Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

It’s nearly impossible to deny, the convenience of mobile payments stimulates cash flow. Whether you’re currently using an electronic bill presentment and payment platform or still thinking it over, FSSI offers EBPP Services that integrate seamlessly with your existing processes. We can act as your eBill and invoice repository, securely serving up PDF and HTML documents that link to your preferred payment module. Or, we can provide a complete EBPP solution through one of our world-class mobile payment partners. Either way, you’ll be able to offer customers the convenience and flexibility that help you stay competitive and get paid faster.

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Quality Electronic Bill Payments. Quicker Payments.

Any payment, any device, that’s the goal of most companies today. Achieving it starts by having a world-class electronic bill presentment and payment solution that delivers clear and accurate electronic documents. All the while making payments quickly and easily across any remittance channel.

FSSI’s presentment format options include HTML and PDF. Through our custom CRM interface, your customer service reps can retrieve an exact electronic replica of customers’ printed or electronic bill, invoice or statement. With both parties viewing the same document, calls are handled and closed quickly, with fewer disputes and greater customer satisfaction.

Clients using our payment provider services also enjoy access to a robust and intuitive interface. Through the interface, we provide seamless management of transactions, payments and activity reporting. Want to increase open rates and engagement? Add some variable data personalization to your electronic documents, including colorful dynamic graphics and targeted cross-selling messages.

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Today’s Go-To Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Solution

Electronic Bill presentment services offer flexibility, unprecedented access to both customers, as well as customer service reps.  Pull up customer data and documents online, or on a mobile device to help you fix problems quicker. Ultimately giving both you and your customers 24/7 access to data. This goes a long way to provide a layer of transparency between you and your customers. Omnichannel communication is no longer just a fancy buzzword, most of today’s modern consumers expect multi-channel delivery options.

Because of its flexibility and ease of integration, FSSI’s eStreamOne electronic bill presentment and processing platform is the go-to solution for companies in a wide range of industry verticals, including:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Auto Finance
  • Mortgage
  • Consumer Finance
  • Health Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Retail

Still on the fence about electronic bill presentment and payment services? Read our “Isn’t all Electronic Presentment the Same?” section and learn what to look for as you evaluate a potential bill presentment and payment solution.

How Does Electronic Bill Pay Integration work?

We combine a range of EBPP presentment and payment alternatives with multiple infrastructure options. We also include unlimited archival capacity.  Our bill presentment and payment solution offer the power and flexibility you need to accommodate your customers’ individual preferences. As a result, also accelerating remittance cycles across all payment channels.

From their billing statement, your customers may choose to pay online, using a credit card, debit card or ACH transaction. Information from the statement will pre-fill associated fields on the payment screen. Processing takes place according to the credit company and ACH service schedules. Funds are transferred to the company’s account as soon as electronic processing is complete. Customers receive a real-time payment acknowledgment through their preferred device or channel.

Integrated Bill Pay Processing

Payments and methods supported by FSSI include:

Electronic Invoice Payment Types

  • One-time eBill payments — Customer convenience without a monthly service sign-up
  • Recurring eBill payments — Engagement and a relationship-building tool that securely stores customer funding account data and preferences
  • Fee-based eBill payments — Easy, convenient remittance for them, no extra cost to you

Bill Payment Methods

  • Web Payments
  • Mobile Payments
  • IVR (interactive voice response)
  • Call Center
  • Walk-in
  • API (application programming interface)

Integration and Onboarding Options

  • Infrastructure — Choose from multiple services that help you easily and economically present eDocuments online. Including Application Programming Interface (API); Single-Sign-On Option (SSO), or FSSI-designed and hosted solutions.
  • Authentication — Authenticate your customers on your website or ask FSSI to build an authentication module for single sign-on (SSO)
  • Automated Email Notifications — Our eNotify option can alert enrolled customers via email whenever a new electronic statement is available for viewing and when payments are accepted
  • Document Archival — Your choice of online archival or custom indexed files to use on your internal reporting system

Benefits of FSSI’s Electronic Invoicing and Payment Services

  • Streamlined integration
  • Faster remittance cycles
  • Less call center traffic
  • Lower CRM costs
  • Improved Customer Service and retention

During our eStatement conversion, unexpected issues arose that could have delayed or derailed implementation. FSSI’s team quickly spotted the problems and got us back on track.
Ted Iversen, Manager, Software Development, Premier America Credit Union

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