Print and Mail Services for Banks

Print and Mail Solutions for Financial Institutions

Outsourcing the printing and mailing of statements, letters, notices, and marketing communications allows your financial institution to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and change the way that your customers interact with your bank. FSSI offers a full-service statement processing solution that includes bank statement printing, mailing, electronic statements, online banking portals, SMS text messages, and document redesign services. All of which are fully scalable and customizable to any size bank, or any need or company objective.

For the financial services industry, the need for bank outsourcing services, specifically, print and mail are as diverse as the industry itself. Depending on size, customer base, and budget, some are looking for a more complete bank statement printing and mailing solution, while others might be looking to outsource just a few key services. FSSI offers scalable statement outsourcing solutions for banks of any size. We’ve worked with the nation’s leading financial institutions for over 40 years.

To ensure that you get exactly the support you need, we can design you a customized print and mail program with all the services you need and none of the ones you don’t. We can easily tailor our services to fit the needs of regional and local community banks as well as larger federal banking institutions. We also produce printed and electronic member documents for credit unions.

Bank Document Processing Solutions to Fit any Institution

At FSSI, statement processing, finishing, rendering and tracking are performed onsite in a strictly controlled environment, so you’re assured of secure data processing and timely deliveries—even with quantities into the millions. Benefits from FSSI’s print and mail services for banks include lower paper, postage and operational costs; in-depth compliance reporting; and greater control over the quality and accuracy of outgoing statements, letters, bills,  and past-due notices.

Personalized Statement Outsourcing Solutions

Modern banking practices have evolved over the last decade and bank statement design is more important than ever. adding personalization of statements, notices and marketing letters is a proven way to improve your customer experience. FSSI even has in-house design and development teams to offer statement redesign, personalized marketing and other document tools such as:

  • Statement redesign and whitespace management
  • Automated targeted messaging and inserting
  • Highlight color and full-digital Inkjet color printing
  • Inline check printing
  • Electronic presentment (Mobile optimized, eStatements delivery, eNotifications, and data formatting tools)
  • Client-facing content management and design tools, give you full control over the messaging and branding.
  • Integrated statement/deposit slip combination
  • Householding of statements with the same address
  • Co-mingling and inline postal sorting
  • Online links to check image repositories
  • In-house software development and marketing support

Bank Documents Produced at FSSI

For financial institutions, serving customers at a high level means supplying their financial and informational needs in the most convenient, efficient and compliant manner possible. In today’s competitive environment this requires the secure production and timely document delivery of a wide range of personalized printed and electronic documents and other customer communications. Examples of documents produced by our statement services department include:

  • Deposit, checking, savings or combined statements
  • Compliance letters and notices (USPS, FedEx, UPS, and eDelivery)
  • High net-worth and trust statements in full-digital color
  • Credit card statements
  • Year-end tax forms
  • Loan documentation mailings
  • Privacy mailings
  • Welcome and special fulfillment packages
  • Personalized marketing mailers with PURLS and emails

Integrated Marketing Communications

Click the links below to learn more about the proprietary solutions behind our business-critical financial document solutions:

  • Secure Compliance – online, 24-7 real-time job monitoring and disposition reporting
  • MarketAdvantage – document personalization suite
  • messageStreamOnepersonalize on-page messaging with strategic message text and graphics
  • letterStreamOne™ – online, letter management toolset
  • eStreamOne™ – electronic statement presentment and eDelivery

SMS Text Message Alerts and Payments

There are new evolved banking customers out there, people that expect a company to communicate with them on multiple channels. SMS text messages allow you to easily send text message alerts to your banking customers. Whether you need to send out past due notices, disclosure documents, payment reminders or promotional offers, it is all possible.

This is an effective way to increase payment remittance. You are also able to leverage our text banking services into your marketing campaigns by sending out acquisition campaigns, build customer relationships, cross-sells or upsells, and even text drip campaigns. Effortlessly send both account notification, and marketing messages via SMS Text Message.

Could Your Bank Benefit from Outsourcing?

Looking for ways to be more competitive and streamline business-critical customer communications? Start by reducing the cost of printing and mailing both your transactional statements as well as marketing-related mailers. If you are evaluating different print and mail vendors we put together a guide to help you choose the best print and mail vendor. Contact a banking industry specialist today for a free print-mail services consultation.