Statement Print and Mail Services

Statement Printing and Mailing Services Increase the Value of Your Documents

Statement Outsourcing Services from FSSI breathe new life to outdated or poorly designed transactional documents as well as marketing letters and compliance documents. We help with every step of the statement printing and processing journey including data processing, document management, in-house design, development, automated inserting, mailing and even workflow management tracking.

Statement Printing

Advantages of Statement Outsourcing

Print management, as well as document workflow management, are an oftentimes overlooked aspect of a business. Taking a deeper look at both can greatly improve the efficiency of your customer communications. There are many benefits of transactional statement outsourcing. By combining our statement processing services with industry best practices for layout, color use, on-page message placement and more. Our in-house graphic designers help you redesign monthly financial statements, bills, invoices, e-statements, e-banking portals, and even personalized marketing letters for maximum readability, impact and value.

Outsourcing the production, processing and statement mailing aspect of your customer communications greatly reduce the burden of producing invoices, bills, letters, and e-documents in-house. This allows you to focus more on your business core competencies.

Thoughtfully designed statements, invoices, bills and other customer documents not only look better, but they also present your brand and company in a more contemporary and professional manner. Refreshing the look and layout enables you to evolve documents beyond their intended purpose, improving customer communications and transforming everyday pages into powerful brand-building and account service tools.

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Secure Statement Printing Services and Design

Documents in need of a design refresh are easy to spot. On-page information may be cluttered or busy and difficult to read. Locating balance, payment entries and other critical information can be a real challenge, which may spark confusion or frustration from customers that can damage brand satisfaction and loyalty. With an in-house design team, our full-service statement outsourcing solution can benefit your company in numerous practical ways, including:

  • Better customer engagement and higher response rates
  • Greater satisfaction with monthly account information
  • More opportunities for cross-selling and education
  • Timelier, more compliant output and delivery


Print Technology Behind our Statement Processing Solution

Because of FSSI’s ongoing investment in production and infrastructure technologies, our fully integrated suite of document management services including, statement printing, bill printing, invoice printing, e-statement delivery services and document mailing are powered by the latest document composition, delivery methods, and workflow management tools including:

Digital Color Inkjet Printing

Performance advantages of FSSI’s digital color inkjet MPS printing system translate directly into accurate, high-quality document production, and include precise registration, consistent color quality; high speed, high volume performance; instant QC (quality control) analysis at full production speeds; and more output control with significantly less waste.

Cost-Efficient Inline Printing

Advanced, continuous feed, inline printing and finishing make FSSI’s print management systems the most flexible and economical in the print services and mailing industry. Perforating pages vertically or horizontally can be done dynamically, changing positions with each page, eliminating the need for pre- or post-production processing and your dependence on costly, preprinted stock.

MICR Ink Support

One of our most useful but underutilized statement processing services is inline check printing with MICR ink support. This feature allows checks to be printed together with other documents, such as statements or letters, instead of in separate runs. Unlike pre-printed check stock, documents with checks printed inline can feature targeted messaging and full-color images and graphics–turning a common payment instrument into a personalized communication channel.


FSSI’s proprietary, self-managed portal provides complete, real-time control over document message management, including the ability to personalize on-page messaging by adding strategically placed message text and graphics. Change content as often as you like with no additional programming charges.

Automated Inserting and Mailing

We make mailing statements easy. An essential component of FSSI’s transactional printing services is automated inserting and mailing. Each mail inserter employs camera technology that reads a 2D data matrix to assemble the proper pages of each document. Cameras then read the unique 2D data matrix in each envelope window to compare and verify the mailpiece and address. Each inserter has six selective insert stations, so they provide the flexibility you need to mail inserts to high value or specially targeted customers. For mail that can’t be fulfilled on automated inserters, we also offer custom (hand) insertions as part of our statement printing and mailing services.

Statement Redesign Consultation

If your document designs need refreshing or you’d like to learn more about statement document design best practices, schedule a consultation today. Ask about our full line of multichannel statement processing services including print, mail, electronic document management and data processing services. Request a no-obligation review of your current financial statements, compliance letters or other printed business communications.

Document Outsourcing and Mailing Services Consultation

Document design says a lot about your company and so does the importance you place on customer engagement and satisfaction. Well-designed statements, bills, invoice or marketing letters that feature color enhancements and a relevant on-page message tell customers you understand and care about their informational needs.