SMS Text Messaging Services

SMS Text Messaging Services

Text Messages Are Not Just For Millennials Anymore.

It has quickly become the preferred method of communication for people of all ages – sending text message alerts for account updates, payment reminders, past due alerts, marketing promotions. Customer service messages and more. SMS Text Message Services have by far the highest response rate of any communication channel.

Many people have their smartphones with them 24 hours a day, and most of us read a text message in under 8 minutes! FSSI's SMS Text Message Services allow you to leverage that high level of access and reach customers faster and more effectively than ever. Bulk SMS Texting enables you to take advantage of high response rates and also offer your customers the added convenience that SMS text message services provide.

FSSI's Integrated SMS Text Message Services

FSSI's SMS Text Message software puts powerful communication tools into your hands. Whether you are looking to send basic account notifications, marketing messages, allow customers to pay bills or view documents via text, it is all possible with FSSI's SMS Text Message Services. Security and regulatory compliance are extremely important to us and our clients in regulated industries. Our SMS offering has built-in industry-leading compliance security protocols that provide a safety net to ensure you are following ever-changing regulations. This compliance feature ensures you only send text messages to customers who have consented to receive them, and only send to valid devices. Not only do these automated processes reduce compliance risk, but they also reduce costs by not paying for texts that won't be delivered.

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What Types of Text Message Notifications Can be Sent?

FSSI's integrated Text Message Software features help you effectively communicate with your customers, while reducing risk, and improving message delivery rates. FSSI's Secure Text Message Services allow you to send customers a wide variety of automated SMS text message notifications including both account and marketing messages. SMS Text Message marketing has the highest customer engagement and open rate compared to other digital channels. Take advantage of communicating via the channel that close to 80% of your customers prefer.

Account Service Messages

  • Past Due Notices
  • Disclosure Documents
  • Document Availability Notifications
  • Two-Way Texting (Setup automated responses, or interact with customers via SMS Text real-time)

Marketing Messages

  • Acquisition Campaigns
  • Relationship Building
  • Cross-Sells/Upsells
  • Text Drip Campaign
  • Promotional Messages
Image: Sample Text Messages

FSSI's Secure Text Message Services With SBT

FSSI partnered with Solutions by Text (SBT), a Texas-based software company with a global presence, to integrate its award-winning Bulk SMS and SMS Gateway Software into our existing e-Statement and electronic presentment services. SBT provides a robust software platform that is continually updated to meet all TCPA and other compliance requirements for texting. Our clients can confidently send a variety of text message notifications to their customers when they meet data-driven criteria.

In partnership with Solutions by Text, we put our combined expertise to work. We can evaluate and improve your current texting strategies, or, design you an implementation plan that will get you to market quickly without the typical SMS startup costs. We will be with you every step of the way to help you stay compliant with the TCPA and other regulators.

Advanced Solutions: How SMS Integrates with Existing FSSI Services

Our SMS Text Message Services, powered by Solutions by Text, allows you to integrate text messages into your existing print, mail and electronic document strategies. Just like our other services, it is fully scalable for any size business.

Print Mail Integration

Add text message prompts onto your statements or envelopes, driving your customers to interact with you on this proven mobile channel. Customers can even be prompted to review and e-sign contracts and agreements from their mobile phone by utilizing our integrated DocuSign® technology.

Electronic Document, Bill Presentment and Pay by Text

FSSI's SMS Text Messaging Services and SMS Billing Software make accessing customer documents easy by delivering secure links to documents and/or payment portals, thus increasing customer satisfaction. Pay by text services gives your customers improved account access which increases response rates and helps you get paid faster.

Two-Way Texting

Give your customer service representatives access to real-time text responses to customers: answer billing and account questions, offer loyalty discounts, or promote other products or services, instantaneously.

Powerful Reporting Tools and KPI Dashboard

Our SMS Text Message reporting tools allow you to dig deeper into delivery and response measurements via a secure online portal available 24/7. Our KPI dashboard allows you to measure how effectively you are achieving your mobile channel objectives. Utilize KPI's at multiple levels: high-level KPI's may focus on the overall performance of your SMS Text Message strategy, while low-level KPI's may focus on processes in departments such as sales, marketing, or a call center.

SMS Strategy and Compliance

FSSI's SMS Text Message Services doesn't just provide the technology. We provide you an entire team of experts to help you be successful. By combining our unique solutions with a powerful step-by-step strategy, we help you reach your customers where you can most effectively leverage your communication efforts while remaining compliant with regulations.

Security and TCPA Compliance Features

Verify by Text is a set of compliance management tools built into our software that can automatically determine delivery and consent, thus reducing risk and improving delivery rates.

Save time and money, our software can determine if a client can actually send a text to the device. This eliminates wasted sends and makes sure your customer receives the message.

Deliver with pinpoint accuracy. The software will automatically confirm live mobile accounts, and make sure the device is in the customer's possession.

Verify by Text serves as an additional layer of compliance security and documents all customer request and permissions for all text message campaigns.

TCPA oversight requires carriers to report changes in mobile device behavior on a daily basis. FSSI's Mass Text Messaging Software features deactivation logic built-in, that provides an intuitive option to monitor if a customer changes carriers or terminates their mobile service. This ensures that clients to deliver the proper message to the proper customer.

Our text message solution has several industry-leading security features in place including:

  • SBT Stop
  • Dual Delivery
  • Text

We have embedded Stop Safe into our software to provide an added layer of protection between clients, the operating platform, and your customers.

Today's mobile world has to quickly evolve to meet the increasing demands of its users. Over the past few years, there has been a big increase in the percentage of month-to-month phone usage, about 35% to be exact. Dual delivery helps clients achieve a 99% delivery rate to all mobile devices.

Text Guard provides true protection when it comes to tracking a mobile device across multiple accounts while serving as the gatekeeper when faced with FCC and TCPA regulations. By disabling a disconnected phone number upon notification SBT minimizes delivery to recycled cell numbers. Text Guard prevents the Client from inadvertently sending a message to a reassigned number thus prohibiting a potential compliance infraction.

The Future of SMS Text Message Marketing

Smartphones have become like an additional appendage to most people, and even when sleeping, most keep it only a few feet away. Take advantage of that immediate response time, the high level of real-time engagement potential, and reach customers on the channel they prefer most. Whether you are in the banking industry, auto finance, insurance, mortgage, healthcare, or a credit union, adding text messaging into your account servicing and marketing efforts will keep you future-focused and ahead of the mobile revolution.

Benefits of Choosing FSSI's SMS Text Messaging Services

See for yourself how powerful our SMS Texting Software can be for your business. Schedule a Demo and let us show you how adding SMS Text Message Services can drastically improve the response rate of your customer communications.