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Print and Mail Outsourcing

See how a print outsourcing company like FSSI can help you reduce your risk, cost of processing, meet ever-changing compliance regulations. Our secure print solutions give you full control of inventory, postage, reporting every step of the way. We offer both transactional and marketing-related print and mail services for businesses in a wide variety of heavily regulated industries including insurance, credit unions, banking, healthcare, auto finance, utilities, and more.

Full-Service Print and Mail Outsourcing Solutions

The reality is that businesses in nearly every industry have endured deep and often painful cuts. So, the question isn’t if you’ll be slashing expenses, but rather which ones and by how much. One proven but often overlooked option is outsourced printing and mail services which includes outsourcing the processing, production and delivery of printed customer communications.

Outsourcing print and mail means handing off the production and delivery of statements, bills, letters and other critical customer documents to a company like FSSI. Advantages of outsourcing printing include:

  • Minimize capital investments
  • Avoid long-term lease commitments
  • Reduce paper, postage and production costs
  • Improve and stabilize cash flow
  • Generate reports to satisfy compliance auditors
  • Reduce the risk of a costly data breach
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40 Years of Document Outsourcing Experience

FSSI is a print outsourcing provider, specializing in the design, production and delivery of high quality, regulatory compliant customer documents. Whether you are sending millions or thousands of printed monthly statements, invoices, letters, digital color mailers, or other notices, FSSI can custom tailor an outsourced print and mail solution to meet your needs.

Mailpiece processing, finishing and tracking are performed in our secure 167,000 sq. ft. fulfillment facility, so you’re assured of impeccable data integrity and timely document delivery with every job. Currently, FSSI’s document printing services include:

  • High-volume statement processing
  • Personalized variable data printing
  • Secure, 24/7 online workflow and mailpiece tracking
  • eStatement processing
  • Electronic invoice presentment
  • High-speed digital color printing and direct mail
  • Web-based document archival
  • Disaster recovery

Production and Efficiency Benefits

Outsourcing the processing and delivery of monthly critical customer communications, including transactional, marketing-related and digital documents can help your company or institution manage compliance risk and reduce costs in many key areas:

  • Equipment Purchases: Imaging and inserting equipment is a major investment that comes with a large annual maintenance expense. FSSI’s strategy of utilizing industry-best equipment allows you to take advantage of new and emerging technologies with no capital investment of your own.
  • Payroll: Cost-reduction initiatives typically start with reducing the headcount. Printing invoices, letters, bills and marketing communications can be labor-intensive. When you outsource with FSSI, we manage all payroll and labor concerns.
  • Overtime Expenses: When you partner with an outsourcing provider, there won’t be any overtime costs, and any production or scheduling crunches become the outsourcer’s problem. Many companies run two or three shifts only during peak times. At FSSI, we operate around the clock, all day, every day.
  • Inventory Management: Inventory storage and management add to your overhead. Outsourcing can free up floor space for your core business functions. FSSI allows you to maintain control of your inventory online, or via your mobile device in real-time through workStreamOne™.
  • Energy Costs: Printing and mail processing equipment is energy-intensive, and so are the backup systems needed to operate them prudently. As an environmentally conscious company committed to sustainability, FSSI utilizes numerous power-saving technologies in the delivery of its document printing and mailing solutions.
  • Consumables: The management of supplies such as inks, oils and toners revert to the outsourcing company. In partnering with FSSI, your costs no longer vary based on these consumables.

Postage Optimization, Compliance and Workflow Benefits

  • Postage Savings: Though total production costs vary by job, FSSI helps clients maximize savings through multiple levels of presort automation. Outsourcing print and mail processing to FSSI can help you leverage multiple levels of presort automation. We analyze your mail to ensure the lowest postage rates available, and if appropriate, may propose a solution that includes duplex printing and envelope sizing.
  • Risk Avoidance: Outsourcing shifts the liability for compliance-driven SLAs (service level agreements) to your outsourcing partner. Business continuity and backup planning related to processing data, and producing documents are also shifted to the outsourcing provider.
  • Internet Services: Eliminate the risk and heavy financial investment of deploying or upgrading your in-house electronic presentment or mobile bill pay processing. FSSI offers tremendous flexibility and customization for any electronic delivery option you choose.
  • Production Reporting: Companies with internal departments often depend on manual reporting by employees. FSSI provides a suite of sophisticated online management reporting tools that are available online, 24/7. Real-time reporting gives you information about your job status, as well as the in-depth data often required by managers and accounting staff.
  • Data Security and Privacy: Complying with new regulations can require significant infrastructure upgrades. For many companies, adding new security technologies is a costly and proposition. With FSSI as your outsourced printing services partner, you’re assured of the highest levels of data security and regulatory compliance. We regularly meet all of our clients’ most rigorous security requirements, including the exhaustive independent SSAE-18 Type 2 audit. Read more about our Security Practices or Secure Production Environment.
  • Testimonial

    E-statement / print-and-mail conversions can be notoriously complex. During ours, a couple of unexpected output issues arose that could have delayed or derailed implementation. Fortunately, FSSI’s team had the experience to quickly spot the problem and offer solutions to get us back on track. We consider FSSI to be an invaluable business partner whose actions consistently show they’re committed to our satisfaction and success.
    Ted Iversen, Manager, Software Development, Premier America Credit Union

Built-In Transparency and Compliance

Through new and innovative tracking tools, FSSI clients who use our audit service can verify the delivery of time-sensitive customer documents throughout the postal journey. This disposition reporting tool works with delivery by the Postal Service and other common carriers. It’s one more weapon in your arsenal. One less worry for the compliance management team. Learn more now.

Could your Business Benefit from Working with a Print and Mail Specialist?

Let us handle both your transactional documents, direct mail and compliance notices. We can help you:

  • Reduce document production and delivery costs
  • Receive maximum postal discounts
  • Create more compelling documents
  • Market and cross-sell with greater impact
  • Comply with government regulations