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Auto Turnkey Solution

Auto Finance Turnkey Print-Mail Solution

Keep Your Eyes on the Road Ahead

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For auto finance companies, a resurgent automobile industry presents the classic good news/bad news scenario: thanks to low rates and loosening credit, business is booming. However, rapid growth can also come with costly distractions, as vital business processes such as acquisitions, collections and compliance vie for your attention and resources.

Outsourcing the production of printed and electronic customer communications to FSSI can eliminate these growing pains and help you stay focused on building your business. We have more than 30 years of print-mail outsourcing experience, and we are the only provider offering a bundled, highly scalable solution that’s tailor-made for both fast-growing and well-established lenders.

The Ultimate Auto Finance Toolbox

FSSI’s Turnkey Auto Finance solution offers everything you need to quickly gain a competitive advantage, all in a single integrated bundle that includes: custom statement design with payment drivers; electronic presentment and delivery; payment processing; document archival; online job tracking and compliance reporting; and online print-mail letter fulfillment.

Built on years of auto finance experience, the solution gives you greater control over the look, content and production of printed and electronic documents. It helps you satisfy customers’ multi-channel delivery preferences and is compatible with major data platforms, including SHAW Systems, MegaSys, CMSI, DEFI and others. This flexibility helps ensure a more satisfying customer experience, regardless of your data provider. 

Custom Document Design with Payment Drivers

Make it simple for borrowers to remit payment with an easy-to-navigate design and highlighted payment features, such as PayNearMe and MoneyGram information, QR codes, and multiple payment coupons.

Electronic Statement Presentment and Delivery

Satisfy customers’ multi-channel preferences with multiple presentment and payment options. Components of FSSI’s electronic document delivery include:

  • Email Notification—when eDocuments are ready for viewing, the application automatically alerts enrolled customers through attractive, templated emails you can customize with your logo and branding
  • Payment Processing—we can act as your eBill and invoice repository, securely serving up PDF and HTML documents that link to your preferred payment module; or we can provide a complete EBPP solution through a world-class bill payment partner
  • Document Archival and CRM—enjoy unlimited archival capacity and online CRM hosted by FSSI; custom indexed files for use on your internal reporting system


Turnkey Auto Chart

Online Job Tracking and Compliance Reporting

Access a wealth of live production intelligence right at your fingertips. View top-line data at-a-glance or drill down deeper for more comprehensive analysis. You may also approve files, view job status or monitor inventory and postage, real-time, anytime.

Online Print-Mail Letter Fulfillment

Approve and revise letter and notice verbiage as often as you want—without incurring extra development costs. Use in conjunction with your statement production to ensure compliant processing and delivery of standard and mandated correspondence, such as:

  • Welcome and Annual Privacy letters
  • AA letters–TD and Conditional
  • Collection and NSF letters
  • RTC and NOI notices
  • Cancellation, past due and deficiency notice
  • Repo and reinstatement letters

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Add Horsepower with These Options

When business strategies call for an added measure of marketing or compliance-tracking, take advantage of FSSI’s powerful service options:

  • Document message management: self-managed portal that supports data-driven personalization; intuitive message campaign editor inserts targeted marketing or educational messages using fully-formatted color text and graphics
  • Piece level reporting: displays the real-time status of each individual piece in the mailstream, from file receipt at FSSI through delivery to the USPS; provides 100% data-to-mail integrity with online, real-time reporting
  • IMb (intelligent mail barcode): the latest generation of USPS® mailpiece barcode technology, which can help you track incoming remittance payments, monitor cash flow, and save money on collection calls


Isn’t It Time You Traded Up?

If your current print-mail provider is stuck in second gear and unable to keep up with your production or compliance-reporting needs, contact FSSI today and ask about our Turnkey Auto Finance solution. Or email us to request a guided facility tour.

Why Partner with FSSI?

A trusted provider to consumer lenders of all types and sizes, FSSI has the specialized tools, technologies and knowledge to help your lending company:

Free Print-Mail Services Consultation

The auto finance industry is more competitive than ever. Give your company an advantage today with customized print and mail services from FSSI. Contact an auto finance industry specialist for a no-obligation consultation. In the meantime, learn more about our secure production environment and corporate security practices.

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