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Use Custom Data Formatting to Add Selective Messaging and Images

Impress and engage with customers and satisfy regulators. We produce communications presented and delivered in your own unique way.  FSSI’s dataStreamOne™ provides customizable data formatting for improving the design, readability, and response to account and compliance documents. We then translate your data with our variable data printing software to print all information in one continuous job. Use our variable data printing software and hardware to build a successful personalized marketing campaign. We’ve made personalized communications available to any size business.

How Does dataStreamOne Work?

Need your customer data formatted with a look and feel that matches your branding and strategy? Is your data already preformatted but in need of customized formatting enhancements?  FSSI’s variable data printing tool, dataStreamOne might be the solution. We can precisely format virtually any data stream. In addition, dataStreamOne™ links to FSSI’s digital print-and-mail center for high-volume, high-quality production.

FSSI’s dataStreamOne variable data formatting tools offer flexible personalized advertising messaging. It enables you to send highly targeted direct mail marketing. Not only that but we can produce compliance communications, monthly statements, investor communications, utility bills, insurance documents, variable data postcards and more.

FSSI creates an application specifically personalized for you. An application based on your business rules and input file format. We work with raw data files to PDF, PostScript, and other popular print-image file types. Through dataStreamOne, we can work with you to design your unique format, and then compose your data to match your requirements. If you prefer, you can send us your preformatted data and we will add the enhancements. Additional we’ll also add the quality codes necessary for processing documents in the FSSI production environment.

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Benefits, Features, and Enhancements of Targeted Messaging

dataStreamOne’s customizable VDP printing and data formatting help you compose documents that customers want to read and engage with.  But there are many additional benefits of using dataStreamOne, including:

  • Flexible Document Management: Messaging and Printing — Fully accommodates personalized communications and message management, as well as black, highlight-color, or full-digital color/data printing.
  • Multiple Delivery Options — Use First-Class or standard mail, Certified Mail, FedEx or UPS delivery, and/or email and ePresentment.
  • Best-in-Class Development Tools — FSSI’s in-house developers use leading-edge software. This includes many proprietary tools and solutions developed over our 30 years of experience.
  • Postage Savings — Avoid extra postage costs with householding, presort-automated postal discounts, and selective inserting of your marketing inserts.
  • Secure Archival and Reporting — FSSI’s web-based storage and digital media archiving options save you time and money by increasing document retrieval speeds. We convert and securely host your documents as indexed PDF images that are available to you online or offline in compressed CD-ROM/DVD formats.
  • Value-Added Options — Includes NCOA/CASS certified address preparation to confirm tracking and reporting. If your mail can’t be presorted on a stand-alone basis, co-mingle services are available to ensure the lowest possible postage rates.

VDP Printing: Beyond Customizing and Formatting Data

FSSI’s dataStreamOne also includes secure, anytime access to many powerful, web-enabled tools including:

  • messageStreamOne– for online, real-time document management services and custom messaging control
  • PDF-Proofing Portal – to review and approve files online for printing and mailing, and/or electronic bill and eDocument presentment
  • workStreamOne– real-time job tracking to monitor postage and inventory status, plus detailed production reports
  • Audit Reporting – for 100% data-to-mail integrity and reporting for investigative and research purposes
Variable Information Printing

Improve Customer Engagement with dataStreamOne

Personalized variable information printing can make a huge impact on your customer engagement rates. Schedule a customized demo. We’ll show you how adding personalized marketing to your customer documents can impact your outgoing print business. learn more about how electronic document processing strategies and help you reach marketing goals faster than ever.


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