Electronic Return Mail

A Return Mail Solution that Addresses All Undeliverable Mail

Is your return mail piling up? Are you dedicating valuable resources to continually go through stacks of mail pieces?  There’s a better way to handle your undeliverable as addressed mail. The good news is that your mounting returned mail can become a thing of the past and you can eliminate additional postage fees while maintaining USPS Move Update compliance.

Returned Mail Solutions

Benefits of FSSI’s Return Mail Solution, eReturn Mail

With eReturn Mail™, you can electronically manage all undeliverable-as-addressed mail and update your customer address database. As a result, you’ll get rid of the trays of undeliverable mail taking up space in your mailroom. Eliminate or drastically reduce all of your undeliverable mail and say goodbye to staff having to manually enter it all into your system.

Learn more today! With an innovative USPS returned mail solution like eReturn Mail, you can immediately change the way you manage your customer address database and greatly reduce the amount of physical UAA mail your company receives.

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Keep Your Customer Address Database Up-to-Date & Reduce Returned Mail

eReturn Mail is an electronic solution that provides a digital file of all “Change of Address” (COA) and “Undeliverable as Addressed” (UAA) information for physically-returned mail pieces, covering all scenarios of returned mail, and decreasing occurrences of nixies in the process.

Here’s how eReturn works:

  • Using a proprietary program, FSSI matches USPS data with our database so there is no manual processing on your side
  • Through FSSI’s Unique Piece Tracking (UPT), we provide you with data on all mail that was returned in a convenient electronic file
  • We format the data so you can quickly and easily manage customer addresses and make real-time updates
  • When database updates are not feasible without consent, you can quickly identify and contact customers to get updated information
  • Satisfies Move Update compliance by streamlining the review process and address cleansing practices to help keep your customer data up-to-date.
  • With Secure Destruction, you can instruct the USPS to destroy all UAA mail and forward all COA mail to your customers
  • Physically-returned mail stacking up in a company’s mailroom can be eliminated or significantly reduced


Save Time and Money and Re-Capture Lost Business Opportunities

Our return mail services enable you to save time and money spent on managing and processing UAA mail. Help keep your communications moving forward as planned. Re-capture lost financial and business opportunities and reap the benefits of not having to manage as many returned pieces of mail. With less missed bills, notices and more positive customer experiences, it can be a reality.

The Advantages of eReturn Mail include:

  • Effectively manage all undeliverable mail: Receive both COA and UAA information for physically-returned mail pieces. Utilize the data to electronically manage all undeliverable mail.
  • Easily update customer address database:  Address cleansing can be a great way to save money on wasted postage costs. Make real-time revisions to your customer address database. We forward any changes to the NCOA database based on information in the electronic data file, which is formatted for quick and easy updates.
  • Automate outreach for consent:  When the database cannot be updated without permission, easily identify customers with UAA or COA. We will set up a process to send a letter to get consent for any database modifications.
  • Stop sending to undeliverable addresses: Reduce unnecessary costs for mail that you know can’t be delivered. Secondly, enlist the customer service team to follow up and get the correct recipient information.

Cost Benefits FSSI’s eReturn Mail:

  • Eliminate postage assessments: If COA-specific mail exceeds 0.5% in one-month, additional postage assessments will be incurred. Reduce postage costs quickly.
  • Decrease internal business costs: Eliminate the time and labor costs associated with managing and processing large quantities of returned mail and the extra postage fees assessed on nixies.
  • Stay USPS Move Update compliant: Conform with USPS Move Update when COA information is used to update the customer database.  We can also get the consent needed to make updates, within the 95-day time requirement. Eliminate or reduce additional Move Update fees and penalties.
  • Reduce or eliminate physical handling of mail: With USPS Secure Destruction, instruct the USPS to destroy UAA mail and forward COA mail to customers.
  • Re-capture lost financial opportunities: Eliminate missed bills or notices, which can affect revenue and overall customer experience.  Keep communications moving as planned.

Why Choose eReturn Mail?

Problem: NCOA doesn’t capture all undeliverable-as-addressed mail, only changes of address that were registered with the USPS. You can update your database based on NCOA information. Even if you update your customer database, you’ll still receive all other “Undeliverable as Addressed” mail pieces. If COA-specific mail exceeds 0.5% in one-month, additional postage assessments will be incurred. Additionally, customer addresses need to be updated with any changes within 95 days of the mail date to be Move Update compliant.

Solution: Our address cleansing services cover ALL undeliverable mail. Update your customer address database electronically and in real-time. Correspondence can also be coordinated to get consent to make the updates. We handle all return mail data digitally and can manage any scenario. Secure destruction eliminates physical returned mail and having to manage/process nixies.

Stay on Top of Your Undeliverable Mail Today!

Find a better way to manage undeliverable mail that covers all of your physical mail. Handle address management, address cleansing and update your electronic address database updates with ease. With eReturn Mail, keeping up with processing physical USPS returned mail will never be an issue again. Take the steps today to eliminate heaps of UAA mail and effectively manage it all like a pro.

Let Us Help You Manage Your Returned Mail: Schedule a No-Obligation Consultation

Managing physical returned mail and address database cleansing has become a costly problem for a growing number of businesses. If you are looking to reduce the cost of undeliverable mail and also make sure more documents reach the hands of your customers, we can help. Contact an FSSI electronic return mail solutions specialist today for more information or to schedule a no-obligation eReturn Mail consultation.