Sustainability is an initiative that we highly value as a print and mail provider and member of our community. 

At FSSI, our sustainable approach extends even further than the type of paper that we use, as we continually strive to do our part to protect the environment through important changes and innovation. 

Our “green” efforts are designed to help preserve the environment and signify our commitment to sustainability programs and practices while encouraging others in our circle to do the same, from employees to partners and vendors. 

FSSI Sustainability Programs and Practices

In support of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we continually examine our processes and practices to identify those resource-conserving areas where we have the most control: energy, materials and production process efficiency. Here are examples of our recent sustainability initiatives: 


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  • FSSI has undergone multiple lighting replacement initiatives: replacing hundreds of energy-sapping metal halide lamps and fixtures with new, lower wattage models, and swapping existing T5 and T8 light bulbs with low wattage long-lasting LED type bulbs. 
  • We also made programming enhancements to our building control system, which allowed us to incorporate systems such as Edison’s “Demand Response” program. This program earned FSSI Trane Corporation’s coveted “Environmental Leadership” award, an accolade given to just 100 companies globally each year.


  • FSSI installed an energy-saving centrifugal chiller that is 500 percent more energy efficient than a conventional air conditioning system. Although the initial investment was much higher than would normally be the case, the payback in energy savings (ROI) was just three years for this project. 

Asset Recycling 

  • FSSI recycles or responsibly disposes of paper waste, wooden pallets and electronic assets, including batteries, computers, monitors and other office equipment. Each year, this program keeps tons of reusable waste out of local landfills.

Responsible Print Production

  • FSSI’s inkjet printers eliminate offset printing by outputting on continuous form rolls of white paper and using environmentally-friendly inks. As a result, there are no negatives, plates, oil-based inks or harmful cleaning solvents needed.

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Sustainability Education

  • There is a lot of “popular wisdom” regarding paper use and the printing and mailing of documents that is either inaccurate or misleading.
  • We are proud to join other companies in partnering with the Two Sides organization to bring factual information regarding printing and mailing to the public. On their website, Two Sides makes a very strong case that “print and paper” is a viable, versatile and sustainable communications medium. Check it out at

Environmentally-Friendly Practices and FSSI Clients 

FSSI follows environmentally-responsible practices and uses products and supplies that avoid harming the ecosystem. It is for these clients that we offer a wide variety of print and electronic delivery methods and service options:

Recycled Stocks and Envelopes 

FSSI provides quotes for recycled stock and envelopes when requested; recyclable window-film envelopes are also available. 

Highly-Targeted Direct Mail 

Avoids the waste of sending printed pieces to uninterested parties. 

Address Cleansing 

Cuts paper waste by correcting addresses and suppressing undeliverable pieces from the mailstream.

Document “Householding” 

Consolidating multiple documents with the same address into one envelope reduces postage and envelope costs.

Selective Messaging and Inserts 

FSSI’s messageStreamOne selective messaging portal provides direct target marketing to customers without additional paper/postage costs.

Electronic Presentment 

FSSI offers many ePresentment and payment solutions, which reduces the use of paper statements and invoices by delivering critical communications in a secure electronic portal. 

Onsert Printing 

Printing marketing messages onto customer documents reduces the need for pre-printed inserts; this practice can be an economical complement to any communications campaign. 

Learn More About FSSI’s Sustainable Practices

FSSI was among the first green printing companies to integrate sustainability and environmental stewardship into regular business operations. However, we readily acknowledge that there’s always more to do and that the job is far from finished. That’s why we proactively seek new and better ways to recycle, save energy, reduce paper waste and shrink our carbon footprint.

Contact us online or call us at (714) 436-3300 for more information about FSSI’s sustainability and corporate responsibility practices.