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epresentment solutions - eStreamOne

Electronic Statement Presentment and Document Delivery

Want to reduce costs, increase eAdoption (EAD) and improve your customers’ experience? eStreamOne™ and its array of flexible electronic document service options, combine to reduce the cost, hassle and risk of deploying or upgrading an electronic statement presentment or online bill pay processing solution.

Electronic Statement Presentment to Fit Any Budget

From a single data feed, eStreamOne provides best-in-class solutions for both printed documents and secure online eStatement presentment. Our flexible Internet technology offers multiple presentment and document delivery alternatives, flexible infrastructure makes it great for bill pay integration with your current bill pay company or we can pair you up with one of out billing partners. We offer multiple integration options including API, Sing Sign On (SSO), and we also offer a complete integration option where we will build you out and host an entire personalized customer and admin panel. We also offer automatic PDF archiving and unlimited archival capacity, every single historical document is safe and accessible in our system. We can also archive data on CD/DVD.

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Advantages of eStreamOne Vs. Traditional Electronic Statement Presentment

Seamless Interface Integration
FSSI can store your eDocuments and link them directly to your website. Depending on your requirements, we can seamlessly integrate your website with FSSI-hosted documents using one of the following solutions:

  • API (Application Programming Interface) — use FSSI’s web service to enable your hosted solution to find and retrieve PDF images located at FSSI in a secure searchable database.
  • SSO (Single-Sign-On Option) — customers can authenticate on your website, then through intuitive iFrame technology, seamlessly link to and search all document images stored in the FSSI-hosted database. With SSO, customers feel they’re engaged with your site, even though they’re accessing their documents through ours.
  • FSSI-Designed and Hosted Solution — branded by you but hosted by us, this option directs customers to our secure computing environment, where they are authenticated and allowed to perform all requests and functions. Though customers are logged into our system, your branding and design make it look and feel like yours.

Flexible Authentication
If you don’t want to authenticate clients on your own website, FSSI programmers can develop an authentication module for you. Setting up payment authorization, recurring payment systems, and even disbursement services are painless and hassle free with eStreamOne.

Electronic PDFs with Optional HTML Summary
eStreamOne formats and converts your data into PDF images, identical to customers’ printed statements, then presents them online. PDFs can include links to check images, dynamic inserts and posting of regulatory documents (for all customers), such as disclosures and annual reports. If needed, selected account data can also be presented in HTML.

Customizable Options to Complete Your eBill and ePresentment Solution

eNotify Email Notification: Alerts, Analytics, Marketing and More

eNotify is a high-volume, permission-based service option that automatically alerts enrolled/opted-in customers when eStatements and other eDocuments are ready to view. Critical alerts reach recipients on time, without disappearing into spam filters. Learn more about eNotify and everything you can do through its friendly, online reporting dashboard, including review delivery results and export exceptions down to an individual email address.

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP & EIPP)

There are so many advantages of utilizing eStreamOne and adding electronic bill payment and presentment to your business. Right from their billing statement, EBPP customers can conveniently pay online, using a credit card, debit card or ACH transaction; information from the statement will pre-fill associated fields on the payment screen. Processing takes place according to credit company and ACH service schedules, with funds transferred to the company’s account as soon as processing is complete. After processing, customers receive a real-time payment acknowledgement through their preferred device or channel. Today’s new customer prefers e-notifications over traditional statement presentment. Add or upgrading your electronic document presentment strategy will not only drastically improve your customer’s experience, but will increase customer engagement ten fold.

Cross-Media Marketing Support

eStreamone is a valuable tool that works with other FSSI solutions to enhance your cross media marketing efforts. Our eStreamOne software allows you to selectively populate emails, bill statements, and other presentment communications with targeted text, or custom images or messages. You can then track and manage all documents through our MessageStreamOne Portal.

Unlimited Archival Storage Capacity

Whether you need online access, CD/DVD archival, a file downloadable to your in-house archival system or a combination of all three, FSSI can customize a solution to fit your needs. eStreamOne seamlessly converts documents into PDF, TIFF or other image file formats, and then transmits them (along with an index file) for uploading onto your internal reporting system.

24/7 Access to Data and Documents

eStreamOne gives both admin and customers 24/7 access to their portal and data at all times. You can stay informed about your financial data, and change delivery and notification preferences whenever and wherever you are.

CRM Tools and Administrative Interface

This time-saving option enhances the customer experience by giving call center teams instant access to PDF document images. Representatives may also easily view, sort and search, customers’ electronic statements and activity reports. Inquiries are handled and closed quickly because the image service reps see is a replica of the customer’s document.

E-statement/print-and-mail conversions can be notoriously complex. During ours, a couple of unexpected output issues arose that could have delayed or derailed implementation. Fortunately, FSSI’s team had the experience to quickly spot the problem and offer solutions to get us back on track. We consider FSSI to be an invaluable business partner whose actions consistently show they’re committed to our satisfaction and success.
Ted Iversen, Manager, Software Development, Premier America Credit Union

Online Print and fulfillment - LetterStreamOne

Gain Delivery Flexibility with eStreamOne

eStreamOne can reduce production costs, increase ROI and enhance your customers’ overall multi-channel experience. Contact us today for more information or a no-obligation ePresentment demonstration.

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