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Online Compliance, Inventory and Mailpiece Tracking Dashboard

Whether you mail tens of thousands or multiple millions of monthly statements, bills or other customer documents, workStreamOne™ provides greater accountability and control over the entire document workflow process. FSSI gives you a fully-transparent look at the status of each and every business-critical document that is produced and leaves our facility. Drastically improve the productivity of your business, and improve how you interact with your customers.

Track the Status of Every Time-Critical Document with workStreamOne

workStreamOne’s intuitive, widget-based workflow automation dashboard puts a wealth of live intelligence right at your fingertips, enabling you to view top-line data at-a-glance or drill down deeper for more comprehensive analysis. We make compliance management easy and transparent. Approve files, view job status or monitor inventory and postage, 24/7. You may also check production metrics to evaluate FSSI’s adherence to agreed-upon service levels (SLAs).

What is a Document Management Workflow?

Document management workflow is a system used to help you stay in control of production, document edits, data storage and tracking capabilities related to a business process. Having a strong document workflow process keeps you in control of the hundreds and even thousands of printed documents involved in everyday operation.

Accessing workStreamOne’s Document Workflow and Reporting Tool

To track jobs and view reports 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, simply login to your customized workStreamOne print production workflow dashboard. Hierarchical access-rights settings allow you to authorize different individuals or teams to monitor different kinds of information. Once authenticated, users gain immediate access to a wealth of production data and other analytics reporting tools, including:

  • File receipt status, including time, file name and byte size
  • Job-status, with time/date stamps of each job into each of FSSI’s production departments
  • Secure PDF-proofing portal for approving files prior to release into print and mail and/or ePresentment
  • Stock and envelope receipts, usage and counts
  • Scanned images of paper stock and envelopes
  • In-depth postage reports, including usage by job, the breakdown of rates applied and balances
  • Manage compliance with reports detailing production statistics and SLA (service level agreement) metrics
  • Real-time electronic document management
  • Link to FSSI’s self-service solutions, including messageStreamOne and letterstreamOne
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Perfectly Designed Features

Approve Jobs Online with workStreamOne

Use workStreamOne’s Job Approval portal to view a count report detailing production metrics for files processed, as well as PDF samples of random (or specifically selected) accounts. Multiple users can log on simultaneously to: review the same samples; add notes on the portal, then approve the file for print and mail; or reject the file and request an explanation.

Entries into the portal trigger emails to an FSSI Account Rep and applicable FSSI production departments, alerting them that additional attention or action may be necessary. workStreamOne™ gives you total control of all of your documents and inventory, almost as much control as in-house print production.

Manage Forms Online

All stock, envelopes and inserts delivered to FSSI are defined with unique codes that are tied to your individual jobs for quality control purposes. Upon receipt, we verify your materials and then scan them to create easily recognizable images of each stock and envelope type. Reorder points are also established, which, when reached, trigger email notifications to your team and ours. Though you may check them at any time, your FSSI Account Rep closely monitors and maintains the agreed-upon inventory levels.

Hosted Reporting Tools

For historic and analytical purposes, FSSI hosts management reporting tools that display production and SLA metrics. Reports are generated in real-time, as each file is processed through FSSI’s application program, then throughout the print/mail production process. Results may be exported (into Excel files or other popular formats) for ad-hoc reporting, data mining or in-depth analysis.

The Postage Detail Report

This report displays the postage-meter rate of each piece in a file, for developing usage projections and/or identifying cost-saving opportunities.

Detailed SLA Summary

View Service Level Activity a month at a time or for any date range you choose. Total production volumes (by Application Code) help you analyze trends and production summaries while providing at-a-glance insights into how many pieces were mailed and when. You can also track your digital printing workflow and track all printed, and electronic documents.

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Free workStreamOne™ Product Demo

The product of more than 40 years of industry experience, workStreamOne is today’s preeminent online job tracking and reporting solution, and it’s only available from FSSI. Contact us today for more information or a no-obligation demonstration.

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