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Print Terminology Glossary

FSSI logo Michael Ouellet on March 7, 2019

Glossary of Printing Terms and Graphic Design Terminology A | B | C | D |E | F | G | H | I |J | | K | L| M | | N | O | P | Q |R | S | T | U |V | W | X | Y | Z A Achromatic – This a designating color perceived to have zero saturation, meaning no hue. These are colors like neutral grays, white, and...

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Credit Union Marketing Strategies for Generation Z?

FSSI logo Kelly McConville on February 21, 2018

How to Effectively Market your Credit Union to Gen Z? Credit Unions need to apply different marketing strategies to target different demographics. To this end, many of you have already spent a great deal of time and money developing millennial marketing strategies. However, in the case of Generation Z...

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How to Start an Email Drip Campaign

FSSI logo Kelly McConville on October 10, 2017

Getting Started with Email Drip Marketing Campaigns? In Part 1 of this two-part blog series, we explored why an email drip campaign is a great addition to your company’s current content marketing strategy. In Part 2, we will focus on how to set up your email drip marketing and choose an email drip marketing...

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Email Drip Marketing: Enhance Lead Nurturing and Customer Engagement

FSSI logo Kelly McConville on June 8, 2017

What is Email Drip Marketing? An email drip campaign is a part of marketing automation. It is executed through the delivery of scheduled marketing emails. Manually connecting with every lead and customer can be daunting and extremely time-consuming. Automated emails are much more efficient and cost-effective....

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Benefits of Outsourcing Print and Mail – Reduce Costs, Risks, Increase Efficiency

FSSI logo Kelly McConville on April 21, 2017

Benefits of Outsourced Print and Mail Services There are many benefits to print outsourcing. But first of all, we need to define the term print outsourcing. Outsourcing printing is when all printing, mailing, document management, multichannel delivery, and even marketing is handled by a third-party company....

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Increase Your Response Rate and Reach with Direct Mail

FSSI logo Kelly McConville on April 13, 2017

Direct Mail Marketing: Improve Response Rate and ROI By turning your back on direct mail, you could be ignoring a valuable revenue stream for your company. According to research by the Direct Mail Marketing Association in its 2015 report, direct response is seven times more effective than all digital channels...

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Millennial Marketing Strategies: How to Market to Millennials?

FSSI logo Kelly McConville on March 10, 2017

How to Market to Millennials: Design, Technology, Personalization Every generation forces the Marketing Industry to change tactics. Millennials, who range between the ages of 18 to 34, are no exception. Marketers must rethink traditional advertising strategies if they hope to engage with today's consumers....

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Certified Mail: A Comprehensive Guide

FSSI logo Kelly McConville on February 14, 2017

Any company that has even mail a single letter has probably heard of certified mail. But there is a lot more that goes into Certified Mail than it appears on the surface. We put together a quick guide to help you get the most out of Certified Mail. USPS Certified Mail is one of the USPS's useful tools. We are...

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