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New Electronic Solution Eliminates Return Mail and Nixies, Saving Time and Money

Image: Santa Ana, California location icon Santa Ana, California on December 19, 2018

FSSI, a leading document outsourcing company, announced the launch of a cutting-edge electronic solution, eReturn Mail, which provides a user-friendly way to drastically reduce or eliminate all undeliverable mail. With this innovative solution, an electronic file is synced up with USPS data to report all Change of Address (COA) and Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA) mail, helping to eliminate physical mail delivered back to the client, alleviate postage and labor costs, and stay Move Update compliant.

The new eReturn Mail solution provides all COA and UAA information in digital format instead of being physically returned, covering all scenarios of return mail. Using a proprietary program, FSSI matches USPS data with its database so there is no manual handling of physical mail on the client’s side. All return mail data is electronically reported, decreasing the time and labor costs associated with assigning staff to manage and process large quantities of returned mail pieces.

“We wanted to create a seamless way for our clients to eliminate their mounting physical undeliverable mail and reduce costs in the process,” said FSSI President and CEO Jennifer Dietz.  “This solution picks up where NCOA leaves off, covering all types of return mail and doing the legwork for our clients. It also helps communications reach its intended audience, improving business opportunities and overall customer experience.”

The eReturn Mail solution provides the following benefits for its users:

  • Effectively reports all types of undeliverable mail
  • Easily update customer address database
  • Convenient digital file to use to contact customers
  • Stay USPS Move Update compliant
  • Stop sending to undeliverable addresses
  • Reduce postage assessments
  • Decrease internal business costs
  • Reduce or eliminate physical handling of return mail
  • Re-capture lost financial and business opportunities

FSSI formats the undeliverable mail data so changes can be quickly and easily made to the client’s customer address database. This helps clients stay on top of their return mail, with the ability to make real-time updates or effectively communicate with customers, when database updates are not feasible. eReturn Mail effectively meets the Move Update requirement to make address updates within 95 days of the mail date and helps eliminate postage assessments by keeping COA-specific mail to a minimum.

Clients can also physically reduce or eliminate returned mail by selecting the USPS Secure Destruction option, which instructs the USPS to destroy all “Undeliverable as Addressed” mail and forward all “Change of Address” mail to their customers.

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