FSSI welcomes Xerox CEO and Chairman Anne M. Mulcahy

Image: Santa Ana, California location icon Santa Ana, California on February 1, 2006

Xerox Chairman and CEO Anne Mulcahy, made a client visit to Santa Ana this week to visit FSSI, a Santa Ana Service Bureau that specializes in printing and mailing. Mulcahy has been Xerox’s top executive for four years and has steered the company through some difficult times. The primary purpose of the visit was to discuss FSSI’s experience with their recently installed Xerox iGen3 digital color printer. Mulcahy mentioned that she has devoted a substantial portion of Xerox’s research budget to digital color and enjoys visiting client sites that are using the new technology.

“Highly personalized digital color communications are now the fastest growing portion of our business”, said Jennifer Dietz, FSSI’s President, “and we welcome Anne Mulcahy’s interest in how we’re using their newest product”.

“We’re using the iGen3 to print auto service reminders, personalized post cards, full color financial statements and some very high-end personalized self-mailers where the client is looking for maximum impact”, says Jon Dietz, who founded the company 26 years ago. “This is true one-to-one marketing.” In addition, FSSI has software that can send out an email timed to when the piece is going to hit the mailbox, giving a big lift to the response rate.

“We have a great partnership with Xerox”, says Henry Perez, FSSI’s chief of operations, “they have been incredibly responsive to our needs as we brought on the new color technology. Without their help, we would never have made the deadlines our customers had given us”.

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