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Image: 3 dimensional direct mail examples.

Taking Direct Mail to the Next Level with Dimensional Mailers

FSSI logo FSSI Marketing on March 21, 2024

USPS 3D Mail Innovations: Direct Mail Dimensional mailers are not flat like other traditional mail pieces. Dimensional mail shapes include tubes, boxes, spheres, and other unique formats. This type of mail has much higher response rates compared to traditional mailing. Taking advantage of the creative use of...

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Image: examples of certified mail.

The Benefits of Certified Mail: An Ultimate Guide

FSSI logo FSSI on February 21, 2024

What is Certified Mail? How Can Businesses Leverage the Benefits? In today's fast-paced digital era, where communication is predominantly conducted through emails, messaging apps, and online platforms, the value of physical mail may sometimes be overlooked. However, there are situations where the importance...

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Image: USPS Ultimate Guide Header.

An Ultimate Guide to the USPS: Move Update, Certified Mail, Postal Optimizations, Mailer Scorecard

FSSI logo FSSI on July 21, 2022

In the world of mail management, the United States Postal Service (USPS) offers an array of tools, services, mail types, discounts, regulations, and insider tips that can be challenging to grasp. To shed light on this complex landscape, we present a comprehensive guide that empowers businesses to effectively...

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Image: collection of different documents like statements bills etc.

Statement Printing and Mailing Services

FSSI logo FSSI on July 1, 2022

Increase the value of customer documents. Statement printing and mailing services from FSSI give new life to outdated or poorly designed marketing and compliance documents. Increase the value, look and impact of transactional documents like statements, invoices, bills, letters and marketing mailers – and get a...

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Image: Spiral Notebook with a commercial printing facility breakdown.

Guide to the Benefits of Outsourcing Print and Mail

FSSI logo FSSI on January 11, 2022

Are you considering making the switch to outsourcing your high-volume transactional print, mail and digital customer communications? You are not alone. As companies grow and/or financial, technology and capacity needs change, outsourcing business processes can become a necessary and vital tool for success....

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Image: Person sweeping with a big manilla folder in the background that says customer data.

Address Cleansing and USPS Mailer Scorecard Guide

FSSI logo FSSI on January 11, 2021

How to Improve Address Quality in Mailing Campaigns Improve the efficiency of your mail campaigns and maximize your marketing strategies by effectively cleansing your customer mailing database. According to an Experian Data Quality survey, over 32% of address data is inaccurate, making it crucial to address...

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Image: postal terms glossary header.

Postal Terms Glossary and USPS Acronyms

FSSI logo FSSI on March 7, 2019

123 | A | B | C | D |E | F | G | H | I |J | | K | L| M | | N | O | P | Q |R | S | T | U |V | W | X | Y | Z As a trusted expert in high-volume print and mail outsourcing, FSSI has developed a deep understanding of the complex USPS and mailing terminology over our nearly 45 years of industry experience. We...

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Image: graphical depiction of a commercial printing facility.

Outsourcing Printing vs. In-House Printing: Could Your Business Benefit from Outsourcing?

FSSI logo FSSI on January 25, 2019

There are many benefits of outsourcing printing. For one, outsourcing high-volume printing and mailing jobs is one way to ensure that you can reduce costs and maximize profits, focus on higher-value, revenue-generating tasks, better allocate your company’s resources, have the proper compliance controls in...

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