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Use Transpromo Marketing to Make Transactional Statements Stand Out

FSSI logo FSSI on September 12, 2022

a bank statement explaining transpromo marketing

Transactional documents, more commonly known as bills, statements and invoices, arrive in consumer mailboxes and inboxes each month. Companies leverage these critical communications to market to existing customers. What some companies see simply as whitespace in a document, others consider a marketing gold mine – invaluable real estate that can be selectively refreshed and colorized to create attention and response. Adding transpromo marketing promotions directly to the valuable whitespace inside transactional communications enables every document to expand beyond its intended purpose.

This article dives into how transpromo marketing benefits companies. Results can be maximized when partnering with an experienced print-mail service provider. Let’s jump into why it is so valuable for customer engagement and increasing the value of your transactional documents.

What is Transpromo Marketing?

Marketing or promoting directly inside transactional documents like statements, invoices or bills is called “Transpromo Marketing.” It is a combination of the words “transaction” and “promotional.” Transpromotional documents combine CRM data, variable data printing and location information to create documents that offer a higher engagement rate and ROI than traditional email marketing. The content and messaging can be customized to include relevant, targeted and personalized marketing offers to each customer.  

Why is Transpromo Marketing Valuable?

Transactional documents contain time-critical and sensitive information, such as payment due dates, account balances and more – often requiring thorough review and archival. Communicating with consumers through this existing channel of communication has proven to guarantee important marketing messages reach your audience. Read below to see how mail performs against other communications.

  • Transactional mail has a 95% open and read-through rate
  • Postcards and direct mail have a 56% read-through rate
  • Emails alone have a 20% open and read-through rate

Adding transpromotional marketing to documents provides an opportunity to generate extra revenue from an existing cost. Companies are already spending the money to print, mail and electronically deliver these critical documents. The results of promoting within this channel are undeniable. Studies show that 64% of consumers will use the coupons inside their mailed statements. The next step is taking advantage of each document’s full marketing potential.

Increasing the Marketing Potential of Transactional Statements

The unused whitespace inside of documents offers many opportunities to target individual customers with relevant content. Listed below are different examples of promotion.

  • Cross-sell products and services
  • Target audiences in specific segments
  • Retain relationships with engaging content
  • Promote discounts and special offers
  • Announce coming events
  • Drive traffic to a website or app

the elements of transpromo marketing on a road

Below are the key elements for creating successful transpromo marketing within a document:

Personalization with Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing allows for on-demand personalization inside every transactional document. Examples of variable data printing can be as simple as adding an individual’s name to a document and can get as complicated as adding different text and graphics.

Data-Driven Graphics

Data-driven graphics are multiple versions of images, customized to target a specific group of individuals. Customer engagement is peaked when marketing is based on their personalized needs. Use the valuable data you already have from your existing customer base to segment and target individuals with specific messaging and graphics based on age, location, past purchases and more.

Selective Messaging

Transform documents into powerful relationship-building tools with personalized on-page messaging. You’ll seamlessly deliver targeted messages and maximize whitespace through a 24/7 accessible, self-service messaging portal. Add strategically placed promotional, legal, account or educational content and graphics based on pre-defined, data-driven variables.

QR Codes/Barcodes/Direct Links

Customers can engage directly with call-to-actions within the document when digital touchpoints like QR codes and barcodes are added to printed communications, or direct links are added to electronic documents.

PURLs for Electronic Delivery

Personalized URLs, or PURLs, are unique web addresses specifically designed for each recipient of a transactional document, such as statements, bills, or invoices. By including PURLs in these documents, businesses can provide customers with a more personalized experience, as they are directed to a webpage that is customized for their needs.

PURLs can also offer advantages for businesses, as they allow for more targeted and trackable marketing efforts. By tracking customer activity on the PURL page, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, which can be used to improve marketing strategies and overall customer satisfaction.

Any company that utilizes transactional document communications can use transpromotional marketing to enhance engagement and increase sales. Listed below are industry-specific examples of documents with transpromo marketing.

Transpromo Marketing Ideas in Action

Any company that utilizes transactional document communications can use transpromo marketing to enhance engagement and increase sales. Listed below are industry-specific examples of documents with transpromo marketing.

Credit Unions

transpromo marketing on a credit union member statement

Transpromo Marketing Ideas for Credit Unions

  • Monthly member statements can include an advertisement for a low-interest loan OR for savings account options
  • Add a targeted advertisement for financing options to members who have an account with you, but also have financing through a different institution
  • Share tips for building credit on quarterly statements
  • Provide details on upcoming offers and events


example of transpromo marketing on a bank statement

Transpromo Marketing Ideas for Banks

  • Monthly customer account statements can include an advertisement for join the bank’s mobile app
  • Add a personalized QR code to drive customers directly to download the app for easier banking
  • Share special offers including new credit lines and travel rewards on quarterly statements
  • Provide details on quarterly or upcoming offers and events

Auto Finance

example of transpromotional marketing on a auto finance statement

Transpromo Marketing Ideas for Auto Finance Lenders

  • Monthly customer account statements can include an advertisement for added protection with a long-term warranty
  • Add ease to the payment process by including more options to pay with a personalized barcode
  • Provide information about your website so customers can easily view their account status and payment history

Benefits of Partnering with a Print-Mail Service Provider

FSSI Logo.

A full-service print-mail provider with transpromotional marketing expertise is the ideal partner for enhancing your company’s transactional documents.

FSSI is a print and mail outsourcing service provider specializing in high-volume customer communications. We help businesses maximize the impact and strategic value of transactional and marketing documents. When you partner with FSSI for your critical communications, you get the benefits of being covered by multiple facility locations, state-of-the-art print and mail equipment, secure data processing, innovative backup/archival technology and an expert network security team.

Highly regulated industries require data security and document expertise. Partnering with an experienced print-mail service provider ensures your critical documents are produced accurately, delivered on time and tracked with proven, audit-ready processes that report compliance from file receipt to mail verification.

FSSI HIPAA Compliant and SOC 2 Seals

FSSI’s Transpromotional Marketing Solution

Our dynamic statement messaging solution capitalizes on the opportunities available within transactional documents, giving clients full control to change targeted marketing messages on the fly, in real time. The user-friendly messaging portal gives complete design control over the color, text and graphics. Whether it’s a statement, invoice or electronic presentment webpage, you can inform your customers and increase engagement and response rates by elevating your messaging using strategically-placed elements – turning a plain document into something action-worthy. 

Plus, results are measured with robust campaign tracking. Take the guesswork out of your message efforts with the ability to measure your campaign activity, from message delivery to advanced click-through-rate tracking. 

Call 714.436.3300 today to speak to an outsourcing specialist about enhancing your customer communications with FSSI’s customizable statement messaging services and schedule a free demo.