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Consumer inboxes today are overflowing with unwanted and unsolicited email. Most of which are deleted without a second thought, especially if they aren’t personalized. Yet, increasingly, these same consumers request, welcome and even anticipate receiving personal email notifications. That’s because these e-notifications keep them in touch and up to date with important financial information.

How Do FSSI’s Integrated Email Notifications Work?

To help you provide the activity updates that customers want and expect, FSSI offers eNotify email notifications for our eStreamOne EBPP platform. Because of their timeliness and utility, email notifications are a great way to deepen customer connections and enhance the brand experience.

eNotify is a high-volume, permission-based service option that automatically alerts enrolled/opted-in customers when eStatements, eBills, and other EBPP documents are ready to view. Critical alerts, such as payment-due, payment-received and statement available notifications, reach recipients almost instantaneously, without disappearing into today’s ever-vigilant spam filters.

Informing customers in this way not only keeps them happy, but it also improves your call center performance, reducing the volume of inquiries and, in turn, lowering CRM expenses. Reliable, predictable email notification can also keep your company in the good graces of regulators, like the CFPB, who are cracking down hard on requirements for printed and electronic (EBPP) transactional communications.

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eNotify Email Notification Types

With FSSI, you can create three types of eNotify alerts, any of which may be easily customized to include variable data, targeted graphics or trackable links to your ePresentment or payment site. These include:

  • Transactional notifications — The emphasis here is on the “-actional” part because these email notifications are triggered by some activity or action the user wants to know about. For example, they may want to be notified when a bank or credit card statement is ready to review, or when a check or automatic payment (AutoPay) has cleared. Because transactional emails increase customer “stickiness,” including important informational or marketing messages within them strengthen your acquisition, loyalty, and retention strategies.
  • Billing notifications — You might call this type of email notification the “cash flow catalyst,” because it not only reminds customers when payments are due, it also provides a convenient link to your online payment platform. All of this, of course, accelerates remittance cycles and reduces your daily sales outstanding.
  • Marketing emails — eNotify helps you deliver relevant, aesthetically pleasing emails that generate higher response rates and meet ISP (Internet Service Provider) quality/reputation standards. Highly customizable templates support a wide range of colors, fonts and logo treatments, enabling replication of your brand’s or business unit’s unique look and feel. You may also enhance cross-media marketing by selectively populating email whitespace with personalized URLs and highly targeted messages.

eNotification Dashboard & Analytics

Regardless of how you alert or notify customers via email, you’ll benefit from using eNotify’s online, interactive dashboard. With it, you can monitor, manage and generate email campaign activity reports any time you want, 24/7, right from your computer or mobile device.

Using eNotify’s real-time analytics, you can also check–down to a single, individual address– email delivery data, such as mailing date/time; bounces, open and click-through rates. You can even capture and analyze undeliverable email addresses.

FSSI’s eStreamOne EBPP Platform

eStreamOne and its array of flexible service options combine to reduce the cost, hassle, and risk of deploying or upgrading an electronic statement presentment or mobile bill pay solution. From a single data feed, eStreamOne provides best-in-class solutions for both printed documents and secure online eStatement presentment. Our flexible Internet technology offers multiple document presentment and delivery alternatives, numerous infrastructure and authentication options, and unlimited archival capacity.

Are you looking to implement electronic bill payment and presentment or replace an underperforming provider? Visit electronic presentment and scroll to the bottom to preview some practical, timesaving tips on choosing the right EBPP platform.

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