Digital Color Printing

High-Volume Printing Services

High-volume printing services from FSSI enable your company to increase the impact and business value of statements, invoices, and other customer-facing documents. At the same time reaching the right people with the right message at just the right time at a lower cost per lead.

Inkjet Digital Printing: Power, Savings, Flexibility

This powerful one-two marketing punch comes from FSSI’s high-volume inkjet digital color printer and MarketAdvantage personalization suite, we call MarketAdvantage. These two products work together to help you design and deliver personalized documents and direct mail pieces that grab attention, connect with customers and boost campaign response rates and ROI.

First of all, FSSI’s printing services give you the power and flexibility to customize and personalize printed pages. Using dynamically inserted variable data you can:

  • Connect with customers in a more powerful, personal way
  • Transform ordinary customer documents into powerful marketing tools
  • Add impact and relevance to dull or static account documents
  • Increase brand loyalty and return on your marketing investment
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Inkjet Digital Printing FAQ

Here are some of the questions companies ask most often about a digital printing company:

What does high volume digital printing mean?

FSSI produces print runs that typically range from tens of thousands into the millions. We say high-volume inkjet digital color printing to distinguish our capabilities and focus from companies that perform smaller, lower-volume print runs. For reference, FSSI’s inkjet printers can deliver up to 56 million full-color impressions per month or nearly 2000 letter-length impressions per minute.

Do all print-mail providers offer inkjet printing?

No. Many providers still do not offer inkjet. FSSI was the first print-mail company on the West coast to install the ColorStream® 3900 inkjet color printer.

Inkjet Printing Vs. Offset Printing?

There are many benefits of inkjet printing compared to offset printing presses. For producing statements, invoices and other customer-facing documents at high print volume, inkjet printers are more economical. Not only that but you can add more personalization to your documents using variable data printing. Unlike offset printing, where you need to reset equipment for each printing run. Learn more about the Difference Between Offset and Digital Printing?

What is the Pantone Color System?

Pantone revolutionized the printing industry by creating its Pantone Matching System (PMS). PMS is a patented numbering system assigned to chips of color and designed to provide consistent and accurate color in production, regardless of the printing equipment being used, anywhere in the world. Read more about the Pantone Color Matching System.

I need MICR printing for checks. Do FSSI’s printers support MICR?

Yes. Our inkjet printer’s support for MICR ink means that we can print checks inline with other documents. This can be done on documents such as statements or letters. Unlike with pre-printed check stock, documents with checks printed inline can feature targeted messaging and full-color images and graphics. This enables marketers to turn an ordinary payment instrument into a personalized communication medium.

Is it difficult to convert my current black and white statements to full-color?

The biggest challenges in most conversions relate to data and data formatting, not the color output process. FSSI has helped companies of all sizes in a wide range of industries successfully convert hundreds and thousands of documents to inkjet. Color management can be a powerful tool that can be used to increase brand recognition and brand consistency.

Is inkjet printing better for marketing letters and direct mail postcards?

Sometimes, marketing needs more ‘oomph,’ such as variable data postcards or direct mailers printed on a super-glossy stock. (a perennial favorite of our automotive company clients). That’s why FSSI also offers what we call our high impact’ digital color printing. We utilize best-in-class equipment from companies such as Xerox, Konika, and others. We run at lower print volumes on different types of digital color printers.

Adding personalization and variable printing is seamless on inkjet as a result. Therefore, inkjet printing is your choice for marketing documents that make an immediate and lasting impression.

For more information…

Check out our Print Terms Glossary to learn a variety of printing and graphic design terminology.

Check out our full FAQ for more information but here are some of the question’s companies ask most often about FSSI’s inkjet printing services:

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