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FSSI Partners with Together We Rise for Annual Service Project to Positively Impact the Lives of Children in Foster Care

Image: Santa Ana, California location icon Santa Ana, California on January 7, 2020

FSSI partnered with Together We Rise (TWR) for its annual “Passion for Service” project. Employees worked together to build 40 Birthday Boxes, 40 Superhero Boxes, 20 bicycles and 20 skateboards designed to positively impact the lives of children in foster care.

TWR is a non-profit organization that collaborates with individuals and companies to transform the lives of children in the foster care system through multiple programs aimed at restoring a sense of normalcy and belonging. Since 2008, TWR has helped thousands of foster youth across the nation.

Honoring its ‘Passion for Service’ core value, FSSI’s annual December all-employee meeting always incorporates a service project. “Everyone at FSSI feels great about working as a team to impact someone else’s life in a positive way,” said FSSI President and CEO Jennifer Dietz. “People are especially touched by the ability to help foster children in our community and working with Together We Rise was a great experience.”

FSSI participated in four of TWR’s main programs: Birthday Boxes, Superhero Boxes, Bike Builds and Build a Board. Employees gathered into teams to build each item with the help and direction of TWR representatives.

Birthday Boxes

Birthday Boxes are a mini birthday party in a box designed to help children in the foster care system celebrate their birthdays, which can often be overlooked, forgotten or unfunded due to children changing homes as many as 13 times in a year. Boxes are decorated and filled with balloons, candy, birthday banners, candles and more to ensure that the children who receive them don’t have to miss out on birthday fun.

Superhero Boxes

TWR created Superhero Boxes to provide a sense of comfort and hope, because the effects of constantly moving and not having a permanent home can have an immense emotional toll on a young child. Each box is decorated and filled with fun items, including a superhero mask and cape. These items are supposed to remind children that many of their favorite superheroes, like Superman, also grew up away from their homes, but still made a great impact on the world.


Along with providing transportation, bicycles also give children a sense of normalcy. Growing up with a bike is commonplace for most Americans, but many foster families are unable to afford the expense. This item can potentially serve to strengthen connections for a foster child with their peers as well as build lasting memories. Bicycles are built in teams of two with a TWR representative ensuring quality and safety.


Skateboards also provide a form of transportation. TWR typically give skateboards to children age 14 or older because a lot of foster families can’t afford other methods of transport. Besides providing exercise or fun, the donated skateboards potentially serve as a faster way for older kids in foster care to get to school and work. Each skateboard is built in teams of two and inspected for quality and safety.

“We are passionate about serving our community at FSSI. In fact, ‘Passion for Service’ is one of our main core values because as a service company, we are a team made up of people who have a heart for serving others,” said Dietz. “We have a milestone year ahead of us in 2020 celebrating 40 years of our ‘Passion for Service.’

For more information about Together We Rise, visit and to see pictures of FSSI partnering with TWR, search for @fssi-ca or Financial Statement Services Inc. on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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