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Is Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment the Forgotten Engagement Strategy?

Electronic bill payment and presentment—the processing and sending customers their statements, bills, invoice or tax documents online via a browser or mobile device–seldom gets the respect it deserves. Previous iterations of electronic presentment (sometimes called EBPP or ePresentment) tended to be clunky or inflexible, limiting their capabilities as a legitimate multi-channel engagement tool.


Benefits of FSSI’s Electronic Presentment and e-Document Solutions

Fortunately for companies looking for new and affordable electronic document presentment strategies, today’s e-presentment solutions are significantly more robust than their predecessors. The right ePresentment and electronic invoicing solution can benefit your company in numerous ways, ranging from reducing production costs and increasing ROI to building brand equity and enhancing your customers’ overall multi-channel experience.

We offer a wide variety of billing document services, including electronic bill presentment, e-document delivery, CRM tools, bil pay processing, pay-by-text and more.

Done right, outsourcing your electronic presentment is a powerful business tool that can increase customer acquisition, retention and loyalty–and lead to higher adoption rates from those who currently prefer paper-based documents. Adding a third party data mail company like FSSI allows you to reach your customers across all channels, at any time.

Customers can interact via a mobile device, home desktop, or through traditionally printed statements. These document delivery options are very important in reaching younger customers, who come to expect mobile optimized services in an always evolving technological world. We do so much on our smartphones, and are so attached to them, we get distracted easily.

Reaching customers on the communication channels that they use most is becoming more and more important. Adding electronic statement services help your message be heard and help you stand out in a sea of constant noise and distractions we all live in.

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Isn’t All Electronic Bill Pay and Presentment the Same?

Just because there is an abundance of e-document processing solutions doesn’t mean that they’re all the same. Far from it, in fact. Like any business software or technology, there are critical differences in electronic statement presentment features, functionality and providers.

Here are the top five considerations to keep in mind when comparing electronic billing document delivery solutions for your company:

  • Overall Flexibility: Flexibility is essential because it reduces the cost, hassle and risk of presenting customer financial data and documents electronically. How many presentment alternatives do you want? What about user authentication security and hosting options? Flexibility is all about choices. The more choices you have, the more of it you’ll enjoy.
  • CRM Admin/Interface Integration: How easily can you store electronic documents elsewhere and link customers directly to them? To view documents, do customers have a single sign-on option (SSO) or do they have to log out of one site and into another? Does the linked-to site have the same branding as your company website? Or do customers feel like they’ve landed on some unfamiliar third-party page? Can your customer services reps quickly via financial data and documents to best help customers?
  • Variable Data/Targeted Messaging Options: The ability to tailor the user experience to your customers’ needs, wants and expectations is the true mark of a superior electronic presentment solution. Email notifications, for example, instantly alert customers the moment online documents are ready for viewing. Then there’s on-page messaging. Does the solution you’re considering dynamically insert targeted promotional or educational messages directly into your documents, based on your unique business objectives? The best ones do.
  • Electronic Bill Pay Processing: Many electronic presentment solutions include some form of bill payment functionality. Allowing users to pay bills online, from one single user portal. The thing to check here is accessibility and ease of use, and how quickly users receive a confirmation after making their electronic payment.
  • PDF Document Archival Capability:  Archiving documents is a great way to support front-line customer service reps, who can instantly access saved electronic versions of statements, bills, invoices, tax documents or letters to quickly resolve account-related issues or inquiries. Make sure to check how easily the solution converts, stores, protects and presents archived documents. Our unlimited archival capability is the best (and most cost efficient) option, offering a clean and simple administrative interface through which reps can retrieve and view electronically presented documents.


FSSI’s Electronic Bill Pay Presentment Solution

Many companies seeking to update their multi-channel engagement strategy often overlook electronic presentment. Yours doesn’t have to be one of them. As you review and compare ePresentment packages, don’t forget to include FSSI’s eStreamOne™ outsource electronic statement solution to help you drastically improve your statement presentment strategies.

The product of decades of upgrades and refinements, eStreamOne is a full-featured package used by top-tier financial services companies across the nation, including banks, credit unions, brokerages and insurance companies.

From a single data feed, FSSI provides best-in-class solutions for both print and secure e-statement processing services in PDF format, enabling you to reduce the costs and risks associated with driving customers to the Internet. Integrated online bill pay processing can also be included, either tied in with your current bill pay provider, or we can partner you with one of our own trusted bill pay processing companies.

See how our data mail, electronic document customization tools, and cost-saving electronic invoicing services can work for your business to increase customer engagement, maximize budgets, and keep you ahead of the technological curve in an increasingly mobile optimized world.


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