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Manage Letter Templates and Messaging Online

FSSI’s letterStreamOne™ is a fully scalable time-saving solution that gives you an efficient, more secure and nearly instantaneous way to compose and manage hundreds of individual letter types, using a familiar Microsoft Word®-based interface.

Letter Template Repository with Free Programming and Unlimited Revisions

Imagine a repository where you can securely access, update and proof countless versions of compliance letters and other correspondence–and, when they’re ready, send them on for high-speed print-mail fulfillment. Now imagine making as many revisions as you want online–without paying extra programming or development costs. Welcome to letterStreamOne, FSSI’s proprietary online customer-facing print and mail toolset you can access any time.

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Simple, Flexible Document Management

Simple, Flexible Letter Management

With letterStreamOne, print-mail fulfillment has never been simpler. Add a new letter type to your repository, proof it against a sample data file, and then approve it for use that day.

Corresponding variable data files are sent to a secure FTP site, so your data and letter templates can be merged and formatted for FSSI’s high-volume print and mail fulfillment process.

Complete Approval, Audit and Revision Control

letterStreamOne provides complete, trackable control over approvals, audits, archiving and delivery to your customers. When combined with FSSI’s high-speed digital print and mail services, letterStreamOne assures fast, accurate processing and delivery of every printed mailpiece, including:

  • Welcome, declination and collection letters
  • Past due, privacy and compliance notices
  • Change of status notifications
  • Marketing letters
Before letterStreamOne, making and tracking revisions to hundreds of monthly client letters was a tedious, time-consuming chore. Describing the revisions – then waiting around for our vendor’s programming team to implement the changes – took as long as a month. Now, with our secure letterStreamOne login and user-friendly interface, we can remotely edit, test and approve document templates in real-time, whenever we want.
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Online Print and fulfillment - LetterStreamOne

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FSSI is a full-service print and mail leader specializing in the design, production and delivery of high-value, high-impact customer communications. Contact us today to request a demonstration of letterStreamOne’s capabilities or a no-obligation assessment of your document management practices.

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