Print Business Communications Services

Print Business Communications Services

Top-tier clients in a wide range of industries rely on FSSI’s high-volume business communication services for creating and delivering printed and digital customer documents. We’re a pioneering technology leader with more than thirty years of business communication experience.

Business Communication Services

Powerful Business Communication Solution: Print, Digital, Multi-Channel

Through services that include data management and formatting, document composition, and variable data personalization, we help you create impactful business communications that cost-effectively support compliance, CRM, and marketing or branding strategies.

FSSI’s best-practice based document design techniques, combined with our targeted, on-page messaging, can increase the impact, value and returns of your printed and electronic business communications. Production in SSAE 18 Type 2 certified facility adheres to strict security and confidentiality standards.

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Services FSSI Uses to Securely Produce Your Business Documents Include:

Data Management: Any input, any format, any time

The production of high-quality print or digital communications begins with verifying the formatting and quality of your data. FSSI’s 24/7 Computer Operations Center can receive your encrypted data from virtually any source. Upon receipt, data is verified and processed through our systems to generate a wide range of customized print and electronic business communications, including statements, bills, invoices, compliance correspondence, and marketing documents, including full-color direct mail.

Using advanced data handling and document composition technologies, FSSI can transform almost any data input into the exact layout you want. Leading-edge tools allow us to accept today’s most popular data formats, including, flat files, XML, PDF, AFP, PCL, mainframe, Medicode, and Postscript. As a result of this flexibility, we process many proprietary formats built for specific core service providers. Firstly, prior to production, we will work closely with you to assess the quality and formatting of your incoming data. Our experienced, in-house development team will create a custom program that prepares your data and documents for production. Contact FSSI if you have any questions or special data formatting requirements.

Electronic Imaging: High quality at high volumes

FSSI’s flexible cut-sheet and continuous feed systems print variable data and graphics in black, highlight color (black plus one color), MICR and full-digital color. To accommodate customers’ varying needs, our systems can output to multiple paper types, weights, and sizes, and can include in-line booklet-makers.

Our multi-channel personalized business communication services for print and digital media include the post-composition application of personalized, cross-promotional messages, and colorful graphics that can be targeted to each recipient. This capability enables you to better communicate with customers through on-statement messaging and thoughtful whitespace management. FSSI workflow-centric and high-volume printing facilities allow us to meet your most demanding volume and turnaround requirements.

Automated Inserting and Mailing: Fast, Flexible, Efficient

The Mail Operation of our business communications services includes automated mail inserting. we also have a custom inserting department for mail that cannot be fulfilled on automated inserters. Every intelligent inserter employs camera technology that reads a 2D data matrix we use to assemble the proper pages of each document; it then scans the unique 2D data matrix in each envelope’s window to verify the integrity of the mailpiece and address. Each automated mail inserting machine is equipped with six selective insert stations. The provides the flexibility you need to send inserts to high value or specially targeted customers.

Electronic Delivery: Omnichannel B2C Communication

FSSI can create and securely deliver an electronic document with targeted and personalized messaging specific to electronic delivery recipients. All from the same data feed as your printed business communications streamlining the communication process. This helps you to better connect with customers across mobile and other channels. In addition, electronic delivery can also reduce the costs and risks associated with expanding your print-to-web marketing and business marketing communication strategies. We’ll help you create impactful multi-channel business communication marketing campaigns.

eNotify Electronic Notification: Automatic alerts

eNotify automatically alerts your enrolled customers through attractive, templated emails when eDocuments are ready for viewing. We can customize these emails to include your company logo and branding. FSSI’s team will help you create emails that meet industry standards for quality and legitimacy. Our relationships with the ISPs help keep emails from getting trapped within spam filters. The eNotify delivery report displays down to each individual email address when it was delivered, and if it was successful. For those exceptions like bounces and non-existent email addresses, you can export an exception report or receive a return file to update to your local CRM. Each additional customer touchpoint helps improve customer relationships. Customer relationship management is more important in the modern customer journey.

Archival: Secure and Convenient

FSSI creates an archival output of indexed PDF images that is an exact replica of your printed and electronic documents. This archival output can be sent as a custom formatted return file or securely hosted and linked to your CRM. Your customer service representatives will enjoy answering customer questions quickly and efficiently with the electronic document readily searchable at their fingertips.

Document Workflow Monitoring: Intelligence, Compliance, Control

One of the most popular and beneficial business marketing communications services at FSSI is our proprietary print workflow dashboard and reporting portal, workStreamOne™. workStreamOne™ provides greater accountability and control over the entire production process whether you send thousands or millions of documents. The intuitive, widget-based dashboard puts a wealth of real-time production intelligence right at your fingertips. View live, top-line data at-a-glance or drill down deeper for more comprehensive workflow analysis.

Postage Optimization: Strategies We Use to Reduce Postage Costs

FSSI offers multiple options to ensure our clients receive the highest possible postal-rate savings. We use Pitney Bowes Postal Software for CASS and NCOALink certification for address cleansing and move updates. Using this software will help maximize your number of deliverable addresses. Additionally, we can also meter your mailpieces or add pre-printed indicia to your outer envelopes. Our partnership with co-mingle companies ensures the lowest rates when mail cannot be sent alone.

Online postage monitoring via workStreamOne provides an extra layer of cost management and control. All postage fund receipt and usage information are reported online in real-time. This means that any time, day or night, you can log on and check your postage balance. Likewise, you can also review postage costs for individual jobs online and 24/7. You can even download total postage usage reports.

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Communications With FSSI

Selecting the right B2C communication services provider can save you thousands or even millions of dollars. Looking for a quick, sometimes immediate increase in ROI. Outsourcing the secure, compliant production of statements, bills and other communications to with FSSI can accomplish that.