Secure Production Environment

SSAE 18 Type II: Secure Print Production


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Overview of Our SSAE 18 Secure Printing Facility

FSSI is the largest USPS client in our region, with more-than-adequate capacity for large-scale expansion.  Our secure, SOC1, SOC2 & SOC 3 (SSAE 18 Type 2) certified facility features cut-sheet and continuous-form technologies capable of producing millions of images daily, in full color, highlight color and black.

Data Transmission and Formatting

FSSI supports and recommends the SFTP file transmission protocol to ensure protection for files in transit, and PGP encryption for files at rest in our Secure Print Production Facility.

FSSI’s sophisticated data-composition tools allow us to accept most popular formats, including: flat files, XML, PDF, AFP, PCL, mainframe, Medicode, and Postscript. We also process many proprietary formats built for core service providers. Contact FSSI if you have a formatting question or special formatting needs.

Managing Your Conversion

Every conversion is different but most follow a similar process of: data assessment; data mapping; setting output standards; testing; approvals (at every stage) and finally, secure production. FSSI works diligently to assure the most efficient conversions possible. Depending on complexity, formatting requirements, scheduling and other considerations, the process can range from several days to several months.

Printed and Electronic Document Production

FSSI produces both document types from the same data file. We also optimize documents to maintain corporate branding, while making them compatible with either push or pull eTechnologies. If you need to further manage costs, ask about our ability to host data, support help-desk services, and/or provide a secure billing and payment solution.