Cross-Media Communications

Cross Media Communications, Break Through and Reconnect

Don’t look now but customers and prospects are tuning you out. And who can blame them, really? They’re busy, distracted and numb to the thousands of impersonal, irrelevant messages that bombard their senses daily. You can keep trying to connect the way you have been. Or you can engage and move them to action with FSSI’s Cross Channel Marketing Services that are integrated with FSSI’s omnichannel marketing platform messageStreamOne.

Cross Media Communications

Omnichannel Customer Journey: Cross-Channel Communication Solution

Multi-channel marketing, sometimes referred to as omnichannel communication creates an interactive, mutually rewarding dialogue between your company and your customers. Campaigns built on relevant, targeted marketing messaging are a proven and cost-effective way to strengthen or rebuild valued customer relationships. FSSI’s Cross-Media Communications tool enables your team to develop multi-channel marketing that reaches on-the-go customers with a cohesive, unified message across the print and electronic media they use most–from traditional mailers and account documents to smartphones, tablets and the desktop computers. Cross-media communication helps you interact with customers in a variety of ways on every communication channel they use. Customers prefer multi-channel communication and are much more engaged when they receive messages via the methods they prefer.

Easily Create Clutter-Busting, Multi-Channel Communication Campaigns

  • Print, mobile, web
  • Purls and QR codes
  • Custom landing pages
  • Personalized messages
  • Automatic results tracking
  • Response metrics and KPIs

Print-to-Web Via Mobile

With FSSI’s Cross-Media Marketing tool, you can develop a data-driven ‘print-to-web via mobile’ strategy that leverages the power of document personalization to drive customers to the web and take actions that increase sales and brand engagement. Tactical elements of this powerful cross channel communication tool include:

PURLs (Personalized URLs)

Unique, personally designated URLs that take customers to a unique landing page featuring a specially targeted offer or information. The personalization helps get recipients’ attention and lift interest and response rates.

QR Codes

Use these “smartphone” codes on transactional or marketing documents to drive mobile-enabled customers to their personalized dynamic landing page. Gain end-to-end visibility into user behavior and response by tracking individual QR-code scans throughout your multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Dynamic Landing Pages

These pages are uniquely targeted to each recipient, allowing you to engage them with personalized information, such as name in the header or pre-populated forms. Gain additional insights into customer preferences and behaviors through on-page surveys or questionnaires.

Customized Emails

Reach out to a single customer segment or target your entire mailing list. Customization dynamically personalizes emails with relevant messages and graphics that increase open and response rates.

Customer Data Drives Decisioning & Offers

FSSI’s Cross Media Marketing Tools use customer responses and self-identified preferences to dynamically create personalized messaging and offers. With Cross-Media Communications capabilities, gathering the information you want is as simple as predefining variable data or decisioning criteria. The tool helps ensure that only relevant, personalized offers reach a targeted customer, resulting in higher open and response rates, and greater ROI.

Automatic Results Tracking

While traditional single-channel campaigns make it difficult to monitor and report campaign results, FSSI’s flexible multi-channel marketing tool does so easily and automatically. Through the dashboard of our workStreamOne online job tracking and reporting tool you can precisely measure and evaluate every user action and conversation. This enables you to refine and optimize your marketing efforts and maximize campaign returns.

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Ready to cut through the clutter and connect with busy customers on a deeper, more personal level? Learn more about our Omnichannel Solutions with FSSI’s Cross-Media Communication platform, which is a foundational component of our MarketAdvantage Personalization Suite. Call today for more information or to schedule a Multi-Channel Communications Demonstration.