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eNotify: Automated eNotifications and Alerts for eStreamOne

Email industry experts say spam filtering, blacklisting, and other deliverability issues prevent the delivery of up to 20% of all legitimate emails. This includes time-sensitive account notification emails. This can frustrate or confuse customers. Which in turn, can lead to increased call-center traffic, higher CRM costs, and greater risk of legal action for regulatory non-compliance. eNotify email alert services help FSSI’s eStreamOne clients avoid these potentially costly disruptions.

Complete eDelivery Solution: Email, SMS, Bill Pay

When eDocuments are ready for viewing, eNotify automatically alerts your enrolled/opt-in customers through attractive, templated emails you can customize with your logo and branding. Because they meet industry standards for quality and legitimacy, eNotify messages arrive on time, without getting trapped within spam filters. Our eNotification delivery platform helps you manage alert types like email, SMS, and online portals. eNotify can also send a variety of notification types like past-due notices, document availability, automated text messages, marketing communication, compliance notices, eBills, and more.

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More Effective Customer Notification Management

eNotify also generates campaign activity reports 24/7, right from your online dashboard. Use eNotify’s real-time analytics to check (down to a single, individual address) mailing date/time; delivery, bounce, open and click-through rates; and undeliverable addresses.

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eNotify Features & Benefits

  • Predictable Email Notification Delivery — Reliable, timely delivery of email notifications and alerts ensure that customers receive important communications when and where they’re expected.
  • Customization and Quality — eNotify’s customizable alerts enable the delivery of relevant, aesthetically pleasing messages that generate higher response rates and meet ISP (Internet Service Provider) quality and reputation standards.
  • 24/7 Online Tracking & Reporting — Including real-time analytics that allows you to drill down and preview activity from a single email address.
  • Reputation Management — Vigilant monitoring, ISP outreach, and whitelisting services ensure that your reputation as a non-spammer remains in good standing with ISPs.
  • Expert Support and Regular Updates — FSSI’s eNotify team constantly scans the ISP environment and maintains solid relationships with ISPs. Our developers continually enhance functionality based on industry best practices.

Get eNotify Reports 3 Easy Ways

-Your 24/7 eNotify Report Dashboard through workStreamOne

-FSSI-generated reports or files, delivered in your preferred format

-From inside your CRM system or another in-house tool via API service

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A Better Way to Manage Customer Notifications

eNotify can replace your email infrastructure and eliminate the need to build in-house email and eNotification or ISP outreach/reputation monitoring systems. Contact us today for more information or a no-obligation eNotify and eStreamOne demonstration.

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