Equipment and Technology

Equipment and Technology

Secure Print Production

FSSI: More than a Print Shop

Over the past 30+ years, FSSI has gained a reputation as a technology leader and innovator, achieving a level of expertise and customization yet unmatched by even our largest competitors. Still, knowing whether FSSI is a good fit for your company means learning more about our processes, quality control, and technical resources–and how they’re all integrated to maximize the efficiency, cost savings and compliance of your outsourced print-mail jobs. We specialize in secure print production, and our facility implements the latest in data security technology.

Benefiting from FSSI’s Commitment to Secure Printing Technology

Besides the obvious savings from equipment and lease cost avoidance, partnering with FSSI enables you to leverage a commitment to technological excellence that’s been faithfully followed for more than thirty years. Our Secure Print Production facility gives you the peace of mind to feel confident that even the most sensitive of data will be safe.

By producing your print-mail jobs on the latest, most advanced equipment and technology, we help you reduce costs, increase compliance and gain a competitive advantage. Through FSSI’s document customization, 1:1 marketing, inline-finishing, dynamic message and graphics insertions, and other advanced capabilities, your company can almost automatically become:

  • More certain about security, quality and compliance
  • More relevant in the marketplace
  • More unique among competitors
  • More connected with its customer base

Learn about our SSAE 18 Audit or our certified secure production environment.

Here’s an Overview of Essential Secure Print Production Related Departments Here at FSSI.

Computer Operations

This group’s primary responsibility is to process all FSSI clients’ incoming data files into the usable output for conventional printing and mailing, archival or online presentation.  Much of what they do has been automated to maximize efficiency and minimize human error, including the automatic decompressing, unzipping, and transferring files from their input location to our secure production servers.

FSSI receives thousands of incoming files around the clock, all of which must be matched to individual work orders that route the job through print-mail processing and production.  Operator intervention is only required when data errors cause programs to abort, and when jobs are placed ‘on hold’ awaiting client approval to proceed.

We support and safeguard print-mail operations with a large-scale UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that continuously protects data and equipment from power spikes and outages. For longer-term secure print production protection, we have installed a powerful, in-line diesel generator.

Software Development

Every good application starts with good programming.  But not every print-mail outsourcing company keeps programming experts on staff. In fact, most do not. At FSSI, our experienced team of software developers can work with virtually any dataset you provide.  Once they analyze and map the data, they create a detailed cost estimate for every job based on specific client requests.  Working closely with an FSSI project manager and FSSI account reps, programmers then write the code and thoroughly test it against client specifications before promoting into production.

For optimal efficiency, FSSI maintains separate servers for program development, testing and production.   Included in FSSI’s program development is secure, 24/7 access to workStreamOne, FSSI’s proprietary online job monitoring and reporting tool. The tool allows clients to easily: monitor data transmissions; approve the processing, printing and mailing of files; and view the progress of jobs as they move through FSSI’s secure production process.

Digital Print Services

FSSI uses a diverse assortment of printing and finishing equipment and technologies from best-in-class companies such as Xerox, Konika, and Canon, to accommodate a wide range of client output requirements.  These include both roll-fed and cut-sheet black-on-white, highlight color, and full digital color-based systems.

FSSI’s latest investment in inkjet digital color technology has expanded our overall print and finishing capabilities. See how full-digital inkjet color, when combined with FSSI’s MarketAdvantage and messageStreamOne, increases the business value of your documents through personalization and design best practices that engage customers and move them to respond.

All print-related equipment and technology are networked to FSSI’s workflow management system, which allows us to allocate jobs, monitor their progress, and report on the final statistics.

Mailing Services

FSSI uses multiple equipment and technology platforms to satisfy a wide range of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Systems are interconnected through FSSI’s proprietary mail management process. Jobs that can’t be efficiently run on FSSI’s automated inserters are directed to Custom Inserting, including short-run jobs under 1000 pieces and jobs with non-conforming or oversized materials.

Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve

Any company can purchase some printers, inserters and software and proclaim themselves a
print and mail outsourcing company. The sad fact is that many of them do. To get a true sense of a print-mail outsourcer’s production capacity and capabilities (and how they benefit your business) FSSI recommends taking a close look at these three critical operations:

  • Data handling and security
  • Software development
  • Mailing and finishing

What you discover in these areas, along with a review of the outsourcer’s record of investment in print-mail equipment, technology,and infrastructure, will tell you all you need to know about the company’s real commitment to keeping itself and its clients ahead of the technology curve. If you want to be more certain, relevant, unique and connected you’ll need a secure print production partner that’s more than a print shop.  Contact us today to learn more.