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FSSI’s Passion for Service Sparks Meaningful Change

FSSI logo FSSI Marketing on January 26, 2024

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At FSSI, we’re passionate about serving our community. It’s no coincidence that Passion for Service is one of our leading core values, because as a service company, we are a team made up of people who have the drive and heart to serve others.

This past holiday season, FSSI participated in service projects, extending from our Santa Ana, California, headquarters to Coppell, Texas, office – with employees taking part in a Sweet and Savory bake sale as well as building bikes and gift sets for children in need.  

Uniting for a Cause: FSSI Makes a Meaningful Impact at Orangewood Foundation

FSSI, led by our Client Services team, recently achieved something truly remarkable. Through our Santa Ana’s Sweet and Savory Sale, we aimed to raise funds for the Orangewood Foundation on behalf of FSSI employees and the company. Surpassing our target by an incredible 76%, we collected nearly $1,500, which FSSI generously matched, resulting in a total contribution of $3,000.

At Orangewood Foundation, our team connected with Michelle, the Community Engagement Manager, and got a firsthand look at their ‘Holiday Store.’ This space provides an incredible opportunity for foster youth in their programs to ‘shop’ for essentials during the festive season. Items ranging from clothes to kitchenware are available, offering these youths a chance to pick out what they need without any financial burden.

Our collective efforts are now set to make an even more profound difference. The generous support from FSSI will further enhance the Orangewood Foundation’s ‘Holiday Store,’ ensuring it is stocked with missing items, replenished essentials, and fulfilling any additional needs. The Foundation serves as a crucial support system, providing invaluable resources to children navigating the foster care system. Together, we’ve contributed not just funds but hope and opportunity to those who need it most.

Spreading Joy: FSSI’s Commitment to Community Service Shines Bright

At FSSI, our commitment to community service is unwavering. As we bid farewell to 2024, we came together across our locations to extend our support and bring holiday cheer to those who need it most.

In Texas, the FSSI team took part in the heartwarming “Make a Child Smile” holiday program orchestrated by the City of Coppell. We rolled up our sleeves and built bicycles, each one destined to bring joy to a deserving child during the festive season. For over two decades, Coppell has championed this program, rallying the community to contribute gifts for children who might otherwise miss out on the magic of receiving presents. Our team’s efforts were met with heartfelt gratitude as we filled their lobby with these gifts, ensuring a brighter holiday for these children.

Spreading Hope: FSSI Santa Ana Brightens Holidays for Olive Crest

In Santa Ana, FSSI embarked on a heartening mission to bring smiles to the faces of children in crisis through our partnership with Olive Crest. Our team dedicated their time and effort to assemble bicycles and curate holiday gift sets, each one destined to make a difference in the lives of these children. Olive Crest, a beacon of hope in Santa Ana, stands committed to preventing child abuse and ensuring that every child experiences the nurturing and joyful childhood they deserve. Through our collaboration, we had the privilege of participating in bike deliveries and festive Christmas parties at Olive Crest’s ‘Be the Miracle’ wonderland. 

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FSSI Has a Passion for Giving

Whether we’re serving our clients’ needs or contributing to the community, we hold our Passion for Service core value in the highest regard – working together to make a difference. It is the favorite of FSSI’s five core values, which define and exemplifies the culture and environment of FSSI.

To learn more about what Passion for Service means to us, please visit FSSI’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram pages.