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Outsource Direct Marketing Services

Outsourcing direct mail services is one of the easiest and effective ways of reducing your direct marketing cost, welcome news for most companies because even with the proliferation of digital marketing, direct response marketing still plays a crucial role in multi-channel engagement. A growing number of businesses feel that direct mail services and direct marketing strategies are a waste of time and money. Direct mail marketing, when done right, is still a very powerful marketing tool. The biggest reason most direct mail campaigns fail because they are relying on an inferior direct mail provider or have implemented outdated direct response advertising strategies.

Direct Mail Marketing Services

One Pitney Bowes study on the subject reveals that direct mail is consumers’ preferred medium for receiving product and direct mail marketing information. In short, respondents strongly preferred physical direct mail pieces, with 66% saying they prefer to receive catalogs by physical mail, 61% prefer to receive bills and invoices by physical mail, and 59% preferring to receive financial/bank statements by physical mail. The bottom line for marketers: keep on mailing, because people like it, and because it’s an effective way to enhance any multi-channel direct advertising campaign. But what about reducing direct mail costs? For many companies, the answer is outsourcing direct mail services.

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What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is a form of advertising where you communicate directly to your customers and potential customers. This direct communication allows you to easily measure the success of each campaign. Direct mail marketing, also known as direct response marketing, gives you more control over the content and optimization of your advertising efforts.

There are several types of direct mail marketing:

  • Electronic Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Direct Mailers
  • Couponing
  • Direct Advertising
  • Kiosk Marketing
  • Product Catalogs
  • SMS Text Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Regulations on have become stricter over the last decade. New laws have been created to protect customers’ personal data, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with constantly changing regulation, procedures and policies. This is where an outsource direct mail company like FSSI can be a lifesaver. We have invested heavily in the latest in data security, and print production equipment so that we shoulder all of the risk, and let your campaigns work for your company without worry of remaining compliant with the latest marketing regulations.

Benefits of Outsource Direct Response Advertising?

Though direct mail marketing is a proven engagement channel, the cost and complexity of running an in-house direct marketing services operation have risen sharply. Skyrocketing postage costs, shifting compliance regulations, escalating equipment costs, and data-handling considerations can challenge even the most experienced and steadfast marketers.

Despite these obstacles, however, many companies have chosen to invest in printed mail pieces as well as electronic direct mail technology and keep their advertising and marketing services in-house. Seeing opportunity amidst the challenges, others have turned to direct marketing companies like FSSI.

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Save Money, Time, and Energy with Direct Response Advertising

  • Equipment Savings–printing and delivering high-quality, data-driven personalized direct mailers, flyers, postcards and letters requires a significant capital investment in highly specialized imaging, insertion and digital color technologies. When you outsource mailing and print production with FSSI, you avoid these and other capital equipment costs by leveraging our significant mail technology investment.
  • Production Savings–FSSI’s marketing services help maximize savings through multiple levels of presort automation. For example, we use Pitney Bowes Postal Software for CASS and NCOALink certification for address hygiene and move updates to increase your quantity of viable, deliverable addresses. If applicable, we may propose a solution that reduces mailing costs through duplex printing and envelope sizing.
    We can also meter your mail pieces or add a pre-printed indicia to your outer envelopes. An available co-mingling option helps ensure the lowest rates when mailers cannot be manifested alone. All direct mailer postage fund receipts and usage information is reported online real-time on our secure print workflow management portal, workStreamOne™ . You can check your postage balance, review postage costs for individual jobs, or download total postage usage figures for a specific period of time.
  • Payroll Savings–Printing and mailing can be very labor intensive, especially at high volumes. For many companies, the outsourcing of direct mail production and mailing can lead to lower manpower requirements. When you outsource to FSSI, we manage all labor, payroll and scheduling concerns; even during busy times, there are no extra charges for overtime.
  • Energy Savings–the systems required to process mailings can consume a tremendous amount of energy, especially the older, less efficient ones. Outsourcing to FSSI eliminates your need to own and operate old, inefficient equipment, thus resulting in immediate monthly energy savings.
  • Energy Savings–the systems required to process direct advertising can consume a tremendous amount of energy, especially the older, less efficient ones. Outsourcing to FSSI eliminates your need to own and operate old, inefficient equipment, thus resulting in immediate monthly energy savings.
  • Inventory Savings–the cost to store and manage paper stock can drive up overhead and eat away at profits. Because FSSI uses roll-fed, full-color digital systems, you don’t need to store or manage pre-printed stock because document data and design are printed simultaneously. Waste-related costs from outdated or damaged stock are also avoided.

About FSSI’s Experience With Outsource Direct Mail Marketing Services

FSSI is a pioneering technology leader in outsourced document production, offering more than 30 years of direct advertising and print-mail services experience, including complex data management. The outsourcing partner for many top-tier brands, FSSI adds value to all of your personalized direct mail and multi-channel advertising projects, with features and options that include:

  • Customization – with FSSI’s dynamic data and graphics, special promotional offers and other targeted information can be inserted programmatically, on the fly, based on business rules and parameters for each individual recipient.
  • On-Page Enhancements – when you’re ready to think beyond postcards and flyers, consider FSSI’s powerful statement-based marketing; using design best practices for layout, color and whitespace management, we can print offers, promotions, response vehicles and other information on any–or every– page.
  • Reporting – the product of more than 30 years of industry experience, and only available only from FSSI, workStreamOne is today’s preeminent online job tracking and reporting solution. Its intuitive, widget-based dashboard puts a wealth of live production intelligence right at your fingertips, enabling you to view top-line data at-a-glance or drill down deeper for more comprehensive analysis.
  • Data Handling and Security – FSSI’s secure production processes regularly satisfy clients’ most rigorous audits, including the exhaustive independent SSAE-18 Type II audit. Read more about our secure production environment.

Outsource Direct Mail Marketing Consultation

FSSI has the experience, data expertise, production technologies and certified secure facility to be your new direct response marketing partner. Contact a direct mail print-mail services specialist today for a free analysis and consultation.