Marketing Communication Services

Integrated Cross-Channel Marketing Communication Services

Among companies today, the need for integrated cross-channel marketing communication services varies widely and is usually based on the availability of in-house expertise and the size of the marketing budget. Some companies want more services. Others get by with less. Omnichannel marketing is more than just a buzzword. Customers have grown accustomed to expecting more from their financial service company and reaching customers on multiple communication channels is becoming even more important in driving customer engagement.

Marketing Communication Services

Creative and Customizable Multi-Channel Marketing Communication Services

That’s why FSSI offers two types of highly customizable integrated multichannel marketing communication services: online self-managed services that you use when the need arises; and turnkey solutions for integrated marketing communication that we set up and administer for you. Both are based on FSSI’s exclusive MarketAdvantage document management personalization technology and both include expert support from a seasoned team of marketing and production specialists. We’ve worked with banks, credit unions, auto finance, healthcare, consumer finance, municipalities, investment companies, utilities and a myriad of other businesses in the financial services industry.

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Self-Managed Omnichannel Marketing Services

Document-based marketing, especially relevant, personalized on-page messaging, is central to the tools and support that FSSI provides. What some companies see simply as “white space,” we (and many clients) consider a marketing gold mine–invaluable real estate that can be easily refreshed and colorized, transforming ordinary statements, bills and other documents into extraordinary marketing tools.

Document Management and Messaging Portal

To help our more self-sufficient clients create and manage document-based messaging campaigns, FSSI offers messageStreamOne, a self-managed portal that provides complete, real-time control over on-page text and graphics. These elements are inserted dynamically, based on variable data that you predefine, according to campaign objectives, such as cross-selling, upselling, education or brand building. An FSSI on-page messaging campaign can stand alone or be integrated into a larger marketing program.

Cross-Media Solutions for Omnichannel Marketing Engagement

Working with FSSI support teams, you may use our Cross Media Omnichannel Communications platform to develop, deploy and monitor integrated, multi-channel campaigns, using digital marketing capabilities that include:

  • Unique Personalized URLs
  • Mobile (QR) codes
  • Dynamic landing pages
  • Targeted, opt-in Emails

You may also create customizable site domains that enhance campaign messaging, improve response rates, and link to dynamic landing pages containing personalized offers and engaging rich media content.

Integrated Multi-Channel Personalized Marketing Services

FSSI’s Cross-Channel Marketing Services Group is available to provide the support and expertise needed to get the highest returns from your marketing communications services. Clients who utilize our services have at their disposal a seasoned team of in-house marketing, design and production professionals that includes:

Project managers

to help implement, coordinate and measure campaigns based on the marketing communication services you choose

Data analysts

to provide assistance with targeting, segmentation and database management

Graphic designers

to help you design and format documents for maximum impact, based on best practices for layout, typography, color use and whitespace management

Digital color specialists

to ensure color-use consistency and brand

Professional copywriters

to help you develop on-strategy messaging and content that creatively communicate your brand’s unique promise and personality

Software developers

who can, if needed, create custom applications that support or enhance other FSSI marketing communications services

Full-Color Production Inkjet Technology

Most marketers know that color delivers a significant and measurable lift in customer interest and response rates over black-ink only documents. The engine that drives personalization with FSSI MarketAdvantage technology is Canon’s Océ ColorStream® 3900 digital color press. In addition to MICR ink printing, it also supports inline dynamic perforating and integrated camera technology to verify the integrity of every unique piece that’s produced.

Cross Channel Marketing Communication Services

Ten Ways Marketers Can Leverage MarketAdvantage Technology

Whether you use our self-managed multichannel marketing communication services or allow us to set up and manage services for you, FSSI’s MarketAdvantage technology provides the power and flexibility needed to create documents and campaigns that resonate with customers, while reducing costs and achieving your goals. Leverage our cross-channel marketing communications services to more effectively:


  1. Create and manage tightly integrated, personalized marketing campaigns
  2. Cross-sell, upsell and promote selected products or events
  3. Support and expand branding and educational initiatives
  4. Design customer-facing documents that expand beyond their intended purpose to include information, advice, marketing and payment reminders
  5. Increase documents’ long-term value through enhancements that stimulate reader response
  6. Strengthen your documents’ aesthetic appeal
  7. Simplify page navigation to increase interest and engagement
  8. Highlight time-sensitive instructions and critical account information
  9. Improve comprehension through colorful graphics
  10. Access campaign metrics through “big-picture” activity reports and Key Performance Indicators via FSSI’s easy-to-use workflow management dashboard

Free Multichannel Marketing Communication Consultation

FSSI’s marketing communications services enable you to create personalized, data-driven cross-channel marketing campaigns that cut through the clutter in a powerful, memorable way. It’s cross-media marketing made to order. Schedule your consultation now to learn more about our integrated marketing communications services.