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Sustainable Printing and Paper Management

Sustainable Printing

Sustainable Printing and Mailing Services

Sustainability in the print and mailing industry has become a value that leaders, including FSSI, adopt, not because it is in vogue, but because it is one of the major challenges of our age. If one sustainable printing company can model environmental awareness and commitment, we feel we can positively influence those who fall within our circle of responsibility, including employees, partners, vendors, and others.

This generation is certainly not the first to warn of the economic and environmental consequences of depleting natural resources. However, the availability of information that ties together our society, the economy, and the environment is producing a new “responsibility” paradigm–one that recognizes the essential role both individuals and companies now play in the preservation and sustainability of natural resources.

Sustainability Initiatives at FSSI

FSSI’s commitment to sustainability caused us to look at our processes and practices closely to identify those resource-conserving areas over which we have the most control. The categories we identified were energy, materials, and production process efficiency. These are some of the resulting initiatives and strategies that reflect our commitment to sustainability:

Energy Efficiency

  • Lighting — To reduce energy consumption throughout our sustainable printing facility, in Southern California, FSSI replaced hundreds of energy-sapping metal halide lamps and fixtures with new, lower wattage models. Many of which feature advanced motion and/or photosensor technology. Programming enhancements to the building control system were also part of the upgrade. As a result of this sustainability initiative, FSSI earned Trane Corporation’s environmental leadership award, an accolade given to just 100 companies globally each year.
  • Chiller — To help cool its expansive print-mail preparation and production areas, FSSI installed an energy-saving centrifugal chiller that is 500% more energy-efficient than a conventional air conditioning system. Although the initial investment was much higher than conventional air conditioning, the payback in energy savings alone was only three years. Our energy supplier, SoCal Edison, also awarded FSSI $100,000 for investing in energy-efficient equipment.
  • Energy Management — FSSI has installed STEM, a revolutionary energy-saving appliance that monitors energy usage continuously and reduces the amount of energy pulled in from the grid. STEM has helped lower consumption and reduce monthly utility costs.

Asset Recycling

Besides proactively managing energy use, FSSI also recycles or responsibly disposes of paper waste, wooden pallets and electronic assets, including batteries, computers, monitors and other office equipment. Each year, our in-house recycling program keeps tons of reusable waste out of local landfills.

Environmentally Responsible Print Production

High Volume Inkjet Color Printer: This high-volume production printer eliminates offset printing by outputting on continuous form rolls of white paper, using environmentally friendly inks. As a result, there are no negatives, plates, oil-based inks or harmful cleaning solvents needed. FSSI also participates in Océ’s sustainability-oriented Eco Start program, which includes a commitment to plant trees to help offset any environmental impact of the building of Océ printers.

Sustainability Education: What You Should Know About Paper and Print

Sustainable Printing

Everyone knows that using digital media reduces paper consumption. However, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths regarding paper use and the printing and mailing of documents that are either inaccurate or misleading. FSSI is proud to join other companies in partnering with the Two Sides organization to bring factual information regarding printing and mailing to the public. Two Sides makes a very strong case that ‘Print and Paper’ is a viable, versatile and sustainable communications medium. Check it out when you have the chance.

You’ll learn that, as a renewable resource, trees from which paper is produced can be grown efficiently and responsibly in a way that will benefit future generations, and that Americans do not waste a lot of paper. In fact, the USA recycles some 70% of its paper waste; moreover, paper is one of the most recycled commodities worldwide. Paper is one of the few truly sustainable products, and still one of consumers’ most preferred communications media, according to an industry research company, InfoTrends.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC)® Certification

For clients who choose conventional print-mail methods to produce their documents, FSSI offers FSC certified paper. Verified by the chain of custody to conform to accepted sustainable print processes. FSSI is one of only a few thousand U.S businesses to receive the FSC’s coveted environmental designation, which now allows us to manage and produce documents using FSC certified paper stock. FSC certification is important to many of our clients, so in the spirit of partnership, we took the extra step to attain it.

Other Eco-Friendly Print and Mail Service Options

  • Recycled Stock and Envelopes — FSSI always provides quotes for both recycled and regular stock and envelopes. Recyclable window-film envelopes are also available
  • Quadplex Bill Format — Printing two-up duplex reduces ink and paper usage and saves on postage (ideal for telecom or other bulky, multi-page statements)
  • Highly Targeted Direct Mail — Avoids the waste of sending printed pieces to uninterested parties
  • Document Householding — Mailing to the same address to reduce envelope and postage costs
  • Address Cleansing — Cuts paper waste by correcting addresses and separating undeliverable pieces from the mailstream. This is a great return mail solution for companies looking to manage Undeliverable-As Addressed Mail and stay compliant with USPS Move Update standards.
  • Selective Messaging and Inserts — Provides direct target marketing to the customer without additional paper and postage costs
  • “Onsert” Printing — Putting marketing messages onto customer documents reduces the need for preprinted inserts, this practice can be an economical complement to any marketing campaign.

Learn More About FSSI’s Sustainable Printing Practices

FSSI was among the first green printing companies to integrate sustainability and environmental stewardship into regular business operations. However, we readily acknowledge that there’s always more to do and that the job is far from finished. That’s why we’re proactively seeking new and better ways to recycle, save energy, reduce paper waste and shrink our carbon footprint.

For more information about FSSI’s sustainability and corporate responsibility practices, contact FSSI today.