecting individually with visitors to your website. Lead nurturing keeps track of each individual targeted consumer. Likewise, it is almost impossible to keep track of these leads manually. However, automation software stores all contacts and interactions in order to generate a custom experience for each individual interaction. Individually targeting each consumer opens the door for greater opportunities to increase customer engagement by utilizing highly personalized messages to boost your company’s return on investment (ROI).

Greater Levels of Customization

Highly personalized and dynamic messages produce a much higher response rate than static general messages. We can automate these messages using marketing automation software. All data is saved and then segmented into different lists for real-time automated responses. List segmentation performed by your automated solution keeps an updated log of all your current and prospective leads and will make the difference for an effective strategy for email marketing promotions and email drip campaigns. Next, you can segment lists into groups. You can break down customers by buying habits, history with the company, industry background or other groupings that would satisfy your company’s intent. It is very important for you to keep your data list updated if you don’t want your budget being wasted on uninterested consumers and hurting your ROI.

Improve Your Overall Efficiency

For most companies, resources and time are at a premium. Marketing automation enables you to stay competitive by freeing up your company’s resources and team to provide improved customer service. This means more time for individual lead nurturing and improved follow-up for all your current and prospective customers. The result of this is extra time, money and manpower that would otherwise be spent on manually gathering data give your company an edge.

Marketing automation cannot write your campaign message for you. Next, you have to hone the message and brand you are selling. Your automation software is always working for you in the background. Consistently, updated customer lists built by automation enable you to know exactly who to advertise to so you spend your company’s budget wisely. Consequently, optimized targeting equals higher ROI. Every marketing team needs to arm themselves with the automation solutions that will propel their performance in order to increase sales without increasing workload.


Don’t have an internal marketing team and find the process of finding the right automation solution daunting? Not to worry, outsourcing your company’s marketing is always an option. FSSI is a technology company with 35+ years of experience and is a print solutions specialist. FSSI can design a marketing automation solution that best fits your company and objectives. In addition, we also provide secure data processing and storage. No need to bring in a third party for printing and mailing the highly personalized marketing built from your customer data. Let FSSI print and mail all your marketing material so you can go back to doing what you do best.