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FSSI Website Design Evolution Over the Years

FSSI logo Michael Ouellet on February 14, 2022

Computer showing the FSSI log on the screen.

The internet we experience today is so entwined into modern-day life that it’s almost hard to remember a time when it was just in its infancy. January 1st, 1983, is widely considered the official birthday of the internet. Since then, almost two decades have passed with the internet changing dramatically – and changing right along with it has been the FSSI website. 

This blog takes a journey through the FSSI website’s history, exploring the archives of our site between the years 1998-2022. Just like everyone’s old yearbook photos, our website’s design elements and capabilities are a fun reflection of what was cutting-edge in the year of each redesign, a true ‘sign of the times.’

Below, we have provided points of interest and archive links so you can click ‘back-in-time’ and explore them for yourself.

Explore the Website from 1998-2022

Humble Beginnings – 1998

FSSI Website Screenshot 1998.

Archive Link:

Points of Interest:

  • The FSSI website design was very simple in design and functionality.
  • The site features our original FSSI logo – a great throwback.
  • There is a site visitor counter at the bottom of the page, which were commonplace on the web before analytics.
  • Recognize the Netscape logo? That’s a blast from the past!
  • Guestbooks were a ‘big deal’ in the late 90s.

20th Century Modern – 1999

FSSI Website Screenshot 1999.

Archive Link:

Points of Interest:

  • The FSSI website received a full makeover. The color, graphical elements and menu structure were modern and leading-edge for its time.
  • Notice the CD-ROM and that super thick ‘burn-your-leg’ laptop?
  • Check out the link to FSSI’s Y2K Policy! FYI – we didn’t have to use it.

Millennium Website – 2004

FSSI Website Screenshot 2004.

Archive Link:

Points of Interest:

  • Adobe Flash Elements add dynamic new features and capabilities to the FSSI website.
  • Design changes increase legibility and ease of understanding for site visitors.
  • The FSSI logo continues to evolve and toward a more sophisticated and modern design.
  • A direct mail page is added to highlight FSSI’s new services.

Leading-Edge Techies – 2008

FSSI Website Screenshot 2008.

Archive Link:

Points of Interest:

  • 2008 marked the most impressive design and technological overhaul in the FSSI website’s history.
  • Notice the simplified and modern white approach with a colorful menu structure and elevated multimedia integrations.
  • Product branding for FSSI tools and solutions is introduced.

Modern and Highly-Functional – 2014

FSSI Website Screenshot 2014.

Archive Link:

Points of Interest:

  • FSSI’s website redesign in 2014 added more modern design elements and functionality.
  • Brand new whitepapers, contact forms and blog content are added to the site.
  • New video elements, page layouts and social media integrations help explain the FSSI brand story.
  • The design and functionality of this site served the company effectively for over eight years.

100% Created and Designed In-House – 2022

FSSI Website Screenshot 2022.

Points of Interest:

  • FSSI’s site offers brand new design sensibilities and eCommerce approach for a B2B website.
  • Impressive Custom Brochure Feature and Full Shopping Cart experience were 100% created and designed in-house.
  • Integrated FAQs and brand new fully-featured About Us page are added for increased engagement.
  • Simplified and easy-to-follow homepage layout makes navigating the site’s capabilities a breeze.
  • Super-fast performance speed, mobile optimization and modern visual elements offer a captivating user-experience.

The Present and Future of FSSI

There is no doubt that the world and FSSI have changed over the past two decades. We’re excited to see how our business and website continue to evolve into the future. While it is important to adjust and grow with the times some things will always stay the same at FSSI. We continue to be a leader in technology, security practices, and most importantly – a trustworthy partner in print-mail and electronic communication services. Contact us online, or give us a call at 714.436.3300 to set up a complimentary demo featuring our custom solutions.

How the FSSI website looked from 1998 to 2022.
Build a Brochure Button with book in the back.