Data Processing Services

Data Processing Outsourcing Services

Data processing services from FSSI help ensure the quality, accuracy and precise composition and delivery of important printed and electronic customer documents. We accept virtually any file format for use in developing custom programs in-house for reliable, regulatory-compliant output, delivery and archival.

Data Processing Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Processing

Though you are welcome to utilize our secure data processing services apart from other FSSI offerings, we typically provide data services as part of our full-service integrated print solutions. If you require electronic bill pay or would like us to manage your electronic presentment communications instead of print and mail, you’ll also benefit from the quality, accuracy, and efficiency of FSSI’s cutting edge financial data management. Secure data process outsourcing is our specialty. We process and print bank statements, checks, tax forms, insurance disclosures, and other privacy-sensitive documents. We have passed the SSAE 18 Type II Audit including SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3, as well as earning a HIPAA certification. Our data processing security and the safety of your customer’s personal data is extremely important to us.

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Quality Data Conversion Onboarding Process

With FSSI’s data onboarding services, data conversions are smooth and efficient because our focus from the start is on quality, accuracy, and output. Whether you have raw data formatting down to a science or need some help readying files for production, our financial data management, and data formatting services team is ready to provide the expert guidance and support you need to be successful. We handle bank data management, HIPAA certified patient data processing, and other sensitive financial services data.


Reliable Data Processing Services. Multiple Data Inputs

Our 24/7 financial data management center can receive encrypted data from virtually any source. Upon receipt, data is verified and processed through our systems to generate customized hard copy documents, electronic documents, and reports. FSSI handles all bank data management in-house. In addition, we can transform almost any data input (flat files, XML, PDF, AFP, PCL, mainframe, Medicode, and Postscript) into the exact statement, invoice or letter format you want. Each data conversion process is unique but at FSSI most follow a similar quality-centric sequence that includes layout and design recommendations, as well as:

  1. Data mapping, including analysis and calculations
  2. Establishing output standards
  3. Exhaustive quality testing
  4. Reviews and approvals (at every stage)
  5. Secure printing in our SSAE-18 Type II certified facility

Depending on data complexity and formatting requirements, data conversions can range from several days to weeks or months. Please note that our standard data process outsourcing services do not include additional data manipulations. If your exported data format requires extensive supplemental hard-coding to make it production-ready, additional development charges may apply.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting

FSSI is a HIPAA certified print management company, if you are a healthcare provider or medical insurance company, you can rest assured that we follow HIPAA compliant data management best practices and that you can rest assured that we have your HIPAA compliant hosting, privacy, and regulatory concerns covered.

No-Obligation Data Management Consultation

Converting data for output, delivery, archival or online payment should be as easy and painless as possible. And with data processing services from FSSI, it is. Convert with confidence. Contact a data formatting and conversion specialist to discover the strategic and operational benefits of outsourcing data processing. We’ll discuss our data handling best practices to see if they are a fit for your company. Ask about available cost-saving mailing options such as CASS, NCOA, metering, indicia pre-print and co-mingling.