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Image: Top 10 Tips to Optimize Your Postage Costs

Top 10 Tips to Optimize Your Postage Costs

How to Optimize Your Mailing Practices and Lower Your Postal Rates Your ultimate goal as a mailing service provider is to get the lowest possible postage rates for your customers. There are many readily-available ways to save on your postage and mailing costs without sacrificing the design of your mailpiece... Read More »

Posted May 05, 2019 in Industry News, Reference Guide, USPS Updates.

Dimensional Mail: USPS Mail Innovation Incentives

USPS Mail Innovations: What is Dimensional Mail? Dimensional mailers are not flat like other traditional mail pieces. Dimensional mail shapes include tubes, boxes, spheres, and other unique formats. This type of mail has much higher response rates compared to traditional mailing. Taking advantage of the... Read More »

Posted June 06, 2015 in Customer Engagement, Emerging Technologies, Industry News, USPS Updates.

4 Brand Building Direct Mail Strategies

New Direct Mail Technology and Techniques There are huge ROI benefits to making your direct mail more helpful and engaging. Whether they take the form of greater brand awareness, deeper customer connections, higher response rates, or good old postal discounts. We are going to review some strategies... Read More »

Posted January 01, 2015 in Branding, Customer Engagement, Digital Color, Emerging Technologies, Marketing, Reference Guide, USPS Updates.