Message Management Made Easy

messageStreamOne lets you take real-time control over your documents: personalize on-page messaging by adding strategically placed promotional, account or educational content and graphics based on data-driven variables that you predefine, according to campaign goals.

Increase the Value of Each Customer Document Through Personalization

Research shows that consumers review up to 95% of their statements, bills and similar account documents at least once and often, several times. For this reason, this makes every page a potentially valuable customer communications channel. Not only that, but it also provides marketers with even more opportunities to leverage the power of our document content management. We can help you implement proven methods of personalized marketing messages to best help you communicate with your customers.

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The Elegant Way to Manage Document Messaging

FSSI’s messageStreamOne™ self-managed portal simplifies document design and content management by providing an easy method of implementing data-driven personalization. The easy-to-use message campaign editor allows you to insert data-driven messages that have fully-formatted color text and graphics. Using messageStreamOne to manage document messaging enables you to:

  • Set selective message criteria driven by internal or external data files
  • Refine message layout and presentation using real-time document sampling and editing
  • Boost response rates by integrating document messaging with cross-media marketing campaigns
  • Access a wide range of metrics and reports via your workStreamOne web portal

With messageStreamOne’s easy, step-by-step interface, document-based messaging campaigns may be set up and accessed by one or more users. Digital assets, such as logos, images, and graphics, can be conveniently organized and managed through an intuitive system that efficiently handles campaigns of any size or complexity.

Through workStreamOne, FSSI’s online job-tracking portal, you can preview message counts and other production reports to see how many messages of each type were used. Use this information as a baseline for refining your marketing or document message management strategy.

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Want to make statements, bills, and invoices work harder for your bottom line? Be intentional about document design and composition–and use FSSI’s messageStreamOne to help better manage the content of the documents involved in your customer communication strategy. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation demonstration.

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